Rebel Soldiers Fan Club Intro

  • trishaann how obnoxious why is there two people talking on thsi video!!!
  • kellylhoman I'm still reeling from Bob's show in Burgettstown on 9/7/13.
  • dianaggibson Saw Bobby In Detroit and Cinci. Can't wait for next tour. Love him.

Kid Rock "Best Night Ever" Tour Update

  • lillori I will see you in Cincinnati 8/2...can't wait!!! I hope I can be one of the lucky fans to get front roll!!! Lori Reading from Ky :)
  • mgreatlakes I can't wait to see you Kid in the D first time to your consert 4th for my bro and I think it's a great plan how to make it affordable for everyone to have a great time and your not gouging everybody's wallet , I'll see you at DTE Baby ... Kid Rock we got a date the 19th in the D ...Excited !!!! Thank you for creating more shows in Detroit . We appreciate ya !!
  • mgreatlakes Hope you got the Confederate flag with ya too !

Trucker Vision Ep. 3 - 2015 Summer Tour Rehearsals

  • uberfan Bob you can have me take Photos of the FISH FRY and report back to the Fans,I would do that for you:)
  • uberfan Me being in Crowd Control for Concerts I not only did line control--thats set up the line of people going in -and out,But ran Trafic in and out of event.I have done Alcohol Monitoring.SO in order to Stop Cell Phones from taking Pictures is --First PRO ACTIVE.At entry have signs every were say the penalties of taking cell pictures.Lie,Say there are monitors that not can but will detect cell activation and again the penalties if u are caught.Then a active team,let them see you busting people using there cell phones for pictures.There are many ways to be active in the field of Security and Crowd Control...
  • TheGateKeeperThreeOneThird The "social Nazis"? That's one of the best oxymoron's I've read in a long time. Skinheads, Aryan Nations/Brotherhood and white supremacists in general, live, shite, eat and breathe the German Nazi's way of "life". Hence their love for the Swastika being right next to their Confederate flag. Having a Pentecostal preacher for a grandfather, I've spent my life with the ability to understand the Bible's teachings, which also made me very well aware of the fact that.... God does not approve of hatred for thy neighbor, Nazis or oxymoron's.