Rebel Soldiers Fan Club Intro

  • trishaann how obnoxious why is there two people talking on thsi video!!!
  • kellylhoman I'm still reeling from Bob's show in Burgettstown on 9/7/13.
  • dianaggibson Saw Bobby In Detroit and Cinci. Can't wait for next tour. Love him.

Kid Rock "Best Night Ever" Tour Update

  • lillori I will see you in Cincinnati 8/2...can't wait!!! I hope I can be one of the lucky fans to get front roll!!! Lori Reading from Ky :)
  • mgreatlakes I can't wait to see you Kid in the D first time to your consert 4th for my bro and I think it's a great plan how to make it affordable for everyone to have a great time and your not gouging everybody's wallet , I'll see you at DTE Baby ... Kid Rock we got a date the 19th in the D ...Excited !!!! Thank you for creating more shows in Detroit . We appreciate ya !!
  • mgreatlakes Hope you got the Confederate flag with ya too !

Trucker Vision Ep. 3 - 2015 Summer Tour Rehearsals

  • ibonrt66 God Bless you KID! Only you and Uncle Ted have the balls to tell the social Nazis what to do and where to go. Keep rockin'my brother!
  • jimmyhaynes They can kiss my a$$ too !!!
  • Otis310 go Kidrock