Kid Rock - In Color (Jamey Johnson Cover)

  • conniedoan This is definitely part of my collection that I listen to on a regular basis. I really liked the song when Jamey sings it, but love it even more with the SOUL Bobby adds to it.

Howard Stern Interviews Kid Rock 06 19 13 --(LISTEN ONLY)

  • uberfan YOU WANT TO KNOW KID,,,,LISTEN but have a open mind.He is being REAL not any of that fake Hollywood BS.KID FOR PRES>>>

Kid Rock LIVE at Todds Bar Part 2 1991 RARE Old School Rap

  • beckxy Wow! Nice find! Looking at the date took me back to where I was in 1991. Sweet 16 and dating Geno for a year and a half lol Looks like chit was going down in Detroit, Damn!
  • beckxy man where did the time go..lmao
  • uberfan Where did it go???????

Salt 'N' Pepa - Whatta Man 1994 (feat. En Vogue)

  • beckxy Hey Now :)
  • rox
  • beckxy

Dan's 30th: Kid Rock Shows Up!!! #BawitaBirthday

  • jwestlake2244 I have always loved The Kid and listened to him one night on Sirrius Radio during an interview but this was the best. Kid is probably the most generous person I have seen and not for publicity but to give back to his community. Thanks Kid!!
  • Hzepp73 love it
  • rosariapolizzi <3