Frank Zappa - Fuck Yourself (Mastrubate) LYRICS

  • uberfan THIS SPACE HAS BEEN RESERVED for KID ROCK COMMENTS.Did u know kid rock is a grandpa.and did you know kid rock has the General Lee.And did you know SMOORE--said she aint playing anymore so lets keep it KID ROCK
  • 1BBShirleeOctpus405 I did keep it KR read the part after btw,.and our includes U that's wht I didn't write I me or mine,,.and so off world,.tell me about it, I have no ideal or so you understand idea,..and I have seen a ufo my 28years old son was 11 and with me and will attest for he's the 1 who saw it first and pointed it out to me and a few other happings throughout the year I must add and a few not to mention and that that loss deal,. yelp,..never even missed it only woundered where it went,...
  • bluesuedeshoe Flagged. You are pretty perverted, CB.

Rihanna And Kanye West And Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds

  • TheGateKeeperThreeOneThird A shout out to my fellow (Ferguson labeled) "Street Agitators" and "Riot Chasers" who browse this site and are heading to Ferguson from Detroit this weekend. Keep in mind, while you're being bullied by the Ferguson brothers in blue, that our beloved Detroit PD has our backs here at home, so get back here safe and always remember....The Garner, Brown, Martin and Rice families want the same. <3 Shut down the traffic, but stay peaceful my friends.