3 year old Picture Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow

  • valvalcastro My 3 year old fell in love with your song every time i sang it. He wanted me to put it on his tablet. He learned it. Had to share with you
  • uberfan yep

Kid Rock - When It Rains (Music Video)

  • uberfan Wish I didnt know now the things I never knew for sure
  • uberfan :)
  • DianaR Love that song, but aren't this footage from "Roll On" and "Cold and Empty"?

Dan Onstage with Kid Rock, 8.8.2015

  • beckxy ps.. I friggen love the song that came after Dan's announcement.. I showed my bro n sis n law this because I thought it was so awesome that Bob brought Dan onstage.. as they heard about the BawitdabaBirthday thing.. (I never stop talking about the world revolving around Kid Rock lol) They both sat there with such a smile on their face watching this and all the rest of Dan's videos :)
  • beckxy My sis n law had tears rolling down her face. She takes care of Gene's older brother, oversees his medication and daily tasks, Leroy, who happens to just LOVE Elvis to no end like this kid loves the Kid. She gets it and loves Rock's heart just as much as we do :)
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Kid Rock Karaoke - American Bad Ass 8-22-15

  • beckxy Please give it up for one of my dearest and closest Michigan friends , Scott. We met back during the KRAA website days in 2004. He threw it down tonight at the WRIF Rock station Karaoke contest at Pine Knob, and though he did not win, he won in my book. Proud of my lil bro!

Kid Rock on The Project,,,,,,,,bringing it back,,,,,CATER

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  • uberfan I made the sweater vest comment but I meant he Rocked that sweater vest,!