Giving the thumbs up!

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  • MargoC Awesome seats! There's those socks again! How was his voice?
  • rocksavedmysoul Better than I expected! Still not 100 percent and I hope he does vocal rest between concerts. Screw the rehearsals. He's a pro who can wing it! Save that voice!
  • MargoC I don't know how he does it, my voice gets raspy after just one concert, whoo-hooing & singing a long! It probably helps that in this day in age, people communicate in text & emails so much, so maybe it's easier not to talk as much between shows :/

Happy Birthday Shannon. It was so fun seeing you last night! I think I hugged you twice (sorry). We had a blast! Enjoy your special day!

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  • krsval Happy B-Day, Shannon! Glad you gals had a fun time last night, RSMS!!! Never doubt karma or are a good person, so the world brings good things back to you :)

Aaron Julison

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  • uberfan MargoC for u
  • rox OMG....SEXY
  • MargoC ha...that's what I'm talkin' bout!