Loving the new album! The bottle opener is cool :) tee shirt is fugly!!

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  • conniedoan If you decide you don't really want it, you could sure send it to me. I'll give it a loving home.

routine checks...MY ASS!!

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  • cuzzs I TOTALLY agree -MY ASS~ What does that mean? does that mean they might release more tix on site to buy IF there are bots LMAO? thing is..someone I know went to walmart got tix and their tix are paper with a voucher envelope you must have.paid cash. and NO DELAY.. LEGIT TIX..whats up with that? anyone have the same???
  • cuzzs By the way .. Thiers were purchased today Feb 28. NO DELAY NOTHING. Mine I got yesterday online says MY TIX are delayed until MARCH !7? ??????? Kinda worried they may be permantly delayed...idk..crazy shady TM>>>>>>>>>>> !

Scalpers win again....WTF!!

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  • cuzzs LOL>>>> DUMBASSES..LEFT CENTER "CHEAPER" THAN LAWN ? I'LL TAKE 2.. (and shove em down SH throat) oops did I say that out black&white.. FOAD TICKETMASTER/SCALPERS/STUBHUB and WHOEVER ELSE IS INVOLVED!