Badass Contest Entry

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  • MargoC I was gonna have fun with it & make you look like a nutcase, OTB haha....but it went back to my profile again :)
  • OutSideTheBox well alrighty then-but too late I was deemed crazy along time ago-lol
  • MargoC You're my kind of crazy, friend :)


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  • Hzepp73 i cant post so guess im out! woot woot! rock on
  • MargoC The website has me MargoC & OTB's profile mixed up. I sent Stagebloc an email through my Stagebloc acct. & it says I'm OTB on the form. So maybe the person who posted that with your name TammyRay was somehow mixed up with your acct.?
  • MargoC Geez now I'm back to being MargoC!!!