Get the hell out of the way, Barbie bitch, we be road trippin"!

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  • uberfan Wooo thats a mob i don't know if id be mess'n
  • bluesuedeshoe Ahahaha.....great girls! Hope you had fun.

I'm so ready to see the new tour. Have you seen his schedule? It's crazy busy, geez I hope he makes it to California!

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  • angels4bobseger I would love to see him in Columbus,Ohio but don't have the money at the present time. I spent a lot of money on my Granddaughter's graduation. So will have to pass columbus,ohio show. I will be in Dayton the day before for granddaughter's graduation.. Someone asked me here in the forums if I was still on aol. I am. I am also on yahoo and gmail.
  • bluesuedeshoe Sandy, I predict you will see Bob in great shape and ready for more at the end of this current leg. Which could mean Fall/Winter tour dates as a second leg, and him adding more venues and return dates. Especially if another song from "First Kiss" charts. Save your pennies.....
  • angels4bobseger Thanks bluesuedeshoe ! I know sooner or later I will see him on this tour. I am hoping for Cincinnati for right now. And a couple of dates in Michigan this summer. Thanks for the comments. Won't be online for a while. Today my granddaughter Janelle Brockman will be graduating from high school. Last week it was college. This kid is in Roller Derby also. A captain of a Roller Derby Team. I have her Kid Rock's new cd by the way.

Kid Rock visited Flint Assembly truck plant today. I posted the link to article in comment.

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  • MargoC Those type of frames are a trend KR can make just about anything look cool :D
  • bluesuedeshoe Those frames and glasses must weigh a ton. When they were all the rage, I bought a pair but had to give them up because of the headaches due to the weight. Thrilled to find a lighter pair and will never go back.
  • DianaR YAY! Wish he would stop by our little vet clinic some day and surprise us.

This place is so dark ,,,here is some color

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Happy Birthday Hank! I took this at the Country Music Television awards in Nashville.

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  • rocksavedmysoul It was also Lenny Kravitz and Stevie Nicks birthday yesterday. Creative day to be born.