Just for giggles :)

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  • Jobabs_69 Well-played! (I was going to post this, you best me to it!)
  • DianaR All while wearing my high honors graduation cord with the second college degree! LOL Remember when we were called "typical Kid Rock fans" by the wench on the old site?! Too funny!
  • MargoC I thought ya'll would enjoy :)


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  • conniedoan Just wanted to say, "Thank you, Bobby" for the awesome show in Cheyenne last night. Can't wait till next time! Thanks again. Love ya.


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  • mommamissy35 His first meal home chocolate chip pancakes, went straight from ceremony to food.
  • rocksavedmysoul awwww---God Bless him!

50 Shades of Rock....

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  • DianaR Good one!!! Never tire of this picture!!!
  • ibelieve9 Your a bad boy and you do it so damn good. I'm diggin it. Don't ever ;let society change you!
  • wildgwennie Nice picture, what a hot body! Yeeoowwww!!!


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  • beckxy I like this one
  • rox I love the purple lights!
  • girlygirl31 Hello from a country girl in Northwestern Pennsylvania, awesome picture, don't change that color.