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Kid Rock - Johnny Cash--"-I like to watch you Shoot your Guns" thats HOT

  • uberfan AUDREY,,,is the coolest yet.Bob u got to put a ring on that my brother.I had a girlfriend that would shoot with me.Now my wife i love don't get me wrong but she Hates Gun's.A women who fire's a firearm is the sh_t. U GO AUDREY. Dont let Rock go my sista......
  • bluesuedeshoe It's a projected paranoia thing. They kill people. If I pick my zip and use precaution I should only have to observe them fully sheathed in a Staties leather case. But, others, especially children (Newtown), get hit the worst, thuglets they become after watching their community be decimated by Big Brother. Protect, fine...pass rigorous training. Any anger, blow it up, drunken arrest, or plain stupid/arrogance etc., you lose the deal. Too many guns, and the hands of suspect characters are full of them. A Glock is nice. But, not necessary.

Kid Rock Fat Bottom Girls.wmv

  • uberfan LOL LOL say the word blue and i will pull em.I just had a funny moment.
  • bluesuedeshoe I'd say leave it. My new diet starts today. Lord have mercy.
  • uberfan LMAO, OK . :)