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Rupert Holmes - Escape (The Piña Colada Song '80)

  • montanaanna The Village People, too?!? ;P I wanna wear the feathers and the chaps! :D I'm a hot mess not a champagne girl ;P but always a classic song! :D

Kid Rock to Confederate Flag Protesters: "Kiss My Ass!"

  • MargoC Uber no, not you dude...the Donna chick's comment above is offensive & racist & should be removed.
  • montanaanna This is great! :D Oncd in 2009 in the South...oh drama-filled haters get over it!!! ;P Great news about the museum and say to stand tall, Mr. Ritchie! :D Bravo! :D
  • uberfan O OK,Thank You MargoC.I didnt see that post.The Last thing I want to do is Hurt someone or Offend someone wrongly.That hurt my best feelers...

Peoples Choice Awards 2011 - Kid Rock - God Bless Saturday

  • montanaanna It's been on a lotta comments and the hat reminded me of the Kings 😊
  • montanaanna That guitar...and what about the drums...and then that smile?!? Oh c'mon!?! Have fun y'all at soon enough omg how awesome DTE! 😄😊
  • montanaanna Great night of darts with awesome friends...God bless...thinking of Kid in Raleigh! Go Kid! 😄😊