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Kid Rock-- The Mirror (Rebel Soul),,,,,,,Guy's Sing it to your Girl's

  • MargoC Dude it's 8 o'clock, I've been up for 1/2 hour already...only because I have a hair appointment early...which reminds me I gotta get ready to go!
  • uberfan O ya--its 5 am here
  • uberfan u better get your hair on,,Have a nice day !

Country Boy Friday Night (Moccasin Creek-Official

  • Ajay DIS is it...COUNTRY BOY FRIDAY NIGHT!!! I Felt it first i heard this way back pre re release...MY BOYS!!! FEEL IT!!!!

Porch Honky (Moccasin Creek)

  • Ajay YOU ever sit and GRIN and ear to ear...BLESS you JEFF McCOOL!!! YOu made me smile ear to ear!!! Shame you and CB3 parted ways....i SO WOULD LOVE to have CB3 for a guitarist with me after i learn BASS....I GOT so many lyrics....BUT man you ole boys make me smile ear to ear!!! LOVE you guys!!!