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Zac Brown Band - Free / Into The Mystic [Live] - 6.9.2013 - Noblesville, IN

  • montanaanna Omg had no idea they mixed with one of my all time favorite yes all time favs for sure into the mystic until one of the locals karaoked it...ahhhhhhhhh ☺️

Zac Brown Band - Sweet Annie Acoustic

  • montanaanna Would love to see these guys live!?! 😜😄😃😀😊☺️
  • montanaanna Who all's seen them? ☺️

Corrosion of Conformity Diablo Boulevard

  • montanaanna I love Bugles 😉
  • kelleycoxx Sorry huge fane of COC!!! The lyrics 👍😜
  • montanaanna Lovin' COC! 😃 The lyrics I get but also don't get 😜 but I know who has my mind 😉

Sam Hunt - Take Your Time (VEVO Lift): Brought To You By McDonald's

  • montanaanna Kc love 😘
  • montanaanna Sounds like a great time had by all, rsms! 😀 Thanks for sharing 😊 He has another song I like and this one I find myself singing along to 😋 so it's grown on me 😉 My mom told me how she encouraged my dad to do the talk singing in a few country songs back in the 70's 😜 so I guess this isn't a new thing 😉
  • montanaanna I miss Pine Knob 😢😩 Great venue 😊😍😊

John Denver - "Country Roads"

  • kelleycoxx No shame in my game! Damn!!! Woowee!!
  • montanaanna Oh freedom fantastic!!! 😃😃😃😃
  • rocksavedmysoul Thanks uber. Sorry Kelley about the confusion. Hope you enjoyed your "dip!"

Kid Rock with Bob Seger - Old Time Rock N' Roll - All Summer Long - 8/20/13 DTE Clarkston, MI

  • montanaanna Ima thinking now town hipster Marvin had some influence...nice hips, Mr. Ritchie 😉😀😊😃☺️😄
  • montanaanna Motown hipster 😉 f*cking technology 😜
  • kelleycoxx Azz shacking good times !😉

Kristian Bush - Trailer Hitch (Official Video)