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Kid Rock - Best of Me,,,,,,,,cater

  • uberfan You asked for it KID ROCK Best of me
  • uberfan He has only the guitar and his Voice that you hear....That,s a singer.He don't hide by having background singers,or other instruments Its just Him and a guitar ! BRAVO

Dear Bob

  • MargoC I always thought Shit show meant disorganized, chaos, that's why I googled it, but I think the the one I looked up sounds I just have to look up the word colloquial lol
  • Jobabs_69 Add alcohol to the disorganized chaos and it might be a good time! :-)
  • beckxy ya alcohol helps :p Got a kick out of the word.. never heard of it before. Looked it up and explored it with Jo some. I figure it's another word for the fiasco that goes along with putting out a new album.. promotions, live broadcasts, interviews, ect. Long ride is right.. holding

Jason Krause with Kid Rock talks about GMP Guitars...

  • uberfan JASON KICKS ASS
  • uberfan I haven't seen any other from TBTB so here is one,,,,,