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Jason Krause (Kid Rock) - My Rig Can Beat Up Your Rig Series by Diamond Amps and Diamond Guitars

  • uberfan You never do..You try to get away and shi t hings always happens when you get home.What's that saying,If it wasn't for bad luck you would have no luck at all ! Well Gene and you are healthy that what matters.
  • uberfan God I could listen to him play all day.Would it be cool as fuc K ings if he would play a medley of each song.He played a few while I was watching.He could start his own project and I wouldn't be mad !!! LOL
  • beckxy At times, I thought he was going to.. but not sure.

Kid Rock on The Project,,,,,,,,bringing it back,,,,,CATER

  • uberfan yep
  • uberfan I made the sweater vest comment but I meant he Rocked that sweater vest,!

We found the BADASS!

  • beckxy $4.00 a beer.. I forgot my beer sign. I'm getting a 6 pack from this guy today.
  • MargoC ha you guys are funny!

Awesome 3D Printed Full Color Selfie Statue Sculpture,,,,,,,UBERFAN

  • uberfan Could you Imagine what KID ROCK could use this for,,,Merch,To anything
  • MrA Interesting , as i had a similar idea in a message somewhere...Hmm

video 1438998276 mp4

  • dlynnmiss Omri can't wait for Wednesday 8/12! He loves his Kid Rock!

Kid Rock-- The Mirror (Rebel Soul),,,,,,,Guy's Sing it to your Girl's

  • MargoC Dude it's 8 o'clock, I've been up for 1/2 hour already...only because I have a hair appointment early...which reminds me I gotta get ready to go!
  • uberfan O ya--its 5 am here
  • uberfan u better get your hair on,,Have a nice day !