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Paradime - Foul Mouth Feat. Kid Rock

  • MargoC Having surprised her doctors living with her heart defects, she certainly does, she's a fighter. Getting out and about will do her mind and body some good....take care of yourself too, Beckxy and enjoy your Christmas at home with your Mom :)
  • beckxy what's crazy, Margo, with the extra responsibility, I've been taking care of myself pretty damn good for some odd reason. Perhaps its the extra added responsibility of looking after Dad, who can barely get around, his mobility is for crap, and so I've been getting him to his appointments and food shopping and stuff. She was discharged today and so I went in there and helped out a ton to make sure they were both taken care of... and I got a ton of produce and eating right.. sleeping could be better... but Dammit Girl.. I got the cruise on my mind and I've been eating right and would like to get to the gym soon. Seeing the health problems of my parents got me on a health nut kick.. which I hope sticks :)
  • beckxy Thanks you my friend, I intend to do just that.

Jim Carrey S Secret Of Life Inspırıng Message

  • chicagoblues This is really positive. Ive been on this site and was gang stalked. To bad they dont realize what really will only make up life in the end.

Kid Rock " Wasting Time " Live 6/6/2014 Boulevard Pool@Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

  • uberfan This was on my Birthday,,I was sittn here just wasting time SMOK'N DRINK'N try'n to FREE MY MIND

Kid Rock - Care ft. T.I. & Angaleena Presley [Music Video]

  • uberfan I LOVE AMERICA,,,,CATER
  • ibelieve9 This song and the man singing it touches my soul. I can't recall any song with so much empathy, compassion and sincerely as this song.