Now that First Kiss: Cheap Date has wrapped, we want to see your pictures! Post your best shots from the tour for the chance to win tour merch, signed vinyl, & more! We'll pick some people at random!

  • Kidrockcraz I gave you the best picture of Johnny Cash. Hope you I joy it. All I Really want is a sign picture of you to hang next to Johnny Cash.
  • sylvesterbecky298 Best concert ever!!!!
  • Kidrockcraz I really want to win! Been putting pictures on! Really want a signed picture from Bobby to put next to Johnny Cash!

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  • pcantrell74 I would just like to say your first kiss concert in mountain view ca. was great congratulations on being a grandpa cant wait to see you again thank you for a good time
  • DianaR Thanks for watching out for us! We appreciate it KR SMoore and website managers!
  • uberfan Ya I dont know what all that means but It messes it up for us fans,

Kid Rock is coming to Augusta, GA. Here is all the information to get access to tickets with your Rebel Soldiers membership:

Augusta, GA
Music for Action * Service * Hope - Evans Town Center Park
7016 Evans Town Center Blvd
Evans, GA 30809

The code was emailed and is NOT your Ticketmaster code in your account. If you need the code, please email and I will lookup your account and send the code.

  • vickiemoon THANK YOU so much for all 4 concerts in Cali I did it I loved it AND Ill do it again in a heart beat !!!!!!smoore I dont no how to get the point across how much fun I had and what it meant to me >>>>>>I loved wearing my Keith Bell Bibs and all the complaments I recieved on them ,,,just wish I new how to find all the pictures everyone took with me in them !!!!!! There was alot !!! 57 yrs old I am an Ill be there another 50 fo sur....Rock on Rebels
  • MrA know the feeling Vickie, got over 2500 pics in the last month id like to find as well. Im thinking of printing buisiness cards to pass out with my email just so i might catch half of them back next yr...& MsBehavin glad to see you back to your usual posting amounts, keep em comin !! Oh and if your going to chicago and want a photo just come find me, not like im that hard to spot...!ol
  • MsBehavin Lol :-) Thank You Mr.A :-) It's great to see You posting again too :-)

...And another super fan profiled in the Detroit Free Press- Kid Rock fans are the best fans ever!!! #RebelSoliders

  • beckxy Shows ain't over yet... I'm looking for vip fish fry Sat night n pj party. School's off for Columbus Day.... been working extra hours... funds r built back up again.. ready to rock n roll again ~Good Time Looking For Me~
  • uberfan Dont tell me --you can go to the fish fry now,,Man you are so lucky.Well have fun.Tell gene to take pictures for me.:)
  • uberfan BeckGene)--I just wanted to say I E-Mailed u.And You have been working and slamming school in.What the Kid Rock fans and Rock him self dont see is you dont eat right or sleep to get them hours. You make geneo worry just to get that extra money so you guys are safe.Take some time to relax befor you and gene take off...K your friend gary.
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