Kid Rock - "First Kiss" [Official Music Video]

  • uberfan I am waiting for the package with everthing...AND HOW ABOUT THAT FIRST KISS,,,,AWESOME SONG
  • christinzimmer Love this new song and video, another one well done!
  • Mariella Fantastic title track! Very nostalgic bringing back memories both good and bad that I had completely forgotten. So, thanks for that KR. For better or worse, all that happened in the past has made us who we are today. God help us :)

This Month's Community Contest: Kid Rock Holiday

  • SMoore6 @terrieh40 - YES! I tried to email you and didn't get you. Can you email me at Thanks!
  • educatme123 Is this contest still going on?
  • teresamassie1 morning ladies and gents first time on whats the ususal tone?

Have you pre-ordered "First Kiss" yet?

  • cls1974 I had same problem with pre-ordering the Ultimate Package - my first order had a "system glitch" and didn't process, and by the time the credit card authorization hold fell off, and I tried to re-order - it was out of stock! Didn't make me very happy... I want all KR!! ;)
  • stacysaucier911 Hey Bob I need your help in Jemison Alabama. I keeping it between Jesus and Hank
  • Ajay I got question. WHY can't Bobby just sell the flasks on KID ROCK merch page??? I would like to get a package of the CD for sure, then maybe a koozie or two and the tshirt. For a fair price....then have the option of adding the flask. I want the flask....whether i ever use it or not. Once i get done with school not really sure i am staying where i live. I want to move but it isn't really much of an option while in BSN school. Have considered many places and still keeping all options open. NOT fond of things i have encountered here and with being i am in the 3/12 classes i am kind of stuck for a bit. I am getting ready to complete the 3rd class but really i got several to go. MY mom and family is what keeps me this time that is it.
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Sonia Leigh - "Bar"

  • beckxy Saw her open for Ty and Kracker.. she's awesome.
  • rocksavedmysoul Saw her at The Machine Shop-she rocked. Love her and Kracker's "It Is What It Is."
  • rocksavedmysoul ...she only likes to dance to the Kid Rock songs...


  • uberfan my wife even said you all got more kid stuff then she ever seen! lol

Eminem, Royce da 5'9", Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf, Trick Trick - Detroit Vs. Everybody

  • TheGateKeeperThreeOneThird BETTA ASK SOME GATDAMN BODY!!! S/O @fox2news ALREADY ON ONE!!! -The Godfather Trick Trick
  • TheGateKeeperThreeOneThird My son's favorite teacher wore a "Shady Records" jacket to school today...after they had a brief conversation about her "Shady Pride"...I think my son's all set for straight A's this semester ;-) Even though being an Honor Roll student is already how he rolls. #MamasBoy

AC DC - Rock The Blues Away (Official Song)

  • Ajay AC/DC no surprise here!!!! Listen to teh WHOLE free album!!! LOVE me SOME AC/DC have always!!! Kid you are grounded in RAP! I am grounded in Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Creedence, The Doors, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Seger, and geez so many others i can't even name them all!!!! I love me some rock N' roll!!! LET'S not forget AMERICA'S HOUSE BAND!!! AEROSMITH!!!!!!!

Kid Rock Teaches His Son How To Sing,,,,,,,,,JR Aint Bad

  • kristenlmiller1999 So cool seeing Bobby and his son together! You can see the love and respect between the two. You did good Bobby JR ~ keep on singing ~ you're nipping at your dads heels :)