This Month's Contest: The Least You Can Do is Care

  • beckxy huge, well-known organization with Chapters all over the country. The organizations founded back in the late 1800s by a lady named Clara Barton. The history is interesting. She risked her life by nursing wounded soldiers in war stricken areas on the front lines. The Red Cross is mostly known for their disaster relief efforts. They are the people who help displaced fire victims, as well as aid in catastrophic events. In recent, our chapter aided the State Police in Monroe County where they were hunting for that crazy cop killer by serving up hot meals to all that were involved with the search. They also aided people during the Hurricane Sandy event awhile back. The chapter is, currently, doing an event that consist of making up baskets with non-perishable food items and toiletries to give out to our homeless veterans for the upcoming holiday season. With a few of my family members so far we have three boxes of goodies. Check out your local chapters to see how you can help out.
  • swhittle13 Our family gives to a local charity here in Cincinnati. It's called City Gospel Mission we have in the past volunteered there and give money during the holiday season. They are wonderful people who have a true heart for the needy. They feed so many people not just during the holiday but all through the year. Those who need it know they can go there for a hot meal. My husband had a stroke in 2011 and hasn't been able to work so we have not been able to give them as much as we would like. It would be wonderful if they could get some help as I know they really need the extra food this year.
  • uberfan I pray every night for puppy's,,,,,,NO ..Kidding aside--I see what everyone does to help in one way or the other.It makes me feel better for my KID ROCK friends to know that everyone gives there time in one way or the other But its really not how many times you help its just that you do.The helping at a shelter,or just helping the lady at the end of the street get her mail or rake her lawn or in the East coast Shovel her snow.Just that feeling you get when you know you have done your part.You dont have to be rich to help you just got to CARE...I kid around on here a lot but if you stopped me on the street you would see that i smile a lot and would give my last dime to help a friend.So just know that if you treat life as a ride sometimes fast sometimes slow that rides going to end so get all you can and make it FUN..Like Ozzy says "I LOV U ALL",,,,,CATER

Fan Photo of the Week - User: bart

  • rocknrich Cool pic. Congrats, and thanks.
  • bart Thanks all - it was a very cool night to be that close. Very lucky and fortunate to get those tickets from the pre-sale her on .
  • vicky59 kid R, I am an old woman but your performance tonight at the Valor show was beyond amazing!! solid gold and stole the show. Vets everywhere are smiling tonite. Bravo!

It's Almost Halloween....

  • rocksavedmysoul *flakes (we so need an edit button still and for this box to be bigger so we can reread what we type before we post) ***sigh
  • leony will you let me in the front gate if I come trick or treating?!? lol ;D
  • uberfan U know what i am going to do ...Walk down a street with a lot of leafs and look at every one's houses and wonder what there life's are like.The air is cold and smell's like leafs.....I guess i am weard that way. :)

This Month's Contest - Once Again, IT'S ROCKTOBER

  • debravickers Awesome
  • jaded8 Would Love to see Kid tour with ZZ Top one time.
  • sharonacausby Why does my photo not show up? Also my name sharonacausby is all in upper case letters??? I have a hard time logging ing because of this. I want my VERY FAVORITE MUSIC MAN, to know what I LOOK LIKE. xoxoxoxoxo why
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  • uberfan Hi its me CATER.Just want to say hi to all my friends and have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.God Bless you and your Families. :)
  • rocksavedmysoul You, too!

#CMT Crossroads - "Kid Rock & Hank Williams Jr."

  • MargoC You're welcome...I was totally digging this when I found it, I may watch it again later today :) From what I can tell, this was made back in 2002.
  • Jobabs_69 This was the 2nd episode of "The Crossroads" series. I can't remember how many millions of people watched it but "Lonely Road of Faith" started to climb the charts after this aired. Pretty cool that they still are close friends today.
  • MargoC I did not know there is one before this one, I'll have to look for it now!

stick your new world order up your arse - daznez

  • michaelstevensonjr Kid Rock may be in the top 5%, but I know his heart is with the 99%. It will not be hard for Bob to pass through "the eye of the needle".
  • michaelstevensonjr It is sad but true that We the People have become economic slaves to an overly rich 1%. If everyone worked for free: everything we worked to produce would also be free. Gold is less valuable than dirt. Through dirt we can feed the nations of people throughout our world. If a person can live to produce a need for other peoples needs the end result will be that all peoples needs will be met. We do not need an ancient worship of gold to acomplish the establishment of heaven on this earth. Heaven will be on this earth... a living generation will see the full establishment of a governmental system that can best be desribed as heaven on this earth. There will be a day when the 99% take back this world fromthe power hungry and overly greedy 1%. The 1% must not have been taught how to share at a young age. There will be a day when the 1% learns how to be apart of the 100%. Sincerely, Michael
  • DianaR SMOORE........

Kid Rock - Box #10 Rare BOX 10


  • uberfan JESUS and Bocephus
  • uberfan JESUS an BOCEPHUS,,,,I took the other i made down because it wasnt the full song....HERE IT IS KID ROCKS NEW DROP,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • krsval I can see your heart and your soul, KR...if it's real you will feel it, and I feel it ..good for you!!! Blessings always..Hugs forever

Robert James Ritchie, Jr (Kid Rock's son) - In My Life - Chillin' the Most cruise 2013!!

  • beckxy yea.. it was mind blowing seeing Sen get some. Been a fan for so long that seeing his kid on stage made me feel proud too. I'm sure a lot felt that. Wish him all the best. He keeps on elevating his game.. hope he keeps it up.