Email Change Alert - You can now reach SMoore at Should be easier to remember. Y'all are the SHIT. Talk soon! -S

  • laeldra Where do we go to buy presale?
  • BrendaYarnell Wooo Hooo!!! Just got my tickets for Marion!
  • dmenn Got my tickets!! Cant wait tip Black Diamond!!

Fan Photo of the Week: Left to right Pfc Simmons, Pfc Scheib and Sgt Kidwell. celebrating the 4th at FOB Shank.

  • mommamissy35 My son is home he got in on the 23rd, had 2 days with him, feeding and hugging him. All his brothers from 3rd platoon are also home. 3rd platoon will not be going back. YAY. Thanks for all your prayers, you all helped this momma make
  • mommamissy35 Through another deployment, supposed to be last keep fingers crossed. Mr. Richie thanks for your music and all your fans they truly are the best. Looking forward to the cruise.
  • cupcakesugarpie XXXOOOXXX

New Community Contest - Summer Playlist

  • girlygirl31 It looks like the micro phone stand is on fire; must be the way the sun is shining on it.
  • girlygirl31 That damn whiskey i forgot he made me breakfast that morning of June 15th I think we had bacon and eggs Love you too
  • DBall 1. Flying High 2. All Summer Long 3. Rebel Soul 4. Born Free 5. When you Love Someone And from Bob Marley, 3 Little Birds.

Member Photo of the Week - God Bless Kid Rock

  • Beth Thank you so much for recognizing your fans and especially for us during the Memphis show. I am sure you probably don't remember, but we will never forget. Rock on! Hope to see you on CTM6.
  • girlygirl31 looks like you all had a great time; hope to see him in concerts someday
  • Ajay Hey girl (Beth) met you on the cruise was a blast~~~! Dunno who that fella is hope Brent doesn't get gelus!!!
Latest From Fans

Uncle Kracker ft kid rock - yeah yeah yeah (unplugged summer sanatarium tour)

  • DianaR Love Kid's white tube socks and black sandles! LOL.
  • Jobabs_69 Such kids they were!
  • girlygirl31 Cool videos and good music....If it's real you will feel it....My nephew reminds me of you and he is a great nephew and is always willing to help his aunt out too....

Kid Rock - Born Free [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  • girlygirl31 Always remember you were born free because it is an awesome feeling
  • IBelieve Great Song!! My mom loves Kid Rock too, and she was so excited to tell me about his new commercial with Chevy. :-) Great story DianaR. I had to do a double take when I saw ibelieve9, but I guess you can never have too many Believers. :-)
  • girlygirl31 Great song!!!!!

Jim Beam - Long Live the Fan - Kid Rock

  • Jobabs_69 Darn good people watching, that's for sure!
  • MargoC It is so cool to go to a KR show & see people from all walks life, all ages...pretty cool. I've seen some of Tony's artwork on FB, that's nice KR mentioned his appreciation for his artwork.

My buds and me in Scranton, PA. Temps were sizzling at the Kid Rock show last Summer.

  • krsval Ahh, the memories..thanks for bringing them back :)
  • Jobabs_69 Awesome, Beckxy! Thanks for sharing! So looking forward to the new album and tour this fall/winter.


  • beckxy OMG.. Margo, SMoore... it worked!!! Yay!! Thank you! Anyway.. this is how I'm feeling right now.. love this song..and I refuse to let the hands of faith unfold - I'm holding on :)
  • beckxy ~can't let go~
  • MargoC, I'm itching for some new KR Shit! And yea you can post videos again! lol