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Does anyone know if Kid Rock is coming to Missouri r Illinios I checked the tour dates and nothing is posted.

  • BBQMAN We are heading up to Monticello, IA next weekend for Kid Rock's concert at the Great Jones County Fair. If he does add a date in Missouri, we will be there too!

Kracker tonight at The Knob. Show the love-lots of great seats still available. Watch out for those Mardi Gras beads, Sugar Ray!

  • Jobabs_69 The Under the Sun Tour was in Kansas City last Saturday night. Had a 2 hour delay due to lightning so Kracker, Sugar Ray, and Blues Traveler all played shortened sets (6-7 songs each) to beat the midnight sound curfew. It was a fun time,
  • Jobabs_69 just wish the weather delay hadn't happened. Everyone who goes tonight to Pine Knob will have a great time!
  • MargoC I checked last night there was BBB & DDD seats, tried to talk the husband into it, but Friday night's unless he gets off work early is too difficult to get there by 7pm. with rush hour traffic heading northbound :/ Have fun Laurie!!!