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Color me not impressed with teh CMA fest. First off went down early enough that i thought would catch Sonia Leigh at LP Field tailgate. Got stuck in traffic and it didn't happen. BUNCH of rude ass ppl that i wound up apologizing to when i was trying to do nothing but have a good time from the start. BUT me trying to be the nicer person. I try to apologize and smooth things over. BIGGER picture i stayed ONE day instead of TWO. CMA FEST is DRUNK FEST that is overpriced and a waste of my time. I will catch SONIA and others when i see them play out and i happen to be off. I PRAY Outlaw…

  • Ajay Yeah i figured traffic would be a pain but i allotted well over 45 minutes for just that...It was like better then an hour. For the most part i have had some pretty good experiences in Nashvegas so i guess that is par for the course...a crap ONE thrown in there. I plotted it last minute and went on the fly so to speak. Sometimes things like that work sometimes not. I won't let it bum me as you say i will pick and choose my battles and situations. I have had many great times in Nashvegas. I have seen numerous shows at Bridgestone, The Wildhorse, The Ryman, etc. I guess i was due for a lemon so to speak.
  • kelleycoxx Can't sleep. Lol. Glad you had a good time. Ajay is it? That's all I meant Me personally star struck mabe but rather hang out at a dive and play juke box or i tunes juke box these days and watch whatever on the tv's and hang out with I'm thinking a lot more people that know a lot more If you will.. Music history. Shot the shizz with old timers Don't get me wrong if the high life is your thing by all means It's just so many whos who and yes and yeses Don't get me wrong That is a blessing to all artist !! I'm such a kid rock fan. But I can't imagine everything he hears and people want this that from all over the world !! Call me stupid but I do believe in him ( kid rock). If not then he puts on a great game.
  • angelsflyn2close2theground Kidrock is the man .. I am with you Ajay . the fest sucked ... and it would be so cool if the KIDROCK could do it again Rock on