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tired, frustrated, bummed, discouraged, pissed off, sad, angry...just a few words from a dissatisfied Michigan Fan Club member :(

  • krsval I think he used 'scalping' as a word peeps would understand regarding raising the price on his own tickets as opposed to an outside market doing it. He's the artist, he should be able to put a value on his work instead of a resaler. So he sees what the market/demand says about what the ticket is worth-better he does it than a Vivid Seats or TicketsNow, eh? I'm not insulted by that in the least. I posted before, maybe 6.6-15% of total tickets are Platinum-these tickets help to pay the vendors, overhead, promoters, band, AND allow for the 85% of peeps to see a show at 20$. What is wrong with that? Like I said before, it's NOT every close seat that is Platinum. If you're a lucky SOB, maybe you scored a great 20$ seat and didn't put it on StubHub. Sorry there are dis-satisfied Fan Club members-I'm not one of them. At the same time, I can understand ppl's frustration at not getting exactly what they want, but let's face it, life rarely works that way.
  • cindrella7114 all that and more in california
  • shotgunautumn Well said krsval!

This is BS!!! I am not paying $320-450 for a ticket!!!! I am very dissappointed!!
I've always seen him at Centurylink in Bossier City, Louisiana and have never paid over $75 for front row seats and this year, the closest hes coming is Dallas and the good seats are outrageous!! I am beyond pissed!!!
$20 seats, my ass!!! Maybe if you you want to sit on the f'ing lawn!!!

  • rox GO sit on the lawn shut up and enjoy the 20 show
  • susanlipinski yeah for sure 75 dollars try 350 dollars and up! buy tickets in new jersey and new York . all though I have had better seats and been up front many times but had to pay over 300 dollars a seat. quit complaining and enjoy the show!!! or just don't buy them
  • tdcheshire3 You all need to get a real life if you are taking my comment personally. Lol. I mean really!!

To those of you asking "what's the point of getting the upgraded membership" if they couldn't get tix...if you don't like the fact that Kid offers you a chance to get tix ahead of everyone else on shows that sell out in 5 minutes once they're offered to the public, then don't renew your upgraded membership. That frees up your tickets for the rest of us.

The point is, you get a chance to get tickets BEFORE anyone else does. I've been a member for the past years and if I weren't, I'd have seen none of his shows. He can't offer ALL of the tickets to the fan club or it's not fair to…

  • dshipm02 I joined yesterday and also got a code for the presale, but I have yet to find where I order my tickets for one of the 2 added concerts on the 18 & 19 of August in Detroit. Can anyone help me please
  • sdarczy I have heard there is no presale option on the added shows? Love to hear something different :-(
  • krsval 'For those of you that tried to use a pre-sale code before and weren't able to get tickets, you will have another chance. If you haven't already purchased your maximum number of tickets, you can use your code to access the pre-sale on Friday, (says March 27 but prolly Feb. 27 cus there is no Fri. 3/27) 10 am-10pm.' If you already bought your maximum number of tickets (*Fan Club members max tickets =4 and Album Pre-order =2), your code will not work, so just jump in for the public on-sale (SAT. 2/28 10 am local venue time.) SEE YOU ON THE ROAD!!!!!

then the rest are 20$

  • Jobabs_69 He did the same in 2013...I got $50 Platinum tickets 9 rows from the stage at Pine Knob...and $20 for tickets 15 rows back the next night.
  • lraisencain When does he put those tickets out ?