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So, its been awhile since I have been on here. I hope all my fellow Soldiers are well. I am happy to hope that lucky cruise #7 will be my first one! As a teacher I only get 4 personal days...and this is the first one over a weekend - so I am going to try and get on board. I know there is a chance there won't be rooms left. But, I am excited and hopeful! :) Plus, he is about ready to come home - and I get to go to see him 5 times at DTE!!!! I will actually be at his concert at DTE when I am supposed to be getting my booking time. I am so ready for my Kid Rock fix!!

  • MargoC Oh yeah that's right you gotta get through all the people with booking times before you can get yours. I can't recall if the day you get your email with booking time could be the day you get a booking time slot, I don't think so...I would think they would have to give people some warning of the time. It was 3 summers ago that the first time I booked, memory sucks! I got on the first try, no waiting list so it's possible...good luck!!!
  • MargoC Looks like you don't have to worry about being at the show during your booking time, saw on FB booking dates for new cruisers is 8/14-8/18!
  • kcdave24 Thanks for the update Margo. :) I hope its not 08/14...becasue I will also be at his show that day, too! I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. If not, well, such is life. It would be a blast I am sure.

And while we are at it :-) Old school awesomeness :-)

  • beckxy Snaps was still around, around the same time too.. early mornin' stoned bitchez lol
  • krsval Ms. B, will we see u in Detroit soon? Or did u do ur trip to MI already?
  • MsBehavin hey Val you Sweetheart :-) We went up for the 2weeks over the 4th of July. We are going to try and go back up end of Sept. before the snow flies lol. I'd LOVE to go to one of the Pine Knob shows or the fish fry but don't think that's gonna happen. But for sure I need to come home as often as possible.