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I HAVE TO VENT, I traveled to Detroit to see 2 shows 8/21, 8/22 I spent 2 days in Traverse City MI. then traveled to Mackinaw City MI for 2 days then down to Auburn Hills MI for 2 shows, Tonights Show was Great except I paid top dollar for 3rd row seats close to $700, only to have my seats taken numorous times by individuals that said they can sit any where they want they said they was with the band I questioned security how these people can overtake seats we paid for and was told they are with Kid Rock nothing they can do. These people with the band need to sit in seats not…

  • beckxy which security did you talk to? Black and Grey shirts or Red DTE shirts?
  • Julie_D omg...were you next to me? If not same thing happened in my row. L2 row c
  • jdh411 The people who took these seats we where told by security was with Kid Rock and nothing we can do about it, I spoke to Blue shirt, gray shirt, and red shirt employees all said the same . They didn't want to question Kid Rocks People but was very close to telling me to leave because I was questioning why my seats were over taken by Kid Rocks People. Not one time would any of the personal question these non paying Kid Rock people, but indeed have a paying fan move... Off to tonights show hoping for a better experience and hope to keep the seats I paid for. Enjoy The Show

I have never in my life cried at a concert. But, tonight was a first. I spent way more than I can afford to get seats close...they were fake. People were awesome, but it was the worst feeling. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  • krsval So sorry to hear this, kc :(. I am sad for you. Hope today is better.
  • MargoC I'm sorry that happened to you. Were you still able to get in to the show? What site did you buy from, I think some scalper sites have guarantees.
  • kcdave24 I bought them from StubHub because I couldn't get them fast enough in pre-sale. So my fault. I did call last night and they are investigating. I was able to get in but then the people with the real tickets showed up. They were very kind, but I was so excited to be close. Oh well, I guess live and learn.

Hey everyone......thanks for sharing all your stuff on here!!It's almost like being there.......Ok who am I kidding,Its nothing compared to being there....Laughs....Still enjoying them.

  • uberfan That is so cool I am so happy for you
  • uberfan Thank you,If I can help any of you I will.You all have been so nice and I have made new friends.I think thats what life is about.Not money,Not material things because in our last Moments thats all we got,people in our lives!
  • beckxy Amen!

I'm going to my third concert this Saturday can anybody please give me tips on how to get upgraded to front row I want this more then anything in my life please help this obsessed fan ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  • beckxy buy a new t-shirt or jersey from the merchandise stand and maybe some socks and kid rock shorts and put them on right away and dance away in them lol
  • beckxy oh and a hat too
  • uberfan Dont make a ol sheet and Annoy the shi--(bad word) out of people around u.