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Goin to see kid rock for the first time in Michigan!!!!! Back row but still there!!! Move me up!!!! Please.

  • bigdave8 is it august yet ????

Some people will never be happy even if God Himself implants a halo onto their asshole. STOP BITCHING YOU MASSENGILLS.
This ends the public KRTBT announcement. Have a nice weekend :-)

  • cuzzs me to ... really makes me sad to hear all the negative comments..:( even if you didn't get tix yet..smh
  • cuzzs turn the negative into positive :) :)

You call yourselves fans forever. Bullshit. I have been a fan since dial up. Been on the cruise too. I have never met half of the band -including Bob. So if I have to hear one more rant about how you came along with Born Free and have been to 5 concerts with no VIP--note this m-f--You can suck me.

  • cuzzs crap! accidently clicked send........heres the rest of the story... I took the cd from him put it UP never thought about it again, I Had never heard of KID ROCK or his music til that day, Because of the content lol of grits and sandwhiches.. and the Fact that he was 8 I wouldn't allow him to listen to it !!! He threw a fit..cried..locked himself in his room lol was very upset with me for a long time...shortly after that me and my longtime boyfriend were not getting along almost on the verge off splitting up we were arguing and he said Im going to kid rocks concert im not coming home til I get home!!! so I thought whatever .im not sitting around while you go to a I called up my bff who is male and said Wanna go to KID ROCK Tonight? he said yep always down for anything so we went to Saginaw Civic Center.. bought tickets pretty awesome seats..and (mind you I'd never heard his music or of him except that day i took the cd from my son and threw it in a drawer..).
  • cuzzs shortly after that me and my boyfriend were not getting along on the verge of breaking up..we were arguing and he said to me IM GOING TO KID ROCK tonight and don't know if im coming home or not! so I thought im not sitting here Ill go to that concert to !! Iimmediately hung up and called up my bff who is male and said wanna go to kid rock? hes always down for anything so we hurried got ready took off and went to SAGINAW civic center , got really decent seats for last minute ticket buyers and KID ROCK came out singing BAWITABA and I was HOOKED! lol.. (call me hypocrite kinda lol..)..that was 1999!! Ive been a total loyal self proclaimed #1 FAN ever since that night. Best musician/band/show Id ever seen and ive been to a lot of concerts. I had a BLAST!! I didn't know his early music so when we FINALLY got home after the afterparty..which was a BLAST..(boyfriend was home pretty early lmao..not having enjoyed himself as much as he said he got in fight got kicked
  • cuzzs I went home got the cd out of the drawer ..popped it in listened to it all night,next day ,I went and got his other cd and been rockinh ever since!!! I LOVE the music!!! self proclaimed BIGGEST FAN !! the boyfriends gone(bad apple) and im still happy as can be that he bailed on me that night or I never would of known kid rock was here or went to the show.. I thank him for My son calls me a hypocrite bcuz I became KID ROCK CRAZY and I go to every kid rock anything I this day he doesn't understand that HE WAS ONLY 8 when he discovered KID ROCK. ,LOL I couldn't allow that :) HE was ONLY 8!!!..:) he has moved on to diff music even.Im a bigger fan than him now and. I am still with KID ROCK./TBT band as my BFF (band That' ,when,where I became a son was so mad that I didn't tell or take him when he found out (he was at grammas) but again he was only now he buys me kid rock stuff alt we think that's amusing story just wanted to share...

In need of 3 August 8th tickets at DTE. I am willing to trade 4 tickets for the August 19th show for 3 tickets for August 8th. We can transfer tickets via Ticketmaster.

  • tracywilson I have 3 lawn seats, and would rather go on a saturday.
  • sashasheyenne I'm trying to trade the 4 tickets i have for Wednesday the 19th for 3 tickets for Saturday the 8th.