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Could we please please have a edit button.Or could someone be so kind as to direct me to said edit button.Thanks......Peace

  • TammyRay thanks Margo, missed that hover step..yes it says remove, flag, reply..
  • DianaR Blue, I have Google Chrome. My comment "flower" has "remove, flag, reply" and when I go back to some old blogs I started, the flower has "share, flag, remove". Agreed, about the red. Difficult to read
  • bluesuedeshoe Thanks to all for the clarification, much appreciated. Folks have been complaining about the red text since the new site opened, and many won't use it because of it. Hope this simple color change can be put on the urgent upgrade list.

  • MargoC :(
  • MargoC Contact Stagebloc about this TammyRay.
  • tanaray i am having similar issues as is another member that i know of. i have emailed with Sarah about these issues and she is trying to figure it out.

Welcome to the club!!!!Love em up,spoil them rotton,send them home


  • rocksavedmysoul hahaha...gilf
  • rox I love being a Gma.I get him when I want him,I love on him(or try),spoil him a lil,try to impart some wisdom,we have a great time. Then he goes HOME....;)
  • Jobabs_69 If it's true, congratulations to Robert James and his lady, and congrats to Papa Rock. Wonder if he'll re-record some of his heavy rap-rock tunes into lullabies for the grand baby? Lol!

Congratulations Grand Daddy Rock....

  • angeladecristofaro Not sure if its true you know how magazines can be however if it is...Congratulations Robert Jr...And Congrats Grandpa! lmbo