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  • MargoC There ya go, plenty still rockin'! Yep, I saw Seger on Ellen the other day too...I really like 4 songs so far, Hey Gypsy is one of them...Seger ain't done yet, he still sounds great!
  • OutSideTheBox There is no time limit on music ...<3
  • OutSideTheBox There is no time limit on music and I am sure if Kid Rock wants his to be heard it will be heard !!! :D <3

Are Blue and Uber the same person?

  • uberfan HAAAA HAAAA No, i am for real but blu and i go way back.there was a lady named TANGE who was getting picked on by BLU and her friends---Angel and Gatekeeper and a dude named Kev-roc.Well i stepped in to help the lady-TANGE and they all ganged up and attacked me.they googled me they thought they found were i lived from google earth and put it on the kid rock site.they found my cuz that posted on another site and saw me at a birthday party and posted it and said some bad things.Till i got ahold of some people that said it was CYBER-BULLYING.Im still in the tail end of a lawsuit but everyone ran but im still here!!!!!! Happy having fun,like always..
  • bluesuedeshoe Oh boy, here we go. You change the facts to suit you, Gary. I never picked on her, just asked her to stop responding to give herself some peace. The others, that's on them. I was never involved in the rest of the ridiculous fray that resulted, threats, google sightings of homes, etc. Get your facts straight. The young lady did plenty of threatening on her own, which led to escalation, much of it the result of a highly contested presidential election. Also never received paperwork on a lawsuit including me. I never run, I am right here. Was cyber bulling involved, hell yes. But you were just as much as a participant in it as the others. Ultimately, the event ruined the site. Tons of folks left. No one won.