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For an Atlanta based site, sure is a lot of Bob here.....

  • MargoC So sorry to hear that about your parents, MsB, it's sad as our parents age & their health is failing :( Looking forward to meeting you in Hell, in June!
  • bluesuedeshoe Think this thread sums up what being a fan is all come together for an entertainer/band, and form life long friendships. Music holds our memories, you can listen to a tune from your childhood or young adulthood and be flooded with memories so intense it is like you are reliving them. Music teaches language to young babies, it is from the intonation patterns and repetition that they learn to communicate, and best, in the worst cases of nature/nurture, music heals. Michigan's finest, Marshall Mathers is living testimony to that fact.
  • kelleycoxx damn im so sorry