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Gonna try to see Seger at Scott Trade Center. Guess we will see. Starting BSN school online and just started a new job a month ago so i may be limited and probably am. Saving up so i can ask off for CTM 6. Don't want to push my luck. WANT so bad to see FLEETWOOD MAC with all the originals this year. Would love to see Seger and so many others. Saw Social D last and it was great. Met Ness again...He is such a gentlemen. Told me to be safe going home. Nice guy every time i have met him Meets folks out by the bus after the show. Love his tunes. HE has fallen and risen. He was a junkie and…

  • krsval RSMS and I are headed to see Fleetwood Mac tonite in Detroit, Ajay...can't wait to see Christine McVie back! Lucky to have Seger tix in Saginaw, too..good choices :)
  • Ajay Yes i am a music JUNKIE posing as an RN starting BSN school. Life is what you make of it. I try to make the best of mine. I have ups & downs but i am still here & kickin'. Love me some Fleetwood Mac, Seger. Motown, most all music in general. AS i said i am music junkie/whore!

No more red headings.... !

  • SMoore6 Margot- will look into your "like" problems... But glad y'all can see again! :)
  • MargoC Ok cool. I did find out a way around it, so it will work, thank you!
  • rox I can see stuff now,my eyes and crowsfeet thank you.

Hereee I ammm, on the road againnn!!!!-- Off to Louisville to get my fix one last time before the cruise! Pics and vids to come later ;)

  • mrh I saw you last night!! You were to the left of me on someone's shoulders & security kept getting on to you LOL! I didn't realize that was you until now.
  • jaimej06 hahaaa yesss!!! I tried to stay up as long as I could! I guess security thought the crowd surfers were gonna take me down lol. Nice to meet ya!!!!
  • ibelieve9 One day soon I'm not sure how or when but I can feel it in my bones that i will be allowed to board that ship.