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So the new album is called "First Kiss" & the CTM6 cruise theme is "Blind Date" I'm sensing a theme here. I told my husband when the new album was coming out & the title name, he scrunches his nose up at the title, I tell him it's a compilation of love songs, trying to mess with him haha...I tell him no, it's probably the complete what ya'll thinking?

  • MargoC Oh Jesus 100 proof, that just might burn your Ass up, literally haha! I know what you mean, now I get why old people live in condos/apartments, this is BullShit! I wanna be a snowbird & live in FL for the winters!
  • cj51turtle My idea tonight would be the idea behind it and what if she wasn't a cigar smoker? Maybe her Great Uncle Paul was Ridiculed . Would the question be Mom's favorite Album of the Rolling Stones in the Day? Or is it how we all have given up that it could ever be real again at our age? That is tonight's statement from me. I don't know...
  • MargoC ok.

Met someone the other day wearing a Kid Rock shirt , that I liked. I found out he seen a show at the Rox before he was famous. Well it was nice meeting you and finding out about the back stage passes and getting to hang out.

Other than that story it is my Movie night and it seems to be in Drive-In mode, I smoke only outside of the house.

  • bart That's nice that you don't smoke in the house. Good to hear.
  • cj51turtle Sometimes when the animals want out or I have to check something on the stove I walk through with it and then I step back outside with it, oh, I almost starting cooking while smoking like my friends grandma but I had to stop there and rethink my steps , ya know?

Hey, How are you?

  • beckxy Well, thanks.. hope the same for you.
  • bart Long time - no chat - how's the family?
  • cj51turtle Happy Thanksgiving Soon, Hi...

How I Wrote That Song: Kid Rock “All Summer Long”
Posted on 22. Nov, 2014 by rchvids

  • rocksavedmysoul I knew Steve Miller was in there! Thanks for posting.
  • uberfan ya,, o o take the money and run.oow oow oow
  • uberfan Its kind of a long ride going to see the URL go on bring it home and post it here ,,,,, :)