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Hey, How are you?

  • bart Good - How are you?
  • beckxy Well, thanks.. hope the same for you.
  • bart Long time - no chat - how's the family?

I am getting ready to head out from Kansas City to Monticello, IA for Saturday night's show. It is going to be a "smokin' good time!"

  • bart Have fun - should be a good day to head to the fair!
  • mommamissy35 Have fun
  • corybergfeld See you there! ALWAYS a good show. We fly and drive for the shows...Never disappoints.

Heard the Chevrolet commercial tonite. Had to take a double look at the tv to see if I missed something.

  • DianaR NICE!!! Thanks for the link RSMS
  • rocksavedmysoul It's getting a lot of air time during the All Star game.
  • beckxy Yea.. I've seen a few different versions now and it is all over, different networks. Talk about needing a Kid Rock It's being played during ABC morning news and we've seen it on Tru Tv, while watching Impractical Jokers.