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  • ibelieve9 Congladulations! Wish the best for you and your family. God bless

Just read a post about KR filming a new music video in Tennessee this past weekend. Man what I wouldn't give to be an extra, prop person, or just all around whatever person on one of his shoots/tours/anything. It would be fun to see how its all done, oh and I would do it...FOR FREE! :) Sigh...some day, bucket list - want to meet him, play some Euchre, smoke a cigar and drink a beer with the man. I know we all have that on our lists, though. Enough dreaming, I am sooo excited for the new album!

  • rocksavedmysoul I just saw on fb that the diner is being interviewed today for their local news about the shoot. Hopefully Kid's Midas touch will bring them some new customers.
  • MargoC I've been reading their FB page & also saw they were interviewed by CMT the other day, what a big deal for that diner!
  • kcdave24 I think it is so great that he finds these great places and brings attention to them. It just is part of his character. He really does have a very giving soul.