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I'm sure a lot of y'all ;-) can enjoy this one!

  • montanaanna Waaay enjoyable, Yvonne, thanks for sharing! :D Hadn't ever heard this before but amen huh? ;)

Our blue skies remind me I miss you :) Prayers ;)

  • montanaanna We went to the naked fiddling mountains...damn small phone!?!😝😜😁😳😳😳😝😝
  • kelleycoxx All good you had me at fiddling and naked. Hahahaaha Break it down- fiddle faddle
  • montanaanna Fiddle Faddle Fiddle Faddle...yeppers, something soul right about naked fiddle fiddling in the woods 😃 right out in the middle of bear creek! 😉😀😄

CTM #7 March 10-14-2016. Sign up now to be on the presale list at

I haven't received my tickets for the show on July 16th. Are they being mailed to me?
Thank You,

  • Jobabs_69 @dgrignani: you can probably find the answer through your Ticketmaster or Live Nation accounts. That would be the place to start looking for answers.

IS there a fricking CHEVY KID ROCK deal??? I know that sounds CRAZY as H@LL but for real!!! I want to get a CHEVY EQUINOX over a HONDA HRV.....i need a DEAL!!!! NOW!!! A deal breaker......

  • kelleycoxx I answered that post because that day I pulled up to gas pump and then I saw the corvette pull up next to me and I have seen them on the rode but man that thing was gorgeous !! Anywhoo. So your night sounded great! Oh I'm sure as night went on so was ALL the Stories!!!! 😊. I am too a jeep girl !! Before I bought my Chevy I wanted the 4 door jeep so bad But my old man said it wasn't worth the money !! I know know it's a jeep and he's a little right But I had one at 20 and loved it but it was a piece shizz Still love them and always will😉. My husband likes more of the old blazers and Broncos Oh I'm sure the convo got egos Flyin high!! Glad they were still respected !! That's why this country is so wonderful 🇺🇸. Safe travels with " bible" school 😇😁
  • montanaanna Omg the day into night into talking until 5ish? maybe was amazing and exactly what I needed after an incredible unbelievable but I believe cuz I lived it day! 😊 An speaking as concerned Americans well the talk just continued soul easily and so soul respected because i like to put it out there 😃 Flyin high was fun and I fell asleep by the bon fire with Sonya and had a wonderful felt great lunch lady vbs day 😄 then went to cut shrubbery for a church gal in the oh but ts hot yeah but there's work to be done heat 😰😋 and then arrived at hc to see my just returned from camping with her best friend husband friend....and friends accepted my non libra matching work attire and then my changed into 17 year old but it's my fav dress 😜😄...phenomenal katoke family night...but I keep thinking of another's phenomenal night....hope it is 😜...and also found my writing niche safe in Montana summer 😄 Yeah I hear you on the cool Broncos and stuff but...
  • montanaanna I've done my poor salesman I worked him libra blonde research and I really lived with my gad her for 12 years dream vehicle and omg the test drive of the 2015!?!....what perfect fit! 😄 I do sooo soul appreciate other wheels, especially those ford mustangs grrrr 😜☺️😊😃😄😀😍 And when friends are Americans the conversation is open, honest,, respectful, and fun 😃 Flying high is a great way to live like I am safe in the beauty and family of my Montana 😃 And oh the stories and the songs and the whatever else pours out!?! 😜😄 still hearing the sincere accolades & Nashville encouragement from my Sunday's special music of my own 2 completely written song...we can so do it kc!!!😄😄😄 Life is great cuz I choose Oran's ita even better with you! 😄Whaddya say, kc?...wanna have some f*cking true fun?😊