Kid Rock is coming to Augusta, GA. Here is all the information to get access to tickets with your Rebel Soldiers membership:

Augusta, GA
Music for Action * Service * Hope - Evans Town Center Park
7016 Evans Town Center Blvd
Evans, GA 30809

The code was emailed and is NOT your Ticketmaster code in your account. If you need the code, please email and I will lookup your account and send the code.

  • uberfan So I get up in the morning Step On the Dog Scared the SHI Thats it so much for being quiet. Kids in the bathroom so I go out back,Grab some cold yardbird out of the fridge put on some Kid Rock --Devil without a cause song #7 sit on a power Ranger grab the Remote ---Ahhhhhh LIFE OF A KID ROCK FAN!
  • mkw19721 emailed you for a code.
  • christison1969 Just joined the fan club I think.. Can you look me up? send me the code?

...And another super fan profiled in the Detroit Free Press- Kid Rock fans are the best fans ever!!! #RebelSoliders

  • katflashfever2000 GOOGLE search Restraining order against Superfan...its amasing how many seek protection because fans sometimes cross the line from admiration into entitlement.
  • uberfan KAT,,I dont know what you got against this SuperFan title But I am a ULTRA-FAN,Whats Europe got to say about that?
  • krsval Let's face it, there are lots of 'Stans' out there (to borrow from the beautiful Jade in NY)..but the peeps I know thru Kid Rock are just fun people with a love for music. Who cares what it is called.

Thank you to all the super fans. #rebelsoldiers

  • uberfan Thats it,Fun and Music and Friendship.Who cares about a Title!!!!
  • krsval Band Aid! ha haaa Pretty sure the 'groupies' are on a big ole list somewhere, and Val or RSMS aren't on it! bwa ha haa
  • krsval Addendum: it just peeves me when a male fan can go to 30+ shows of their choice and it is deemed Ok in the public's eye, but still, in this day and age, if a female is interested in music and goes to 10 shows, they're called perverse names. Shame. I've been listening to rock and roll since I was 8 years old--wrote in to all of the Detroit stations with my 'Best 100 Songs' list every year. Sad to say, driving around on the weekends and listening to the radio (and maybe having a beer with my friends-we were stupid) was what we did in a Small Town. Rock and Roll Forever!

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Great to see and hear all the excitement enjoyed by the best fans on the planet! Now it's time once again for some packing it up and heading out west action. Pop da clutch! We're ready for ya!

  • rocknrich For sure! I'll make the Mountain View and Wheatland Cali-forn-i-a First Kiss partayz, my Rebel Soldier compadres! I might even get it right this time and make it right with some pics for share. I just need to remember to bring and wear my glasses because those $4 brewskies make it difficult, if you know what I mean. I've got a couple extra tickets if anyone is coming out west.
  • TammyRay hoping to see you at both shows Rich..might be making some jello shots again..give Ted a call so we can try to meet up somewhere..
  • rocknrich I don't know what happened to Ted's number. Hit me at 5109783021.

  • krsval Orange County review good. Not sure A Z Central reviewer knew his stuff..lots of back-handed compliments (insults?) And the bass player for Foreigner looks nothing like Lou Gramm..the lead guitar-perhaps...maybe he doesn't know his guitars/instruments ha baa

Whats up with the contest page ??

  • MsBehavin I know who You are--how are you Sweetheart? Long Time has passed-Mr.A~ Mr. Awesome that is :-)
  • MsBehavin Ty for telling me about our Friend--I still cannot believe it. She is so missed and always always loved :-)
  • MsBehavin And I miss Your posts--I would lmao!!!!! You Rock Sweetheart :-)