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  • bluesuedeshoe Thanks Jo, appreciate the correction. And you are right. Photocopy and bring to next event, scan photo, scan crowd and use statistics.
  • rocksavedmysoul Sarah: the comments are still not posting to the iniitial page. It's really hard to follow conversations. Thanks.
  • jim85 They definitely took the pic. I was there for it and have the image of two specific ladies that ruined it for the rest of us burned in my brain. They took a few shots, Rock ended up smushed to the DJ booth. After seeing that it was highly unlikely ever to get remotely close to him at that time and the pictures having been taken, I went downstairs to the craps table. Next thing I knew, I heard them calling for another pic upstairs, which I ended up missing. The...Kid vanished for the night. Sadly, it was a horrible end to what I thought was an overall great day.

Trucker Vision Ep. 3 - 2015 Summer Tour Rehearsals

  • TheGateKeeperThreeOneThird The "social Nazis"? That's one of the best oxymoron's I've read in a long time. Skinheads, Aryan Nations/Brotherhood and white supremacists in general, live, shite, eat and breathe the German Nazi's way of "life". Hence their love for the Swastika being right next to their Confederate flag. Having a Pentecostal preacher for a grandfather, I've spent my life with the ability to understand the Bible's teachings, which also made me very well aware of the fact that.... God does not approve of hatred for thy neighbor, Nazis or oxymoron's.
  • uberfan Hi you.Hope everything is going good in your life.:)
  • katflashfever2000 Gatekeeper evidentually you've never met my mother in law :) kidding

Somewhere outside of Detroit…

  • valerieg nice to see the crew
  • rocksavedmysoul I wondered where the 21 sell out banner went from the Palace. Isn't it there in the background? Peeves me off when I go there and it's not there!
  • kidrockscrapper Thanks for sharing "behind the scenes!" :-) See ya'll on da boat soon!

Kid Rock - "First Kiss" [Official Music Video]

  • throwedoff1 Great song and great video! Man, I love the cars and trucks. Took me back to my high school days and cruising main street on summer nights and Friday and Saturday nights during the school year.
  • crazyassmoma My 3 big kids and co., loved it! Brilliant my man.
  • crazyassmoma you ain't brand new at this shit.. but need to watch your social media accounts a little closer, like Uncle Ted. He is a freakin riot!
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FISH FRY- Well, here’s my take on it all: I bought tickets for both shows, 4 for night one, and 2 for night two, with the added pajama party included for night two.
I had 2 people who were driving in to meet us on night one, and just me and mama for night two.
When I told my mom we were going and told her about the PJ party, she was excited, and her eyes were twinkling like a kid on Christmas morning when she asked, “Does this mean we’re going to get to meet Kid Rock”?
I said the chances looked good, but it’s not a sure thing, but we do have some BadAss seats (the best…

  • IBelieve Hey Val, and Blue...Thanks. Yes, I was B*tching, fussing and cussing @ Murphy's Law, and thinking 'can anything else possibly go f'n wrong, as it was everything, and even more than mentioned, to where I was like, ok, wth, what have I been doing lately that He isn't happy about!?! :) Naw, it sucks, but it happens, and I am just grateful for what I do have. Yeah, we missed a great time and show ( though it sounds like a few idiots screwed up the after party), and we missed out on some other things we had planned to do while we were in Nashville, but there will be other times, and I have my very strong, and feisty, Irish Mama, smiling at me this morning, and so many other wonderful things to be grateful for, so I am very Blessed and happy. :)
  • katflashfever2000 what a great attitude you have I year beleive next year...hopefully we have a whole year to organize and connect alittle better so if people have problems we if we can can somehow help one another out...were' famly..
  • beckxy Maaan! I'm so sorry that you & mom missed the event. BUT.. bless your heart in seeing that your mom was okay and that you are taking things in such a positive stride. Much respect to you, IBelieve.

It's been very disheartening to read the comments on the Fish Fry. I had a BLAST! Loved the small venue, everyone working their butts off were very hospitable, and I met so many great people. As for the PJ Party,I've heard some harsh words. Kid Rock has been so great to all his fans, there are not many in his field, that open their world up for us. Not only is he an amazing talent, but he is such a generous man with his time. He does not have to do any of the things that he does, but he chooses to show how much he cares about us. For those, that believe they are entitled to mob him…

  • katflashfever2000 well said.... treat him like any other man and he also might let down his guard and let you really SEE him believe me you will LOVE the View...Kidrock is there but Bobby is also..the Best I can explain it is this...KIDROCK is the EGO of BOBBY and BOBBY is the body that allows KIDROCK to exist. Forgive me Robert I think if people understand the being of ROCKSTAR they may treat ya more with the respect they would like to recieve. everything ALLYKY said is spot on. REMEMBER he HAS a woman hes been loving for a LONGASS time. Don't mess with that its very rare a enterainer can have such a good relationship with all the situations involved BE RESPECTFUL he deserves it hes had heartache and HES PAID HIS DUES...just be his FAN. a GOOD FAN... I am so proud of him for bringing us dingabats together and have it somehow work as good as it does...dont whah and complain why not take some positive thing that happened about the event and hold on to that. I recently HAD to do that in my own life or its would of emotionally KILLED me.
  • beckxy Amen AllyKY

I'm gonna change the subject from Fish Fry for a minute, so is anyone gonna buy the new Machine Gun Kelly album with the song feat. KR "Bad Mother Fucker" this week? Comes out 10-16, gotta buy the whole album, not available in a single.

  • bluesuedeshoe If I can get a copy of the song downloaded for 99 cents, hellya.
  • MargoC Not yet, Blue! Kinda funny story, I was listening to MGK's song that I downloaded "Till I die" while making dinner, my oldest comes out of his room, looks at me funny asks me why I'm listening to this song? He knows who MGK is...makes me think I probably don't fit in MGK demographics, a 45 yr. old "soccer mom" but KR's collaboration with MGK has possibly made a new fan!
  • beckxy Yea.. I wanna buy it.

to be sneared at , puffed at and talked about in another language for 10 days was 9 days too many...those women are awful.

  • katflashfever2000 never travel to moldova without a interpreter YOU pay. they hate american women because we have choice and freedom. I should of done more research but I was really buzy on another unrelated issue that went awesome !

Well if you read the advertisement for the show it did say we would be hanging out with the man. But due to lack of planning he was swarmed by the same people who climbed over rows to get to the front of the stage and take over paying seats and security did nothing. I paid over $2400 for two shows + airfare +car rental+ hotel I did expect for him to acknowledge everyone with a Hello. At the pajama party didn't expect a picture with him I excepted that wasn't going to happen, then I was expecting a group photo well that went to hell in a basket. I feel CID let us down on the…

  • MargoC The PJ party has been quite the topic over on FB, people are really upset at the couple handful of Assholes that swarmed KR. Someone that was there mentioned when the group photo comes out, they should point out the Assholes that swarmed him.
  • krsval LOL Margo, great idea.! @Blue..Good, then the peeps won't remember why they were thrown in the drunk tank then! You know I am both naive and an idealist ;). Truth: these handful of A-holes act the same way sober as they do drunk (disappointingly, I've seen it firsthand.) KR can do without their bizness. I think this backlash has been building for quite some time..Not to speak for the man, but I feel KR wants everyone to have a good time, and do it well..but things he may have put up with in the past prolly won't work in the future. I have no doubt that the food and entertainment at Fish Fry was top notch. Figure out some of the logistic stuff, and I think it'll be fine. Adding more ppl though..I don't know...I understand trying to lower the price, but then that adds potential issues arising. JMO
  • bluesuedeshoe LOL, I hear you Val, but talk to anyone who works the industry and they will tell you the their fans are a blessing and a curse.

Biggest RIP OFF ever. Bob has just lost one of his most faithful and generous fans. Pajama party was a huge misrepresentation, Bobby Shazam too good to spend any time with the fans who "are spending their hard earned money" to see him. Big Time Bobby has gotten his last dollar from this kid, and I will make sure I tell anyone that will listen.

  • uberfan Stop,,,I am hearing that it was a mess in some areas and perfect in others it depended were you were..It sounds like to me that it was an event that didnt fit the Venue.I can tell you about my story about seeing him on the RRJ tour.He was starting a new Record and was doing a smaller venue tour.So he came to my town and played at a club that was fit for smaller bands.So I was Front stage-I mean I was so close Jason and I sweated on each other.But the next tour was back to arenas so when my wife and I went We were so far back I was spoiled from going from 10 feet from him to the 2nd section.But was that Bob's falt? NO .The next time I was VIP because I knew the differents and paid the money!! So please give it another chance-Give him another chance--Sometimes its not under his control.I dont know your situation but sometimes things change at different venues...:)
  • bluesuedeshoe Gary, I think the main point here is that the situation escalated so quickly and dangerously, that Bob left as a safer alternative than to even try to perform the contracted and paid for group pic.
  • bluesuedeshoe Apologies to you Ube, I was wrong.