Fan Photo of the Week - User: bart

  • krsval Whoo Hoooo!
  • bart Thanks - I finally won something!
  • beckxy Congrats Bart!

This Month's Contest - Once Again, IT'S ROCKTOBER

  • SMoore6 We want to see your Kid Rock pride this Halloween! Post a photo in the community of your Kid Rock themed Jack-O-Lantern or Kid Rock costume for a chance to win some Kid Rock swag. We want Kid Rock nation to represent this ROCKTOBER. Post your entry in the Community for your chance to win!
  • jfraise something unrelated to halloween.. but don't know where to post this. figured out how to work Kid Rock into one of my graduate classes in requirement for my MFA in criticism and curatorial studies. or at least I think I have. Very excited about this!! Waiting for confirmation from my prof. can you post something on the collaboration with the Detroit museum and ask everyone what they think about it?? or what they hope to learn from it, or if they are interested in learning about it? who will visit it or something along those lines, please?
  • katflashfever2000 im gonna post a photo soon...

Fan Photo of the Week - User: jadalee

  • jade_lyrics Pretty lady! but That's Jada. I'm Jade.
  • bluesuedeshoe Hey, Jade. Good to see you. Apologies to you both for the confusion.
  • uberfan Ahhhhhh,happens to the best of us
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Val and I continue to whittle away at our concert bucket list; tonight Fleetwood Mac. Anyone else going? It should be an amazing show with Christine McVie appearing once again. We are going back to the late 70s, early 80s tonight. Wooo hooo!

  • MargoC You sure do have a lot of boyfriends, Val ;)
  • rocksavedmysoul I have to say, the meet and greet with Mick was really amazing. We met him on stage, got pics, had a Q & A, and were given our swag (and also allowed to take to our cars and reenter the venue which was a huge bonus). Mick talked about his fondness for the area, specifically reminiscing about the Grand Ballroom concert in Dearborn in the late 60s. He spoke about being a bit homesick one Christmas day as he spoke with his mum in England as his family was sitting down to dinner. He and the band were subsisting on vending machine food that day here in America. He spoke about families who took them in during those early years, putting them up for the night in spare rooms, garages...and how that really touched him as he looked back. I loved all his stories. The most fun was watching Val. She just lit up when she had her chance to meet him. It was all very cool.
  • beckxy RSMS, is Mick the drummer?

No more red headings.... !

  • bluesuedeshoe Thanks so much for eliminating the red print, Sarah!
  • SMoore6 Margot- will look into your "like" problems... But glad y'all can see again! :)
  • MargoC Ok cool. I did find out a way around it, so it will work, thank you!

Kidrocks fans are so thoughtful.I made a post about how I wish I could get some Peter Pan PB in Canada.And not 30 mins later, Laurie M says she went to Kroger and bought me two jars!!!!!How cool is that.So today I made a new friend from MI and I get PP PB....YAY.

  • MargoC I'm partial to Jif...haven't had Peter Pan in a looong time! I can remember when I was kid eating peanut butter that came in a big pail, wonder if it's still around...
  • rox PP is made form Georgia peanuts,the only one that is.So made in America.Up here we buy Kraft.
  • krsval Oh that Laurie..what will she think of next? She's a sweetheart, fer sure