This Month's Contest: The Least You Can Do is Care

  • abb_k A boy in my community just lost his father to cancer and his mother left him years back. His sister has dropped out of college to take care of him. Long story short, a few girls in our community put together a fundraiser so that these kids can have the Christmas they deserve. The least that we can do is care.
  • djmpdj I Ride to support the Shriners Childrens Hospital, our Veterans and our local Charities! The least I can do is CARE!
  • rjl1969 I support Earthworks and fight for the children, health, clean air and water across the US.

Fan Photo of the Week - User: bart

  • vicky59 kid R, I am an old woman but your performance tonight at the Valor show was beyond amazing!! solid gold and stole the show. Vets everywhere are smiling tonite. Bravo!
  • debravickers U are my savior after listen to Jesus and Bocephus . Amen
  • Beth I don't think I ever told you how much I love this picture, Bart. :)

It's Almost Halloween....

  • leony will you let me in the front gate if I come trick or treating?!? lol ;D
  • uberfan U know what i am going to do ...Walk down a street with a lot of leafs and look at every one's houses and wonder what there life's are like.The air is cold and smell's like leafs.....I guess i am weard that way. :)
  • uberfan My sons and i made big piles of leafs and ran through them.We had a ball.
Latest From Fans

Got an email for presale of "First Kiss" album hmm....FOAD....too funny...a new acronym for me to start using! Can't wait to see the video Jan. 6th!

  • MargoC My husband is at work and saw the presale email, he sent me this in an email "FOAD woman!" We think alike haha!
  • OutSideTheBox you and Chris need to do First Kiss New Years Eve picture :)
  • MargoC Yeah...he can kiss my ass! haha j/k....nah he wouldn't do it, don't like getting his picture took....maybe Chloe will :)

Thank you, Beckxy, for your updates...sharing with your family here ;) Our thoughts and prayers for you and yours :D

  • beckxy Hiya Miss Montana! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Mom's taking it easy at home. Yesterday, I took both my dad and mom to the docs. Why is it that both their health is deteriorating at the same time is beyond me, but he ended up in the emergency room over the weekend.. couldn't walk. Yesterday seemed to be a test for me.. of patience and strength. Feel like I failed for a moment.. but everybody's cool and that feeling has passed. I had to see my dad, for the first time, using a walker to get around.. my heart just dropped. I managed to get into them every other day to do chores and run errands now.... super busy but I don't really mind it, ya know. They always have a Christmas luncheon at their house for my brother and I and our significant loved ones... so I'm getting the menu together with her and getting ready for a nice time. She wants turkey bbq... and that's what she will get ;)
  • rjl1969 Glad your mom is ok Beckxy!

Last day...12/15

Support our troops

Let's Spread Some Cheer in the Name of Kid Rock!

Last year, thanks to YOUR generosity, we sent care packages to the brave men and women overseas who protect our freedom and are far from home over the holidays. It was such a success that we have decided to do it again. This year, we want to send at least 100 packages, doubling last year's goal, but we'd be thrilled if we could surpass that number and spread cheer to even more soldiers. In the name of Kid Rock and the best fans in the world, let’s make this year's…

  • uberfan Beckxy---You got so much going on you GOTA take care of yours..Don't worry about giving you give in way more way's then here..Shout out to GENO-- hey Brother.....
  • beckxy I know buddy but I mean it.. when I was down on my luck the man came thru to me like a bridge over trouble water... lifted my spirits like no other.. I tried to give him something that night but he wouldn't take it.. and I looked him in the eye and gave him my word that I would support him and his causes every way that I possibly can. check goes in tomorrow :) and it looks like I might still be able to do it :)
  • beckxy Geno says high

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2015 has been announced. Here's the story. Isn't Kid now eligible? It might take some time. Please comment if you know more about this. Thanks.
Bill Withers, "Ain't No Sunshine" is such a great song. Gotta go listen to it now.

  • MargoC huh...some of those are surprising that they haven't been inducted yet :/
  • rocksavedmysoul to clarify-Kid eligible 2015 for 2016 ceremony.
  • bluesuedeshoe - Add your comments...He might not get in the first time he's eligible, but, with his cross genre list of accomplishments, he and TBT will stand on the dias.