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once again leid all my girls


Scrolling down past the movers posts and others, I didn't come across a countdown. If there is one, I apologize, I didn't see it. If not, then...10 DAYS until The Knob run! Wooo hoooo!!!

  • MargoC woo-hoo!
  • IBelieve I know right...they should blacklist the words packers and movers, or better yet, call them to do a job, and then beat the crap out of them when they show up (just saying). ;)
  • rocksavedmysoul lol IBelieve

Joe C 4:20 belt

  • knownwo Given to Joey's dad on (if my memory serves) Feb 22, 2001 at Toledo Sports Arena, Toledo, OH. Does anyone have pix of that night? I know some were taken.