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  • bluesuedeshoe Gary, I did not attack you, nor was I mean to you. I was not involved at all except to ask that Tangie stop posting for awhile. I am not in touch with three, and the forth is a dear friend with whom I do not discuss kidrock business. If they no longer post here, be glad. Just do your own thing here and enjoy. If anything, the watching the experience reinforced a lesson learned from my parents....never discuss politics, sex or religion in public, and all three were involved. Do yourself a favor, heal, and do not look over your shoulder or call out their names to bring them back to you. If they do come back to support Bob's new CD release, be glad, because they were just as devote fans as you and I. Make peace not war.
  • bluesuedeshoe And no animals here when using a cane for balance problems. No way I wish a broken hip or ankle because I tripped over them.
  • uberfan OK,,,now i get the first picture of you that feels real...we all have problems in this big world but one thing is true.We are all going to go so why dont we help each other.instead we fight and push each other farther and farther until there is no reach.I screw around on this computer maybe because it keeps me from thinking about the truth because Today,Tomorrow,Now for me could be it.Borrowed time cant be given back.Every time i wake and open my eyes is the best day in the world.So when i see someone being picked on i step in and did you notice when i helped tangy they all forgot about her and focused on me.what was funny was a organization asked me to keep one of the team of bullys posting.I dont no why nor do i care i just know in the end of me showing chivalry isnt dead,,,