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Our hats

  • beckxy He wore this hat out... need to get some new ones
  • bart Ha! Geno - the creeper!

Heart of Gold

  • LadyRockRebelSoldier My Heart of Heaven:)
  • ibelieve9 A heart of gold gives abundance and feels the love of the soul! God bless
  • bluesuedeshoe You know, if fans sense this about you, it makes a career worth it. Touring is hard work.

Who's your rock n roll Jesus?

  • uberfan Thats the name of the street (BISON)
  • bluesuedeshoe Fine looking little boy, too bad he let it go to hell... Though I sense renewed purpose, so
  • bluesuedeshoe maybe, he'll Bob Segar up yet. The sight of Segar on the last few nites of that last tour were amazing. In shape, handsome as hell.


  • rox This makes me smile.....;)
  • ibelieve9 Kid your a bad boy but dann you do it so good!
  • BrendaYarnell That's such a nice thought for this afternoon....... day dreaming now.......


  • Jobabs_69 .
  • MargoC I bought a set of KR coasters, this pic is on one of them, it's my favorite :)
  • MargoC this is the similar one, one of my favs.

Pic makes me think of "Let's Ride" song, also I think it's funny! :)

  • ibelieve9 I like this little man's way of thinking let's roll baby!
  • MargoC He just needs a stogie...he has a similar facial expression as the KR stogie pic I posted the other day, Ha!

KNOCKIN' ONE BACK. Love my Devil's Cut & LOVE that man in his pink shirt.

  • shawniemc A bad boy in pink, freakin hot!
  • DianaR I tell my husband, "real men wear pink. real women wear scars" Remember when he was on GMA when promoting "Born Free" and he had on pink cowboy boots?!
  • bluesuedeshoe Slugging back apple juice, hee hee.