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  • IBelieve Hell Yeah!!
  • MargoC IBelieve I was wondering the same about that property, it was some kind of ranch, touristy thing, I thought I read. That would be cool, he could host his own Redneck Paradise festival :)
  • IBelieve Yeah, it'd be way cool!! :) Maybe having it here at the Fontanel Mansion is just the kick off until he gets that property ready (we can dream/wish/hope right)!?! :) :)

Nothing is gonna stop my "so hott" woman from seeing Kid Rock for the first time tomorrow night in Saint Louis....not even a broke foot!!

  • wesleyatkinson Thanks everyone!! We put a lot of hard work into it!! It looks even more awesome in person!! ROCK ON, America!!!
  • IBelieve Yep, really cool! :)
  • jessicaveen That's awesome

Chicago Skyline... no concert? problem.. God Bless Kid Rock Family♥

  • bart Is that city still standing after that crew hit it?
  • bart Nice pic.
  • mrscedarmichigan ...LOL Bart! ....barely.. i was surprised when Hampton even let me re-book for the re-scheduled sept 12 show....


  • DianaR Oh yeah!!! Let's hope it's REALLY hot in August at DTE! Section 4, so I am pretty close for some nice shirtless shots!!!
  • uberfan Thats a RARE Picture Rox :)
  • rox Its Lovely



  • crazyassmoma go ahead and jump!!!!!!!!!!!! David Lee... WHO????
  • rox hahahah thats why I said in another thread