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CATER'S A HAPPY BOY. on time just like they said

  • uberfan THANK U ,,,KRSVAL
  • beckxy there ya go lol I hope you got something good up in that flask.
  • uberfan LOL,my wife said to take a Shot before she snapped the picture.Thats J-B in that flask,,,,WHHHOOOWWW


  • uberfan Thank you my friend for helping Mary.I couldn't have said it any better.U truly are a major asset to Kid Rock Fan club ! shout out Geno :)
  • beckxy My pleasure Jeff.. Geno says high everybody
  • uberfan ?

2 Days Wasted on ticketmaster and still Need Tickets "NO LUCK"

  • uberfan Wow that brings back some memories of when the i worked security and line control for the dead.all the people without tickets would line up next to the entrance line and try to get tickets with whatever signs they could come up with..Jerry would tell me to pick 10 people without tickets and bring them in when he was getting in the van,,,,

Received my goodie box today --it 's like Christmas !!!

  • lorihiner I ordered the goodie box but when I went to get my tickets I had no pre-sale code contacted Warner Music conveniently my order never got through and by then all that was left was CD's.... Got that coming but was looking forward to all the goodies!!

Was taking a pic of the crowd from the opposite railing and trying to get everyone's attention. I waved and she waved back . Chilling!

  • rocksavedmysoul The sail away is the best. You can feel all your worries just lift up in the breeze and are carried away...The excitement as TBT and Kid hit the stage...The party begins...
  • jwolfe4250 I'm so sick of these ticket scalping outlets. He try's to make it so everyone gets a chance and these idiots screw it up for everyone. Tried to get tix for Detroit shows and couldn't my friend just paid 80.00 for one lawn seat such bullshit. Thanks anyway Bob no matter what you do corporate America will screw the rest of us. We used to get arrested for trying to sell extra tix over face value at pine knob and the joe but whatever hopefully you do a show in Saginaw I'll try again. My wife has never been trying for her peace out.
  • rocksavedmysoul Jwolfe: he added two more shows. FIngers crossed for you.