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Have ya'll seen the "ugly sweater" for sale at the merch. store. I love it...I want one!!!!

  • kcdave24 Oh that is awesome!!!
  • MargoC It ain't pretty, but that's the point. :) I've never been to an ugly sweater party, if I do, this is what I wanna wear!
  • uberfan LOL,LOL,LOL,,,,,LMAO

Kenny-with-Steven-Tyler-Joe-C-and-band (1),,,,,,rare find( Cater )

  • bart The black guy is Darryl McDaniels (DMC) from Run DMC. This was probably a practice for the KR/RUNDMC/Aerosmith performance at the 1999 MTV VMA's. Very cool.



  • angelageddes Hoping to hear some of first kiss soon!!
  • uberfan That would make a cool shirt
  • uberfan That go,s to a Oldschool Colt Revolver,,,,,,,,,,



  • marypowell Kid rock inducing his new album at Warners Brothers studio in nashville
  • uberfan first kiss
  • angelageddes So excited about the release of this new record😉I hope more of the lyrics get leaked out lol...three months is a long time lol

DVR Alert for Tuesday, November 11th

  • Jobabs_69 Beckxy, I've been trying to find it on YouTube or a link, but not finding anything. The show featured a little golf, a lot of interviews with military people, and kids who have received scholarships. Bob's shown several times, has a short interview, and he even twerks after a golf shot!
  • beckxy lol nice Jo
  • bluesuedeshoe Here's Jo's videos...