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Kid Rock...yes! Finally. 💙💙💙

  • kelleycoxx I'm trying to talk my husband into hanging that pic in the garage! Hahaaa.
  • uberfan Man wouldn't that be cool
  • kelliecormier I'm hanging mine on my ceiling above my bed. This could be part of the reason I'm still single. Lol.

time to go hunting

  • MargoC haha....I actually like Ramen once in awhile, crush up some Ritz crackers, a slice of cheese, some black pepper mmm....
  • uberfan me to i just thought this was funny. :)
  • kelleycoxx So I'm thinking we all have been to county jail? Lol... Or not. Just sayin😬

Yamagata Prefecture is a prefecture of Japan located in the Tōhoku region on Honshu island. Its capital is Yamagata. Wikipedia Area: 3,600 mi² (9,323 km²) Weather: 39°F (4°C), Wind W at 11 mph (1

  • Yo If KidRock comes to Yamagata, I will be pleased so as to fly up. As for all the friends, I know the thing called the KidRock fan.
  • uberfan ok have fun and enjoy Kid Rock. :)
  • Yo Thanks, uberfan. (^o^)


  • uberfan he was a young-en then.But same here i saw bob and said gota see it,,,
  • DianaR He is young........but it is almost a "Torso Tuesday" shot! Missing those :-)
  • uberfan LOL LOL DianaR

Cruise List.......For BART

  • MargoC Diana, I think you're gonna love DTE, it's kind of a park like setting, love it there! Getting out of there is a bitch, which that's not unusual for venues...the last few times we've gone we stay at a hotel nearby with a shuttle that takes us there & back, best money ever spent!
  • DianaR Margo, Luckily, my brother in law from Pontiac has offered to drive and let us stay there. I already requested two days off of work (the day of and after the concert!) You DO NOT want me working in the vet field the day AFTER a concert. Might be a little tired! Keith got center pavilion section 4. Looks pretty close from the map
  • MargoC Excellent.... yep center 4 is good!