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  • beckxy I like this one
  • rox I love the purple lights!
  • girlygirl31 Hello from a country girl in Northwestern Pennsylvania, awesome picture, don't change that color.


50 Shades of Rock....

  • DianaR Good one!!! Never tire of this picture!!!
  • ibelieve9 Your a bad boy and you do it so damn good. I'm diggin it. Don't ever ;let society change you!
  • wildgwennie Nice picture, what a hot body! Yeeoowwww!!!

Paso Robles, CA.....I couldn't be happier! I love this man, his talent and the TBTB.

  • tawnijoy Another superior performance
  • shawniemc Kid Rock fans are the best
  • tamera Do you (Robert Ritchie) realise how amazing you are?

sexiest man alive.jpg

  • marcia2 He is the sexiest man alive!! I would love to meet & party with him!! That would be a blast!!
  • hollygolightly I'd vote "most deserved" Rock Star! He's the most genuine person I've never met:) He doesn't say anything for shock value, he says what he means and means what he says - that is damn sexy!
  • ibelieve9 What I see here is a beautiful heart that belongs to a real man that happens to lives in the most sexist man alive!

My all-time favorite pic...

  • ibelieve9 Now that's the look of real free spirit, ride on!

Hope everyone had a great 4th

  • ibelieve9 Thanks.I just know you had a great 4th cuz no one sets the night on fire like you. Just sayin I set my GPS to come waste some time with you,(remember your word not mind ) but the GPS wouldn't give up your location!
  • ibelieve9 Thanks. I know you had a great 4th cuz no one lights up the sky like you. I set my GPS to come waste time with you ( remember your words not mind) but the GPS wouldn't give up your location. What a tease, that's ok I felted the love anyway!