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  • bart I like Berzerk too, but I would rate it 4th on this list. I don't have it either, but I borrowed it from the library. I don't like all of his music, so I thought I would try - and I like this one. Rap God just blows me away.
  • bart "So Far" samples the Joe Walsh song - "Life's been good to me so far". "I own a mansion, but live in a house A king-size bed, but I sleep on the couch I'm Mr.Brightside, glass is half full But my tank is half empty, gasket just blew
  • MargoC Listened to those 3 on Youtube, I liked "Rap God", not so much "Monster", but I really like "So Far" listened to it several times. The lyrics are great, funny Shit! I'll be buying "So Far" on iTunes for sure.

Torso Tuesday contribution....

  • conniedoan How nice to wake up to the vision in the morning light.
  • rox Slippers and a cup o tea,my kinda man.
  • tanaray i so agree, such a nice image to open your eyes to

Throwback Thursday!

For Val...a haw, a haw, a haw...

  • rocksavedmysoul my husband said I should change the title of this post to Ow, Ow, Ouch!
  • MargoC That Jeff....funny guy!
  • Jobabs_69 Get well wishes for Dusty!

MANday Monday a 4 in 1 shot!!

  • tanaray HI TammyRay, i was just wondering if i will have the pleasure of meeting you this year on the ctm6 cruise?
  • TammyRay I sure hope so tanaray. I think I'm going to try and plan another "Family Rebel Soul Meeting" and possibly 1 dinner get together, so I'll keep you and the other chillers posted on that..
  • shawniemc Love this pic, different shirt....although I prefer no shirt!

Viva Las Vegas

  • MargoC giggles..... :)
  • DianaR Oh, you make me smile............
  • rocksavedmysoul I just thought this one should be added to the Torso Tuesday bunch.

OK, Ladies. Let's get Torso Tuesday started!

  • MargoC Nice job, Connie :)
  • conniedoan Oh, Hell Yeah!
  • DianaR And, it just keeping going on and on and on. Like the Energizer Bunny!!!


  • Jobabs_69 Always like a good belly and belt buckle photo!
  • DianaR Well, aren't you ladies just making some good Torso Tuesday shot! Thanks!!!