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AL Central Champs four years in a row!

  • Jobabs_69 As a Royals fan, I was hoping for KC to win the division. It was a great summer to watch AL Central Division baseball, for sure. Happy the Royals broke their 29-year post-season drought. Now it's gonna get intense. Good luck both teams!

Friday FRIENDay-mscedars,bart and mrs.bart

  • bart Nice - I have friends! Great Pic. Funny story - this kid (25ish) kept begging me to trade shirts with him because he loved my "Beeradise" shirt. He was lucky he had on a Sparty shirt, so I finally made the trade. RIP - Beeradise.
  • bart Gonna miss that f'in boat on the sail-away day.


  • shawniemc I tried to get it to him at a concert, didn't happen but I'm pretty sure he saw it.
  • bluesuedeshoe Why? Could have given it to a kid who would have cherished. Sheez.

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