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  • cj51turtle This is me, yep the Picture I have one , yep ok , let it roll,,,,


  • cj51turtle This may be the Desert., Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump. That is my cause of focus right now, I don't trust Limestone to be the burial ground from the shores of what we already have less than 300 hundred or less miles from here?


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  • cj51turtle Sometimes I have to comment myself after the picture. What is your cheap wine choice? This was under 7 dollars not bucks.


Have ya'll seen the "ugly sweater" for sale at the merch. store. I love it...I want one!!!!

  • MargoC It ain't pretty, but that's the point. :) I've never been to an ugly sweater party, if I do, this is what I wanna wear!
  • uberfan LOL,LOL,LOL,,,,,LMAO
  • cj51turtle Wow I need four

JR--Soon to be Daddy ( Congratulation)

  • valerieg granpa kid rock !!!!!
  • ibelieve9 Congratulations to the happy beautiful couple. The love of a child is one of the most breathtaking experiences you will ever endure! God bless
  • cj51turtle Well be good to one another and blessings, I am 43 and my son is only 5 and my daughter is 8 so If you Imagine you may be a family of 12, yes I have met people who are a family of 12. As my mom always wished of me I am only at 2. Have Fun and Fads Fade, congratulations. peace.