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Torso Tuesday Time!

  • Jobabs_69 This old school pic makes me laugh: the sword, the oversized boom box...


  • Ajay Well if this is for the monthly post. Yeah this is me & my Cards fetish if you will call it that.
  • Ajay BTW i have many hats from the Cuban fedora (Kid Rock look a like), to a street hat, to who knows what. Kid thinks he has hats. I got a black cowboy hat, french berra, to all kinds of them!!! TRY ME!!! You pick it Saturday post it and i will

ROLL CALL! Who is going to the 9/20/14 show in Marion, Illinois?

  • Jobabs_69 Anybody else? Come on Rebel Soldiers! It will be a great end-of-summer weekend! Saturday nught's ticket gets you in Friday night to see up and coming country acts Brett Eldridge, and Drake White & The Big Fire. Bands playing at 4pm Sat.
  • Jobabs_69 on a secondary stage. They are not announcing who is playing before a Rock on Saturday, so it's a big mystery. Weather looks to be great, too. I envision a slight hangover on Sunday.
  • Hzepp73 Cant Wait!!!!

Who's your rock n roll Jesus?

  • girlygirl31 Big Bison, who shot it or arrowed it....????
  • sandy_toes He is the most awsome dude I've. went to his last Louisville concert but got drugged. missed the hole damn thing. Sorry Rock.
  • uberfan Thats the name of the street (BISON)