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you have seen ROCK Throw This

  • staciec Oh Dear Uberfan, I take my fan status very seriously. Any cologne and sweat combo from Bobby is not gross!! I think you should cut that towel in half and share it with me :) You can bring it to the cruise.....I'm guessing you are on the boat???
  • Beth We like to party rock the party... now somebody screeeeeam! :))))
  • uberfan 'Girls',,,KID 'Guys',,,Rock Rock KID,,,Rock,,,Rock KID,,,Rock,,,Rock

Red Towel - Daytona 500 February 2015

  • uberfan Ok Done!
  • uberfan staciec I will now tell people that I was going to wash it because i'm a clean freak but now when people say it smells like sweat I will say a Fan named (staciec) said not to wash it so I didnt --Co Owner.
  • staciec LOL!! That's awesome. Looking forward to meeting you on the boat!!