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Bob Seger St. Paul ..... tilt your head 90° to the left to see my favorit picture of the night.

  • michaelstevensonjr My bad, this picture is perfect.... when I tried to post this picture before it was sideways. All rights to this picture are given to Bob Seger and Kid Rock, but I hold the right to keep this picture as a momento of the best concert ever
  • lynyrd This is to Michaelstevensonjr. The photo may have come out on here bad, but it's not your bad!! I hope you hold that concert in your head forever. I'm jealous as I had to miss his show at the Minnesota State Fair as not even liquidators had tickets 1 day after the show was announced. Definately my bad. I just hope he comes back within 4 or 5 states away for another show, cuz I WON'T MISS ANOTHER ONE!!!
  • MargoC This pic reminds me of that song "Blinded By The Light" haha!


  • DianaR So smooth...........
  • rox Is that a mike in yer pants,or are ya just happy too see me.
  • lynyrd Of course he's happy to see you-lol!! I mean it IS Kid Rock...right??

Hello Rebel Soldiers! FridayFriendDay ?

  • Hzepp73 lol actually last weekend around a bonfire
  • uberfan cool i bet it was a blast
  • MargoC <3 bonfires

Happy Fan Day Friday!

  • lynyrd ♡♡OMG--Hot and talented, oh ya--Hot♡♡
  • lynyrd I have to agree with a member tanaray that Kid Rock is so talented, unique, and real people that as she said, he doesn't have to be in the spotlight. He is the best thing music has ever or ever will know♡♡♡♡☆☆☆.