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OK, Ladies. Let's get Torso Tuesday started!

  • MargoC Nice job, Connie :)
  • conniedoan Oh, Hell Yeah!
  • DianaR And, it just keeping going on and on and on. Like the Energizer Bunny!!!


  • Jobabs_69 Always like a good belly and belt buckle photo!
  • DianaR Well, aren't you ladies just making some good Torso Tuesday shot! Thanks!!!

Let's keep it goin . . .

  • conniedoan Rock 'n Roll Jesus. The pics like this one are some of my favorites. Enjoy!
  • DianaR Good Tuesday contribution. I didn't see it until Wednesday, but good contribution!!

Who's your rock n roll Jesus?

  • Hzepp73 woot woot
  • girlygirl31 Big Bison, who shot it or arrowed it....????
  • sandy_toes He is the most awsome dude I've. went to his last Louisville concert but got drugged. missed the hole damn thing. Sorry Rock.


  • gagep63 It was so incredible to meet you!!! Can't wait til next time..xo

Friday Frienday--RS Girls on ctm# 5

  • ken Margo, it was Ken. Don't know why my name isn't there
  • krsval Ha haa good one, Ken! See ya on 9/6, buddy!
  • ken Hey Val, Good to hear from ya. 11 days and counting.


  • OutSideTheBox lol
  • Jobabs_69 I can play it a little louder on my neighbors are all elderly and half deaf. LOL!
  • Jobabs_69 @DianaR, the only thing I listen to in the car is Kid Rock. Haven't listened to the radio in months.