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7/16/ House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA

  • Jobabs_69 Posted by Instagram user skubidu
  • beckxy Wonder if that is Stacy Michelle on back ups?


  • MargoC Haha bitch! I know right, my Great Uncle & Grandpa used to drink it. I had some PBR not too long ago, that Shit is nasty...too sweet & really filling, felt like I ate a loaf of bread lol.
  • beckxy when I was 15, worked at the farmer's market. One night, my boyfriend got drunk on a case of Ol Milwaukee and rode out on his bike to see me but I wouldn't talk to him. I was mad he was drunk. Years later, I married him lol.
  • beckxy he liked that Shit because you could buy a case for like 5 - 7 bucks back

And I miss all of THAT!

  • beckxy Well, you got the Allegan Fair show coming up 9/6 but we probably won't be going anywhere until next Summer.. hope for a tour and then we'll probably take a week off and hit a bunch of dates.
  • krsval Allegan, rox, Allegan! How far is it from the Great White North?
  • rox Its far Val,too far for me right now.Will have to wait for a tour.And then hopefully me and sassy get on the boat.going to miss you Beckxy and Gene

Kid Rock T-shirt braided with colored ribbons #02

  • chicagoblues I have instructional vidio I can send you and you can do it yourself its easy best because it will fit perfectly then.
  • chicagoblues if you have any questions text me at 2055381642 or
  • Cara That's awesome of you to send the video- thanks tons:)