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KID,,,,,rock rock KID,,,,rock rock

  • montanaanna Time afte time auto whatever the the f*ck auto spell check f*ckers!!! 😝😝😝 ugh tiny phone 😝😜😝😜😁😜😝
  • DianaR Finally got my edition of Cowboys & Indians! Good article. Good pictures. This one is by far my favorite. A co worker, who isn't familiar with KR, said "wow, I didn't know he had such blue eyes" There was another picture in the article where he wasn't wearing sunglasses. Just wish this one had been in color. But, there is something pure about black & white photography. You see the details :) Come in DTE, just 6 more weeks!!!!
  • uberfan DianaR--You are a CRAZY BIG FAN,When you get there to the show--I want you to YELL KID ROCK is the AMERICAN BAD ASS,at the top of your lungs...and do that every 5 min,,,They will ether lock u up for being drunk in Public OR they will hear you back stage and UPGRADE YOUR TICKETS TO FR,,,,,,,,

Aaron Julison-- BASS for KID ROCK


  • montanaanna Yeah he's platium and has other MID et all go!...I'll be me loving you, Mr. Ritchie πŸ˜„
  • uberfan Yep
  • kelleycoxx May I just blow up one pantera video.


  • uberfan MARLON YOUNG--Dont get much Recognition butt i love what he did with ROCK N ROLL JESUS..We Hear you Marlon !!KEEP KICKING AZZ....CATER
  • uberfan YEP !
  • kelleycoxx Yo! Lol,.. Shining!!!