Kid Rock is coming to Augusta, GA. Here is all the information to get access to tickets with your Rebel Soldiers membership:

Augusta, GA
Music for Action * Service * Hope - Evans Town Center Park
7016 Evans Town Center Blvd
Evans, GA 30809

The code was emailed and is NOT your Ticketmaster code in your account. If you need the code, please email and I will lookup your account and send the code.

  • MsBehavin Notice Coal Black eyes--I am serious I think we live way more than one Life and these blue eyed guys are on past life number one--
  • MsBehavin
  • vickiemoon THANK YOU so much for all 4 concerts in Cali I did it I loved it AND Ill do it again in a heart beat !!!!!!smoore I dont no how to get the point across how much fun I had and what it meant to me >>>>>>I loved wearing my Keith Bell Bibs and all the complaments I recieved on them ,,,just wish I new how to find all the pictures everyone took with me in them !!!!!! There was alot !!! 57 yrs old I am an Ill be there another 50 fo sur....Rock on Rebels

...And another super fan profiled in the Detroit Free Press- Kid Rock fans are the best fans ever!!! #RebelSoliders

  • krsval Let's face it, there are lots of 'Stans' out there (to borrow from the beautiful Jade in NY)..but the peeps I know thru Kid Rock are just fun people with a love for music. Who cares what it is called.
  • katflashfever2000 Don't have a thing against a Superfan. I don't just don't want to BE one..I have retirement to think about alittle thats where im gonna spend most the dollars I make to live awesomely...
  • staciec I have NEVER relied on ANY public assistance to be able AFFORD to go on the cruise. That's crazy. Spend money any way you want and live life happily. Remember....the armored car never follows the hers to the cemetery.

Thank you to all the super fans. #rebelsoldiers

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The last night at Pine Knob! 8/22/15

  • annetoomey GREAT photo!!
  • uberfan Well its not in the cards,I been trying to win KID ROCK tix on our local Radio station because they were killer seats and my wife is not wanting to spend a dime on any extras. Didn't work- I think its a little dumb the way I was thinking..Have a good day my Rock friends.Talk to ya later


  • uberfan yep
  • rox Gotta love a gal that is a good shot Points to self...Is also a good shot
  • julieKRocks Love this

Last one! FOAD


  • TammyRay bump
  • staciec Tonight's the night!! Are you going???? You have to go. You deserve to have a night out and enjoy yourself. Take care of you, man. Feed your soul with some live Bobby :) "It's all love and good times-let's all have a good time......Roll on!!"
  • krsval Go Gary, Go!


  • Jobabs_69 Feel Like Makin Love video....I'm always a hot mess after I watch it. ๐Ÿ˜œ
  • uberfan much better
  • staciec mmmmmmm sexy! Love that song and video