Trucker Vision Ep. 3 - 2015 Summer Tour Rehearsals

  • uberfan I know,Bob take me with you.The Stones and Rock is going to be Epic.Once in a lifetime gig.....
  • beckxy Yo, I feel your pain. Did I see EMSP up on that one set/song list? The momentum is building over here.. so much that we added a date and there might be more that we are looking at lol
  • bluesuedeshoe Good to see all of the band back in the same room. Just a month, and they open in Hartford. The song list looks good.

Thanks Chillers Finally got around to going through the gifts from Chillin’ the most 6!! Whew!! Thanks again to all who came aboard and thank you for the gifts! Y’all are bananas!!

  • bluesuedeshoe Hmmm, distinct lack of stuffed animals there folks. Take heed.
  • uberfan NO that's not Rock,Its a stuffed KID ROCK--:)
  • Ajay What is on the melon cover? I know he has the flip off shades. But what is on the melon cover?

Fan Photo of the Week: User: jaimej06 - aaand the coolest Mom ever award goes toooooooo.... MY MOMMA! Her birthday gift to me lol! Cheers to 27!

  • angels4bobseger Congratulations! Bobby is a great guy. He is so smooth Audrey!
  • uberfan Of course He's the AMERICAN BADAZZ .It sounds like Audery is way cool so i think they will complement each other.
  • shelly12 So great to meet you Jamie. LOVE this picture.

2 Added DTE Dates! - Pre-sale is 5/1 at 10AM EST and On-sale 5/2 at 10AM EST

  • kyuin2824 I would love to know when your commoing to toronto Canada Kid Rock i would give almost anythying to see one of your concerts and if im lucky mabey even meet you lol its most likely in my dreams but it was to be said luv ya Rubyann
  • kidrockawokemysoul Rubyann, his last show was the Rebel Soul tour in Toronto and it was amazing, but the city didn't respond. The ACC was not very full, and I don't blame him for not returning since. However, he is playing at Darien Lake, near Buffalo, NY, and that's where I am going to see him!
Latest From Fans

Kid Rock visited Flint Assembly truck plant today. I posted the link to article in comment.

  • MargoC What....I have no idea what you're talking about ;)
  • Jobabs_69 Lol! Glad I wasn't the only one who thought that, Blue. I kinda like his glasses...of course I've worn glasses since 3rd grade so it doesn't bother me if others wear them.
  • Ajay Least he went to see the working man! Nice to see someone out of the blue go say hey to average ppl who keep this country running by their sweat and work. Whether it is the factory worker, the soldier, the fireman, the cop whoever. Least he gives regular ppl their due most entertainers DON'T give 2 $hit$.

"Old Fart" on the golf the outfit!

  • beckxy @shawniem didn't you post a picture of a stuffed teddy bear in this same exact outfit minus the old fart t-shirt? The Kid Rock bear.. lovable, huggable, badass bear..hehe
  • MargoC I think you're right, Beckxy...on a stuffed bear, minus the "old fart shirt" lol A stuffed bear with that shirt on would be funny, my kids had a remote controlled farting bear...yes I am the one who bought it for them :D
  • shawniem @beckxy and @MargoC LMBO! Can't believe you remember that! It got his attention that night. I've got to think up a new idea for this concert season. I'm sooo excited to see him!


  • montanaanna Must be somethin specific cuz lots of ladies like to shoot guns :)
  • 1BBShirleeOctpus405 I don't, Im scared of guns although I have one less than five feet from me fully loaded,...I shoot a 9mm once when I was in my early twentys,..didn't like the feel of it but I do like BB raffels and belive myself to be a pretty good shot concidering I was able to hit the bull eyes at the end of a long hauler,..yelp those long haulers make good shooting practice steups.l
  • montanaanna I hear ya, Sweet BB ;) I haven't done a lot of shooting but I've always been blessed with good safe knowledgeable teachers who've shown me respect & safety for my future purchase :D

And The Stones...I did it!!! Laurie, Val & I...road trip!!!

  • krsval Exactly what I thought..bring a leather jacket, sunglasses for pic of the 3 of us doing the double bird..I'll bring the bandannas...and We'll post it! ha haaa
  • uberfan EPIC PICTURE
  • MargoC One things for sure, it'll be funny...I think I'll look more like Bret Michaels in a bandana than Barbie here! Seriously "his hair" looks just like mine! :D

God bless America

  • uberfan but its a SQUIRT Gun
  • uberfan Ya dude Blue dont like Guns .I stopped putting them up so u might just give it a break for awhile.
  • bluesuedeshoe And I very much appreciate the break. You two do it, then, it just gets to be a contest with whom can post the most outrageous armaments. This stuff kills people, and Lord knows, fan sites are command central for some loony folks. All these posts do is encourage all those folks to go more too. Endless circle of violence. If you hunt to eat, you have my blessings. But, this stuff is made to imitate stuff that kills people.