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I am reaching out to you fellow fans as I am a new member. Can any Rebel Soldiers tell me how you get to the profile page? Also, anyone who has an advanced membership, is it worth upgrading your membership? I should know cuz it's Kid Rock i'm talkin about, but I just wanted to know from a fan that has the Deluxe membership. Thanks Rebel Soldiers!!! Lynyrd

  • MargoC You click on your own name/picture to get to your own profile page. I've always done the basic membership, I think the deluxe one you get a shirt or something ?
  • bart Personally, I just get the basic membership. I am mainly interested in the concert pre-sales and it has been a bargain at $15. I probably wouldn't do anything with the poster, lanyard or ID Card so I just go with the basic. However, it's still a bargain if you want that stuff. Seems like it was only $30. So how much is a poster and such worth to you. Trust me, Kid is not getting rich off of selling memberships. So, really it comes down to a personal choice on all the extras. Hope that helps. P.S, I've been a member since about 2002?


  • DianaR So smooth...........
  • rox Is that a mike in yer pants,or are ya just happy too see me.
  • lynyrd Of course he's happy to see you-lol!! I mean it IS Kid Rock...right??

Kid Rock is cool, but the services of his company is bullshit, just like jim beam that sponsored a contest that did not allow an American flag. It's not Kid Rocks fault.

  • lynyrd OMG Michaelstevenson, For real, no flag was allowed? That is aweful and I bet if Kid Rock knew about it, there WOULD have been a flag. I mean he is the AMERICAN BAD ASS!! Lynyrd

Hello Rebel Soldiers! FridayFriendDay ?

  • Hzepp73 lol actually last weekend around a bonfire
  • uberfan cool i bet it was a blast
  • MargoC <3 bonfires