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  • cj51turtle To You little ones......Delphinis from the fall.....


  • cj51turtle This is me, yep the Picture I have one , yep ok , let it roll,,,,


  • cj51turtle This may be the Desert., Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump. That is my cause of focus right now, I don't trust Limestone to be the burial ground from the shores of what we already have less than 300 hundred or less miles from here?


So the new album is called "First Kiss" & the CTM6 cruise theme is "Blind Date" I'm sensing a theme here. I told my husband when the new album was coming out & the title name, he scrunches his nose up at the title, I tell him it's a compilation of love songs, trying to mess with him haha...I tell him no, it's probably the complete what ya'll thinking?

  • MargoC Oh Jesus 100 proof, that just might burn your Ass up, literally haha! I know what you mean, now I get why old people live in condos/apartments, this is BullShit! I wanna be a snowbird & live in FL for the winters!
  • cj51turtle My idea tonight would be the idea behind it and what if she wasn't a cigar smoker? Maybe her Great Uncle Paul was Ridiculed . Would the question be Mom's favorite Album of the Rolling Stones in the Day? Or is it how we all have given up that it could ever be real again at our age? That is tonight's statement from me. I don't know...
  • MargoC ok.