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Kid Rock, Marion, Illinois 9/20/14. Devil Without a Cause

  • MargoC Uh oh, Hzepp, too funny!
  • Hzepp73 Margo, my husband STILL making this up to me.....true story
  • MargoC Ha I bet! When I see someone getting escorted out for whatever reason, like the last KR show, this chick puked on the floor right next to us, security helped her & her friend out...I think, wow that sucks, they're missing the show!


  • Hzepp73 Tweet!
  • uberfan they keep taking my tweet button down
  • Hzepp73 i thought How Cool! I tweeted the link :-)


  • rox It all in the eyes.These eyes.
  • DianaR Do you wonder if he ever looks out on the crowd and thinks "WOW, this is my life!"? I know he wows us :)
  • uberfan ROX thats a good shot