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Big email announcement coming your way...

  • jmyers1689 I'm confused. Is the promo code we are supposed to get long and say's ticket master next to it? Is that the code We put in when we buy tickets? Last time I got tickets it was only a short code.
  • JJinJersey Smoore 15 the 2015 Summer Tour Promo the Fan Club code good for the Thursday presale. Everyone is talking about two codes and I dont see one that says Fan Club. Just curious and stupid. Sorry. I know you are being bombarded with stupid questions like this and Im sorry
  • kevinwillis I think you have pretty much answered this, but... just want to make sure. It appears that the tickets will be sold through the Live Nation site, which is where both the KidRock site and the Ticketmaster site redirect to... so even though the presale code says "Ticketmaster" next to it, it is the Live Nation site where we will actually use it ?

Down in Redneck Paradise It’s a hole in the wall kinda small but the people are real, real nice

  • MargoC Ha yep, that seems to be his style.
  • mommamissy35 He did say in one of his interviews he is up early now that he is older, more inspiration!
  • bart Yea, I think in that interview he meant when he is at home....On the boat he seems up all night and that is when normal people get to spend some time with him - if you can handle it.

Hats off to SMoore!

Sarah, just wanted to let you know You rock, girl! This can't be an enjoyable time for you right now, dealing with issues that are probably 80% user error and not system errors. I had no problems earlier today with my PreSale code or buying tickets. They weren't as close to the stage as I would have liked, but that's what happens when there's probably 100,000 people trying to get tickets to the same show that has 15000-20000 tickets for sale. It's the reality of the situation, and good old supply & demand principles of economics hard at work. So, I really hope those who've crawled out…

  • IBelieve Yeppers...Thank You SMoore!! As already stated, most of the questions asked could have been easily resolved just by reading the information posted, and the rest is out of your control. You have also gone well above and beyond to make yourself available to all. You Rock Girl...Thanks Again!!
  • krsval You'll see me both nights, JoBabs! My blood pressure was going up to ignore the trolls, though..they thrive off of the negative energy :/..karma's a biatch! lol
  • rjl1969 Yes thanks smoore. You were very quick to help and it is much appreciated.

I know this has been posted before... But I feel like it's so appropriate after getting to know y'all... :)

  • Hzepp73 bam
  • IBelieve true
  • rox This thread kickass.I dont drink whiskey anymore but other than that,I meet all said criteia

DTE 8-11-13...Had a great time and amazing seats!!

Kid Rock - Born Free [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  • girlygirl31 I need to go to camp tomorrow. Can you take me there please...Please call tonight asap
  • bart Come on kids - HUGS, not drugs.
  • girlygirl31 Great song, but "All Summer Long" is one of my favorite songs. All Summer Long, reminds me of back in the day partying with great friends and family. Also fishing for walleye fishing in Quebec, Canada area many years ago.with family and..

Bobby Shazam and two of his coolest fans... It's On!!

  • uberfan MARGO C,,Bob is all about the pictures!When you get close to him,And you will!Tell him you want a picture with him.then get to snap'n
  • MargoC Dude, really?...I don't think so...
  • beckxy lol thanks you guys

Kid Rock - Best Night Ever Show #8

  • duchess AWESOME! :)
  • Jobabs_69 What a nice, polite, Midwestern thing to do to welcome the newcomers and help them feel at ease. LOL!
  • DianaR OMG. I love that video! He looks so happy! I think he was feeling the Michigan love!