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DTE 8-11-13...Had a great time and amazing seats!!

I know this has been posted before... But I feel like it's so appropriate after getting to know y'all... :)

  • Hzepp73 bam
  • IBelieve true
  • rox This thread kickass.I dont drink whiskey anymore but other than that,I meet all said criteia

Hats off to SMoore!

Sarah, just wanted to let you know You rock, girl! This can't be an enjoyable time for you right now, dealing with issues that are probably 80% user error and not system errors. I had no problems earlier today with my PreSale code or buying tickets. They weren't as close to the stage as I would have liked, but that's what happens when there's probably 100,000 people trying to get tickets to the same show that has 15000-20000 tickets for sale. It's the reality of the situation, and good old supply & demand principles of economics hard at work. So, I really hope those who've crawled out…

  • IBelieve Yeppers...Thank You SMoore!! As already stated, most of the questions asked could have been easily resolved just by reading the information posted, and the rest is out of your control. You have also gone well above and beyond to make yourself available to all. You Rock Girl...Thanks Again!!
  • krsval You'll see me both nights, JoBabs! My blood pressure was going up to ignore the trolls, though..they thrive off of the negative energy :/..karma's a biatch! lol
  • rjl1969 Yes thanks smoore. You were very quick to help and it is much appreciated.

"I got one for ya"....happy trails to you, ladies ;)

  • DianaR Just had to check in to one of my favorite pics with my morning coffee. Today is a favorite "holiday" - the first of school! Time for Mom's to go celebrate. My "baby" is in college, but my BFF is celebrating today!
  • MargoC Hey I gotta good idea! Make this pic my new screen saver! :)) My boys first day too, my oldest was a bit of an a$$hole this morning, but other than that things went ok...need to get some caffeine though. I ain't gonna make it...
  • tdwa Nice belt buckle! God Bless America! And you too!

Our community is BADASS. Thanks for sharing your "First Kiss" pictures.

  • robertmckenzie Got mu tickets!!! Cant wait to see the grandpa in the D!
  • swordmaster6968 now I oder the t-ee shirt and cd and two tickets to they send all that in the mail or what
  • swordmaster6968 do they send that all by mail


  • Jobabs_69 Damn he looks good for being 42!
  • kcdave24 I am just gonna stick with he looks damn good no matter the age. I was so dang happy when that shirt came off! :)
  • DianaR I think he gets hotter with age. His young pics, just not hot. But, now............enough said!