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I really liked Bob's answer to the question (I'm paraphrasing) about who he would be for a day out of anyone. He took his time answering. I yelled out "president" but he didn't take the bait. He thoug

  • bart Yea, he wasn't drunk this year. I wondered if they gave him the questions in advance, but there were a couple that he really had to think about. Seems like he didn't even answer one.
  • MargoC Yeah even though he sometimes doesn't answer the question asked, it's of my favorite parts of the cruise :)
  • bart Mine too. This time I was actually able to hear him AND see him.

Jessie Wagner at the DTE night #2

Bethel Woods 9-6-13

I can never get a good shot of this. Have tried for years.

  • bart Cheryl - hard to believe you don't have a good jump pic...You have pretty much everything else! I got a good one when he jumped out of the floor at the beginning of the show on this last tour.
  • MargoC I want Cheryl to take all my concert pics! Great picture!
  • MargoC I just read the other comments, this isn't your pic, but you have some really great pics, Cheryl :)

Kid Rock - Best Night Ever Show #8

  • duchess AWESOME! :)
  • Jobabs_69 What a nice, polite, Midwestern thing to do to welcome the newcomers and help them feel at ease. LOL!
  • DianaR OMG. I love that video! He looks so happy! I think he was feeling the Michigan love!