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38 Special - Caught Up In You

  • montanaanna Ok so no teaching but would you have the patience to play with s newbie who'll do her best and may even get lucky? :)
  • montanaanna Lost the yhread but alone is a perspective...yes, quiet time for Sonya and me in one place since October yippee but I'll not be alone...I have my writing, my bible, my first real chance for 4 days since its release First Kiss, a piano, and hopefully you? 😉 I don't know if you're available this weekend considering all that's going down in your life, but if you need a little silly me I'll be here this weekend for sure 😉☺️ So if you wanna talk on your only furry friend for company weekend, then I'll look forward to checking in with you and the rest of this awesome family 😃😄😀😊☺️
  • montanaanna If I heard you knocking I'd definitely let you in, Love 😉☺️😊😀😃😄

Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro - Stumblin' In

  • krsval lol Diana, I sported this hairstyle all thru college! Suzie Quattro (sp?) kick a$$ bass player from Detroit MI
  • uberfan OMG that is her i thought that the minute i saw it---I have a friend that was a SWEAT HOG in welcome back kotter
  • montanaanna I thought she looked familiar for some reason but wowza gals you're awesome to pull out Leather?!? fav Pinky's cousin?!? Thanks for filling in a gap in my childhood ;P :D


  • montanaanna Happy 4th, Randy! :D Hope your weekend is as awesome as that great smile of yours! ;D


Hi everybody its uber.Bob is in full swing now so i want to remind people to Stay Safe on the road.Everyone is in KID ROCK mode and are on cloud nine.So remember to breath and take every memory in but don't drive if you are buzzed.Grab a Hotel and chill then get on the road....Have a BLAST all my KID ROCK buddys and dont forget,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, WELCOME TO THE PARTY....!

  • DianaR One DUI in 1994 was all it took Uber. Drinking and driving in Michigan ain't nothing to F_CK with! Lesson learned. Drinking is fun, but responsibly. And, don't want to forget the show! That's why I am there. Don't want to see picks the next day and think "I don't remember that"
  • krsval I just don't want to get up during the Kid Rock Show and have to go to the pottie ;)
  • DianaR You are so right! NO pottie runs during KR. Don't want to miss a thing! The DUI was on Keith, but I learned the lesson right along with him