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And while we are at it :-) Old school awesomeness :-)

  • beckxy Snaps was still around, around the same time too.. early mornin' stoned bitchez lol
  • krsval Ms. B, will we see u in Detroit soon? Or did u do ur trip to MI already?
  • MsBehavin hey Val you Sweetheart :-) We went up for the 2weeks over the 4th of July. We are going to try and go back up end of Sept. before the snow flies lol. I'd LOVE to go to one of the Pine Knob shows or the fish fry but don't think that's gonna happen. But for sure I need to come home as often as possible.

Chicago Skyline... no concert? problem.. God Bless Kid Rock Family♥

  • bart Is that city still standing after that crew hit it?
  • bart Nice pic.
  • mrscedarmichigan ...LOL Bart! ....barely.. i was surprised when Hampton even let me re-book for the re-scheduled sept 12 show....

Night Ranger - Four In The Morning (1985) Widescreen 720p

  • MsBehavin The plane crashes and hott flight attendants disembark without a scatch on any of them :-) Rock and Roll at it's very finest Baby :-) Lol
  • MsBehavin someday before I die I WILL see Night Ranger in concert