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DTE #5 & #10! Where can I find your new song 'Bad Mother F**ka'?!? LOVE IT !!!

  • leony Hey Bobby! AMAZING shows this summer -THANK YOU! Saw you in NY and DTE twice. Incredible every time (and of course you can't do a different show each night - what the hell are people thinking?!?! ) Can you PLEASE tell me where I can get a download of your new song that was played before you came on stage . . .sounded like the title should be something like "Bad Mother Fucker til the Day I Die'. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that song! I've got a crappy recorded live version - I need the real deal! Help!
  • Jobabs_69 That song is by Machine Gun Kelly, featuring Kid Rock. It's supposed to be out later this fall sometime.
  • leony Thanks Jobabs! We really have to wait that long for it?!?!