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Nice Pic - I do not own this

  • kb007 I wish I owned this pic too!!! Yummy :)
  • rocksavedmysoul lol-wasn't talking about the picture...
  • DianaR are too funny!!!!

Happy Fourth of July American Badasses!

  • alissa2 damnit boy you make my blood pressure rise.

Kid Rock nail art FTW

Happy Monday, ya'll!

  • Jobabs_69 I think this is from the Grammy's a few years back, but not 100% positive.
  • tanaray nothing better then a sharp dressed man
  • beckxy no doubt.. but he didn't stay in it for too Ultimate conductor's jam ;)

Happy Birthday, Miss Audrey.

  • MissUnderst00d Wow, she's beautiful and definitely doesn't look like the Pam Anderson bimbo types he used to date. He's done well keep it undercover, he's such a good guy and I hope he finds love and happiness. I really thought he and Sherly Crow had great chemistry and would get serious but guess he loves her more like a sister. Contrary to some of his lyrics, he's quite a gentleman.
  • tx_cowgirl42132 I am so happy for him to find a true lady to treat him good he has the best heart and deserves someone to laugh with and enjoy the little things in life cause those are the big things....Awesome for you Bob nothing better then finding your someone special
  • LoCoRoCKk i would of loved to be a fly on the wall at the rolling stone Interview.. She hunts too, Gets lonely in them deer blinds... LOL

DTE 8-11-13...Had a great time and amazing seats!!

"I got one for ya"....happy trails to you, ladies ;)

  • DianaR Just had to check in to one of my favorite pics with my morning coffee. Today is a favorite "holiday" - the first of school! Time for Mom's to go celebrate. My "baby" is in college, but my BFF is celebrating today!
  • MargoC Hey I gotta good idea! Make this pic my new screen saver! :)) My boys first day too, my oldest was a bit of an a$$hole this morning, but other than that things went ok...need to get some caffeine though. I ain't gonna make it...
  • tdwa Nice belt buckle! God Bless America! And you too!


  • Jobabs_69 Damn he looks good for being 42!
  • kcdave24 I am just gonna stick with he looks damn good no matter the age. I was so dang happy when that shirt came off! :)
  • DianaR I think he gets hotter with age. His young pics, just not hot. But, now............enough said!