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Kid Rock nail art FTW

I really liked Bob's answer to the question (I'm paraphrasing) about who he would be for a day out of anyone. He took his time answering. I yelled out "president" but he didn't take the bait. He thoug

  • bart Yea, he wasn't drunk this year. I wondered if they gave him the questions in advance, but there were a couple that he really had to think about. Seems like he didn't even answer one.
  • MargoC Yeah even though he sometimes doesn't answer the question asked, it's of my favorite parts of the cruise :)
  • bart Mine too. This time I was actually able to hear him AND see him.

DTE 8-11-13...Had a great time and amazing seats!!

Happy Monday, ya'll!

  • Jobabs_69 I think this is from the Grammy's a few years back, but not 100% positive.
  • tanaray nothing better then a sharp dressed man
  • beckxy no doubt.. but he didn't stay in it for too Ultimate conductor's jam ;)


  • Jobabs_69 Damn he looks good for being 42!
  • kcdave24 I am just gonna stick with he looks damn good no matter the age. I was so dang happy when that shirt came off! :)
  • DianaR I think he gets hotter with age. His young pics, just not hot. But, now............enough said!

Bobby Shazam and two of his coolest fans... It's On!!

  • uberfan MARGO C,,Bob is all about the pictures!When you get close to him,And you will!Tell him you want a picture with him.then get to snap'n
  • MargoC Dude, really?...I don't think so...
  • beckxy lol thanks you guys