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I can't help it, I'm on Kid Rock count down to Cali!

  • rocknrich @ shawniemc I'll be staying at Rancho Tee Motel in Atascadero the 17th. Seats are at FLR 603 F 34-35. Try and meet up at box office will call. Thanks.
  • TammyRay I'll be at Paso Robles, I love getting my KID ROCK / TBT fixes..
  • shawniemc @ rocknrich Just saw your message, we were close to you!!! holy cow 601 C....great show right?

Love the new Chevy commercial!!! Born Free!!!!!!!

  • janet3 You the Man!
  • prood Wanted to pass along the george jones fair opening act for kid rock recently dumped 1 of their band members 4 days before the show because he was sober and kept getting upset about their sloppy drunkenness and picking up women every town.
  • prood Just wanted to let kid know there's an awesome young song writer that was dumped because he didnt fit the mold but was good enough to cowrite many of theit songs. 3 of them had been his friends for 15 years. Pretty disgusting.

Jim Beam - Long Live the Fan - Kid Rock

  • Jobabs_69 Darn good people watching, that's for sure!
  • MargoC It is so cool to go to a KR show & see people from all walks life, all ages...pretty cool. I've seen some of Tony's artwork on FB, that's nice KR mentioned his appreciation for his artwork.

My buds and me in Scranton, PA. Temps were sizzling at the Kid Rock show last Summer.

  • krsval Ahh, the memories..thanks for bringing them back :)
  • Jobabs_69 Awesome, Beckxy! Thanks for sharing! So looking forward to the new album and tour this fall/winter.