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For my Kid Rock cruising are a few Bumper Stickers I am having made ... Just putting them up so everyone can get a look. Feel free to share. I am going to order as many for whoever want

  • MsBehavin I've been once, it was awesome :-)
  • uberfan g-maw still know all them VIP,s,,,,,
  • tanaray I am going for the first time in march i am so excited!!!! I would love to have some Kid Rock bumper stickers, thank you :)

"Funky Daddy" by the Howling Diablos Live featuring Kid Rock

  • rocksavedmysoul The Howling Diablos opened for J. Geils last Friday in Detroit. They started their set with Funky Daddy. Loved it!
  • uberfan rocksavedmysoul--That would have been so cool.and you were Representing for us KID FANS.That show would have Rocked.
  • rocksavedmysoul Yup-it was a great show. Detroit showed the love!