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Red Towel - Daytona 500 February 2015

  • uberfan Ok Done!
  • uberfan staciec I will now tell people that I was going to wash it because i'm a clean freak but now when people say it smells like sweat I will say a Fan named (staciec) said not to wash it so I didnt --Co Owner.
  • staciec LOL!! That's awesome. Looking forward to meeting you on the boat!!

Great to see and hear all the excitement enjoyed by the best fans on the planet! Now it's time once again for some packing it up and heading out west action. Pop da clutch! We're ready for ya!

  • TammyRay sure will Rich-we're in sec 103 row S
  • rocknrich Okay TammyRay. We're in 101 row S. I have 2 extra in 203 row C if you think of or know anyone. Let's do this!!! I'm leaving for Shoreline about 5pm. I've got my Rebel Soldier attitude primed and cocked. I know KR and TBT and crew will be bringing it to the North Bay tonight!
  • TammyRay we're headin' out in a few--no jello shots, ran out of time, sorry!!


  • uberfan Thats cool
  • davidwest2345 Got em-lol-I need a frame now. You didn't waste any time-nice
  • rox NICE LIL JeLLy