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Welcome to the club!!!!Love em up,spoil them rotton,send them home


  • rocksavedmysoul hahaha...gilf
  • rox I love being a Gma.I get him when I want him,I love on him(or try),spoil him a lil,try to impart some wisdom,we have a great time. Then he goes HOME....;)
  • Jobabs_69 If it's true, congratulations to Robert James and his lady, and congrats to Papa Rock. Wonder if he'll re-record some of his heavy rap-rock tunes into lullabies for the grand baby? Lol!

Congratulations Grand Daddy Rock....

  • angeladecristofaro Not sure if its true you know how magazines can be however if it is...Congratulations Robert Jr...And Congrats Grandpa! lmbo

Rollin' Lake St Clair in my 40 foot Donzi....

  • Jobabs_69 Saw this in the U.P. earlier today. Hubby and I had a little Cocky song fest in the car when we drove by....
  • rox Bets that thing hauls ass.Oh that would be fun

Kid Rock Times Like These (Acoustic) AMA 2010

  • DianaR I absolutely love this video. Michigan and Midwest pride!
  • girlygirl31 Thank god for family and friends who don't forget you as time passes. Cause when you need them they are here for you always and that is a great feeling.
  • girlygirl31 Family and friends are always here to help pick up the crap you are up to your you know what; and they push you back on your feet again...


  • Ajay AND maybe get both signed! NO they will never see EBAY they will stay with me as mementos to music and entertainers that i love to see LIVE!!! BTW thanks for adding MARION to your limited TOUR!!! Make summer complete 2 see KID ROCK LIVE!!!
  • Ajay BTW if i do meet KID and get them signed the poster will be framed and hung proudly in my REDNECK house and i will blow up FACEBOOK and here with pics if he will allow me to take a pics with him!!!
  • rox Thats on my want list for xmas.And Im such a good frikken girl....itkillsmesometimes