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At the Cincinnati concert and not impressed! Our seats are behind a huge man I will never see around and they made my old man and his buddy take their cuts off (Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association) because it may offend someone. They are disabled veterans for goodness sakes.....ughhhh

  • MargoC I think it would be really cool if Machine Gun Kelly came to one of the Pine Knob shows & they did that song with Kid Rock!!!
  • rocksavedmysoul That would be so cool. I hope it happens. I'll be there!
  • rox That would be cool.That songs gunna BLOW UP when it comes out.At least you were there dawn!

Cheap Date Tour - DJ Play DJ Play ♪

Anybody here going to Pine Knob on 8/14 or 8/15th? The stars aligned and I have off an extra long weekend. Thinking about changing my mind on ,not doing anything until cruise time', I'm about to start school again and I need a good time looking for me, I'm gonna start looking for some tickets for Gene and I. Wish me luck... hope to see all my Michigan buddies there.

  • MargoC That's the one we're staying at, used that hotel for some time now, though it's changed names several times! The shuttle service & the restaurant next door are the reasons I keep going back!
  • uberfan And the fact there is no lice on the pillows ! 'Yuckers'
  • MargoC I had a bad experience last year at a Red Roof Inn, different one than the Lake Orion one! I left a really bad review on their survey, I'm surprised they'll let me book one again! but yeah creepy crawly...the entire room smelled like someone's head that hadn't been washed in oh I don't know, 3 months, so gross! I washed everything I owned that was in that room when I got home, I actually ruined my jacket 'cause I washed it on hot cycle...I was pissed...

Kid Rock - Charlie Daniels´ long haired country boy cover,,,,,,,,,,cater

  • uberfan yep
  • uberfan You don't like the way im kick'n then leave this kid rock fan long haired Oregon boy alone