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  • uberfan MARLON YOUNG--Dont get much Recognition butt i love what he did with ROCK N ROLL JESUS..We Hear you Marlon !!KEEP KICKING AZZ....CATER
  • uberfan YEP !
  • kelleycoxx Yo! Lol,.. Shining!!!

Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried (Full Version Video)

  • montanaanna My sister's I remember jamming with her favorite 😊☺️

Damn is Daytona trying ?

  • kelleycoxx So kid rock this month. Yolo!!!! Then Alice and chains. Aug. is kid rock playing winstar after ?? Quick story - So we went and tickets sold out at casino then I hit a jackpot and I sh** you not 5 mins into show they had high dollar ticks left and I told my husband ( after pic with big check. Cheese). Haul butt to see about tickets and he comes back and says lets go... Omg!!!! It was kinda a sign. I have never hit at winstar and trust me I have tried!! Cool moment
  • montanaanna Way cool winatar...go winstar...go kc!!! :D well spent winnings I believe! :D Glad you could go!!! :D
  • montanaanna I soul totally would have done the same thing...waiting for my jackpot to go see Kid!!! :D :D :D Sorry used to my old school emoji ;)

Dire Straits - So Far Away (Live, The Final Oz, Australia, 1986)

  • kelleycoxx AwesomeMa!!! Tomorrow starts the bitter sweet We decided to to wait because my Father would have not wanted to spoil vacations for the fourth and we didn't want any regrets So it's real 😞. Monday and then Tuesday ... Once again in pool. Don't know what else todo 😞.
  • kelleycoxx Blah blah. Sorry.
  • montanaanna No blah blah blah sorties cuz you're going through the sh*t...ok nice of your papa to wait πŸ˜‰ no problems only love your way ☺️😍😘

Kid Rock - First Kiss [Official Music Video]

  • kelleycoxx Ok I'm watching it !!!! He had me at Tom petty and Chevy 😊
  • kelleycoxx Ok so Chevy then mustang then ??? Firebird??? Not sure ... Then for sure a SS.
  • kelleycoxx Then a smile β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘