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Kid Rock needs to bring the best night ever tour to Tennessee

  • Ajay I agree. Haven't been to NASHVEGAS in far too long.....MISSING the Ryman walking up & down in front of Tootsie's, Rippy's and the main drag down there. LOVE the Wildhorse as well. So much fun down there. Need to make another trip down south in the near future. MISSED Loretta Lynn live the first coal miner's daughter i am the second coal miner's daughter. Would have been sweet to see her live. She is getting older & i worry i might have missed my opportunity to see her. Hope KID brings HANK on the cruise and other folks like that!

i want to post some projects i have done but seem unable to get them loaded on the site?

  • SMoore6 Hey! What are you having trouble with? Pictures? I can possibly help!
  • katflashfever2000 Hey SMoore6 I figured it out..the spacebar was being taken over by a virus once that was taken off it was good.

As I new member, does anyone know anyone that may have footage of Kid Rock at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair in August. I was supposed to go, but the tickets went so fast, I couldn't even get one from a liquidator. I was so heartbroken, and I almost hitchhiked the 60 miles and hope for a scalper, but I was talked out of it!!! We don't get many good shows here in Minnesota, and to MISS KID ROCK WAS AWEFUL. He's the most talented guy I ever encountered in my years of music and I LOVE him like you all do, I mean what's not to love-lol??? Lynyrd

  • bart Check YouTube.
  • MargoC I was gonna say the same! Youtube is great for finding footage...though Youtube can be a total time sucker, when looking for something specific I end up hours later, never having found what I was looking for in the first place! lol
  • bart No kidding. I have it on my streaming device now, so it's on the big TV in the living room. Then I'm like - What? It's 2:30AM? I have to work in the morning!