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Howard Stern Kid Rock Interview 2015,,,,NOW 1000 TICKETS FOR WHO ?

  • uberfan Who is he GOUGING ? Explain how this is not hurting the fan's in the end?

$20 concert tour name is a crock. Forced to join a fan club @ $45.00 to buy 3 presale tickets for $132.00 is $44.00 each!!! If you don't buy presale you are SOL. What a ripoff. This better be one hell of a show.

  • januaryjan Still a good deal. Where else can you get a great concert for $44 ? Like tlambrix said, you only need to spend $15 to join fan club. So should have cost you less than $44 a seat.
  • cuzzs DEAR blinds_vacscsm ::::::::::::: You just paid $44 a Ticket for a HELLUVA SHOW WORTH 100xs more than what you spent !! IF YOU REALLY LIKE/LOVE KIDS MUSIC - Youll be wondering why on earth you were bitching about that price for a Million $$$ experience GUARENTEED !!!!!! IF You don't feel this way AFTER this HELLUVA SHOW.... sumthins wrong with that picture and it aint the show my friend.. lol... Your gonna have the "THE BEST NIGHT EVER" .. It should be called RINGLING BROS & BARNUM & BAILEY & KID ROCK TBT BAND """"" ThE Greatest ShOW On EaRtH !!! hahaha and that aint NO JOKE! ENJOY MY FRIEND ..let me know after huh?
  • blinds_vacscsm For the Aug 29th show in SoCal a required minimum $45 fan club membership was necessary to purchase any tickets at all at presale three or four days before the tickets actually went on sale at Walmart. The entire show was sold out before you could buy anything there. I like The Kids music but fan clubs are for 13yr old Justin Beiber fans. Its just a way to turn some more bucks for Live Nation. By the way check your fan club membership for the automatic renewal default or your going to get billed next year too. The $44 is a good deal and I don't mind paying it, I just don't like getting gouged by hidden charges.