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I'm on the boat mfers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Booked today!!! Ahhhhhh!

  • Jobabs_69 Yay! Have fun! We're going to pass (hubby not all that excited about going) and instead take a week this winter/next Spring and hit 3-5 shows when the new tour starts, and spend our hard-earned $$ in the towns we visit.
  • MargoC Yea!!!! See ya on the boat :)
  • bart Have fun Jaime. Your patience finally paid off. Now start saving!

This is just a funny story about DTE. I noticed my Visa bill statement had a charge for DTE. I was thinking to myself, which concert tickets was that for? I totally forgot DTE was my energy supplier and it was for my electric bill rather than tickets to a show. I told my husband the story and he told me he had done the same thing, wondering which tickets I had bought before realizing the same. LOL I love summer concert season!!!

  • krsval I smiled as I left the Paramore concert there because I went out the back way, on Pine Knob Rd. It'll always be Pine Knob :)
  • rocksavedmysoul Val: I would have had more respect for DTE if they had incorporated Pine Knob in the name when they purchased it.
  • DianaR Remember when places used to have "real names" - Tiger Stadium, Silver Dome,Skelton Stadium (Toledo Mudhens home), Pine Knob. Now places are named after who has the money - DTE, Comerica Park, Ford Field, 5/3 Field. Kind of sad.


  • frisco71 I'm the 29th too! Fingers crossed! Would be my first time!!
  • MargoC Good luck to ya'll booking this week, hope ya'll get on!
  • frisco71 Thank you!!!! Come Tuesday I'll either be incredibly excited or crying like a baby lol.Going to keep thinking positive until then!!


  • conniedoan Just wanted to say, "Thank you, Bobby" for the awesome show in Cheyenne last night. Can't wait till next time! Thanks again. Love ya.