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Gonna try to see Seger at Scott Trade Center. Guess we will see. Starting BSN school online and just started a new job a month ago so i may be limited and probably am. Saving up so i can ask off for CTM 6. Don't want to push my luck. WANT so bad to see FLEETWOOD MAC with all the originals this year. Would love to see Seger and so many others. Saw Social D last and it was great. Met Ness again...He is such a gentlemen. Told me to be safe going home. Nice guy every time i have met him Meets folks out by the bus after the show. Love his tunes. HE has fallen and risen. He was a junkie and…

  • krsval RSMS and I are headed to see Fleetwood Mac tonite in Detroit, Ajay...can't wait to see Christine McVie back! Lucky to have Seger tix in Saginaw, too..good choices :)
  • Ajay Yes i am a music JUNKIE posing as an RN starting BSN school. Life is what you make of it. I try to make the best of mine. I have ups & downs but i am still here & kickin'. Love me some Fleetwood Mac, Seger. Motown, most all music in general. AS i said i am music junkie/whore!

Val and I continue to whittle away at our concert bucket list; tonight Fleetwood Mac. Anyone else going? It should be an amazing show with Christine McVie appearing once again. We are going back to the late 70s, early 80s tonight. Wooo hooo!

  • rocksavedmysoul Yes he is, Beckxy, He's like 6 ft. 5 and I just make it at 5 ft. so he just towered over me. I thought of another thing he said. Funny Brit was amazed when he came to this country and discovered Dunckin Donuts. He thought it was such a novel concept. I laughed when he told the story. It's something us Americans do not even think twice about.
  • beckxy I remember back in the days (lol) like 80's.. when they would show footage of the show.. or a music video on mtv (yes kids back in the days they would show actual music videos on the mtv lol) Anyway... Mick the drummer always seemed to have such a good time playing... that's one passionate drummer. Well like Stef and Scary Larry, ya know ;) Glad you all had a good time.
  • uberfan you mean when they played the CLASH, Rock the Casbah and O micky your so fine your so fine you blow my mind hey MICKY,,,,o and cant forget Daran Daran-Do Do Do Do DO Do Do Do D Do Do Do Do DoDo,,,,Ahhhh they dayzz i wore a Bandanna around my neck like the cowboys did,,that was cool with the Rockers

Win A ChanceTto Get On Kid Rock's 6th Annual Chillin' The Most Cruise!

Here's your chance to win an ocean view cabin for two on Kid Rock's 6th Annual Chillin' The Most Cruise. Eye Candy Friday is back with a raffle to win a cabin on Chillin' The Most. Raffle tickets are $25.00 for one, or $100.00 for five. All proceeds will benefit The Rainbow Connection. Click on the link below for more information. The website is slow, so please allow time for it to load. Best of Luck to all that enter, and Thank You for your support.

  • beckxy Last chance to take up on the raffle is Oct 23rd. Good Luck to everyone here who has donated.
  • MargoC I bought one! If I win I'm gonna give the cabin to my sister & brotherinlaw. They had their 25th anniversary this past July & my sister's 50th b-day in Sept, but didn't have the $ to do anything special because they had their daughter's wedding to pay for last month. Fingers crossed....
  • beckxy I was also hoping to get some friends on who couldn't book. BUT.. Excited to report on here that there is a winner and they are from the Kid Rock Community and CTM vets. Congratulations to Claudia and Dan for winning this year's raffle. Big thanks to Meredith for creating this event so that we all could give to such a great cause. Most importantly, the real winners are us for being so gracious and the ones that will benefit the most from such generosity. I just want to give a big thanks to everyone here who bought a ticket and supported Eye Candy Friday's mission and The Rainbow Connection.

One of my best KR pics

  • bart I got to hang out with my gal-pal Val that night! We also saw Ty Stone play after the KR show at a bar up the street. It was a great night. Got a chance to chat with Ty for a little bit too.
  • bart Yes Beckxy, I do remember when they would do that for the encore. KID......ROCK......KID ....ROCK.....KID...ROCK. I have also seen a lighted Kid Rock sign in his rehearsing barn in pics, but I don't know if they are the same - or if he has 2?
  • rox Badass shot there mister!!

Torso Tuesday - You're welcome!

  • bart Yaay! Margo Liked my pic. Kid is actually looking back toward the band in this one. Our tickets were on the side stage corner. Probably the worst tickets I ever got from the site - but I still managed to get a few good pics. It was also different to see the show from a completely different angle - even though that angle sucked.
  • MargoC I've gotten some great seats through the fanclub, center end of catwalk, except for last years Pine Knob shows, the Platinum seating screwed me, until the last night, show #8 when all seats were $20, I got excellent seats then!
  • rox Thanks....Theres that mike again...;)

Stevie Nicks dedicates "Landslide" to Kid Rock and gets a surprise! Check this out Val & RSMS!

  • MargoC I think I did too, you're so funny!
  • beckxy so sweet
  • rox Such a great song,and a sweet moment.Its been stuck in my head for days