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  • rox Guess who I think of when I see this.
  • rox I just love this pic!
  • rox I would hang this on my wall


  • DianaR There's that mike again...........he,he,he. Thanks :-)
  • rox Seems to be a theme round these parts!
  • Jobabs_69 Tap tap tap, mic this thing on? Nice belt buckle, too

Maximum Kid Rock: The Unauthorised Biography of Kid Rock (Maximum series) pdf

Newbie alert. At your own risk, most peeps agree it sucks.

  • DianaR This is probably as terrible as that Netflix movie "Even The Devil Knows Your Name" (or something similar). Sounded good but just a bunch of old KR pics and interviews with local wanna be's seeking their 15 minutes of fame.
  • DianaR They use some ugly strippers, Pam lookalike and Brandy from Joe Dirt lookalike. People from around Romeo "Bob was my friend back when...." etc., etc. It sucks! Don't waste your time.
  • bluesuedeshoe Did not pay and saw both. Learned a little, and fast forwarded though a LOT. The British guy narrating is awful.