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stick your new world order up your arse - daznez

  • bluesuedeshoe It's fine to support a cause and be a devoted fan. I wish no beef. Just use a little common sense....and shorten it up?
  • uberfan bluesuedeshoe;;are you picking on people again?LOL Michaelstevensonjr dam thats a long name anyway Blu means well she just lacks human compassion sometimes.picture that boss you had that thought you were the little people and you dont know as much as him.thats blu..But she has been trying.... :)
  • bluesuedeshoe I'm offering an opinion, which the last time I checked, is what a forum msg site is all about. Not running for prom queen here.

How can you suppory Chevy? It is a failed company!... still failing! best lern how to get tough dude. but you already sold your song to be like Seger. beyond that... you support Jim Beam when Jim Bea

  • michaelstevensonjr ...when Jim Beam specifically stated that they did not want an American flag in your video for a bartender. You best slow your roll bro or your advertisements and sponsorships will taint your name. Im built Irish tough.... Ford's just lucky that I stick around.
  • bluesuedeshoe Google Jim Beam. It was sold to a Japanese firm quite some time ago, and Bob no longer markets for them. Keep up, dude. Yeah, I know...."petty." But, if you are going to pontificate, at least read the news articles and keep up, right? ROFL

Hi , when do we have to renew our fan club account ?

  • Jobabs_69 An exact date hasn't been announced yet, but it will probably coincide with the new album release in February, or when pre-sales start for the new tour dates ( not yet announced)