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Top 5 Reasons Kid Rock is the BEST! [Dan's 30th - Kid Rock: You're Invited!]

  • lynyrd Michael, I can't wait til you post the video!! The more of Kid Rock, the better!!!
  • beckxy Shoot.. wish I lived closer.. sounds like a happening time Dan. October 27th at the Woodshop - Wishing you the BEST birthday EVER!
  • SMoore6 I hope you have the best Birthday EVER Dan!


  • Jobabs_69 Absolutely! And playing it super loud in the car while driving doesn't hurt, either. :-)
  • beckxy no doubt

Starting the kid show

  • uberfan LOVE the Disco ball......
  • beckxy I haven't been keeping up.. was this a recent show? If so, glad to see you got to one.. must have been a drive for you.


  • katflashfever2000 gosh dang I said seen ROBERT not ROBOT...hehehe...he gave me his number so what the fling I dialed it was home headquarters of LEGO INC...What a PUTZ...
  • bart Does this count for Torso Tuesday?

grapes of wrath 2012

  • Ajay That sure is strange if you want the truth! But to each his own!!!