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Best Night Ever!!

  • montanaanna I can imagine a bit ;) Great to hear of your awesome pic time! :D

The Turtles So Happy Together Full Sonido

  • montanaanna Your love came a knockin on my heart's door...I saw the light cuz you showed me the way...
  • montanaanna Beautifully old school new school human! :D
  • montanaanna Wide open Compass

Aint love grand

  • montanaanna Awww sooo is! 😍 Makes everything more better! 😊😉😊
  • kelleycoxx Yes!!! Appreciate every second!!!!!!

Has anyone seen any pics or articles on any of the Kid shows yet? Thanks in advance...sorry bout my little phone 😜

  • kelleycoxx Omg hahaaaahaa!! Emojis are crazy. Check 💊🔪🔫🚬💉. Lol.. Your right what sh*t are is that pill , knife gun , smokes and a needle. I agree. I so needed this belly laugh!!! Thank you MA. I'm weeping from laughing so hard
  • uberfan And thats ok,Who better then our own montanaanna to make you feel better.You can come here anytime if you just need to get goofy.We are a KID ROCK Crue and if ya need a friend ya got tons.Hang in there Kelleycoxx it gets better, :)
  • montanaanna Yes, kc, you are right on 🎯...these emojis are crazy! 😈😇😋 I so got caught up in my hope your 💔 might could get to hang with the man that I felt like I was there myself 😜 sorry I really hope you enjoy the concert...seeing him live up there on that stage having a ball and spreading the joy to all the rest of us mf', my DTE Kid-cation almost 2 years ago now still is with me! 😄😊☺️ Anyway, you sooo soul deserve to have fun and lighten your load...Dallas is good timing I bet ☺️Ugh you got to it before me, kc, cause I was waiting to find a good space to use 🔫🔪💊💉🚬 but you're quick to the draw 🔫😉 So I just hopped outta 🛁🚿 and wondering wtf this🍖 is...I know 🍗 but wtf is 🍖 wishing I had some 🍤 yum! In times like these, Love, I'm soul glad to hear of gut busting laughter! 😊😄😃☺️ - MA🍌 says ✌️out 🌈