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LET BOB PUT A FENCE UP-He does enough for the D you could throw him a bone for just one.

  • ibelieve9 Really, what is so wrong about a fence. The man owns the property. Live and let live!
  • bluesuedeshoe Looks like a fence to me:
  • uberfan They wouldnt let him put one up.Well looks like they gave in,,,,,

2Pac & Kid Rock - Get Money [Rock Remix],,,,,CATER ITS RARE

  • uberfan DIS SHIT RARE<<<<
  • rox How rare can it be?its on youtube.maybe 15 yrs ago.
  • uberfan Naw i was talkn bout when they released it,,,,do u like KoRNs new one its called,,,,,,,,,HATE


  • DianaR I need this shirt? Where did you see it??
  • conniedoan The front of it was for "climbing", but I felt like it fit most of us here. I've been thinkin about maybe havin it made by one of the places that does custom shirts.
  • tanaray thats a great idea conniedoan, i knowi would love to add this to my small but growing collection.

197 (1)KIDS FENCE,,,,,,,,,cater

  • uberfan Thank u blushoe,,for this picture,,,he got his fence

This page looks much better now,my work here is done.

  • mommamissy35 Rox and blue, ready for round 2 ? Ding Ding. LMFAO
  • rox Blue you are much older than me?im heading too 50,so how frikken old are you 90?callin a 50 yr old dear is dumb
  • uberfan KID ROCK kicks ass,,