...And another super fan profiled in the Detroit Free Press- Kid Rock fans are the best fans ever!!! #RebelSoliders

  • krsval Let's face it, there are lots of 'Stans' out there (to borrow from the beautiful Jade in NY)..but the peeps I know thru Kid Rock are just fun people with a love for music. Who cares what it is called.
  • katflashfever2000 Don't have a thing against a Superfan. I don't just don't want to BE one..I have retirement to think about alittle thats where im gonna spend most the dollars I make to live awesomely...
  • staciec I have NEVER relied on ANY public assistance to be able AFFORD to go on the cruise. That's crazy. Spend money any way you want and live life happily. Remember....the armored car never follows the hers to the cemetery.

Thank you to all the super fans. #rebelsoldiers

Featured Fan Photo. User: pamsmi9711

  • katflashfever2000 see lady knew it was a great photo :)
  • elisabethbadzhaksizyan We Love Our Kid Rock!!!! And We Are So Proud of You!!!! Love Lucifer and Lisafer For all Eternity and Through all of Time!!!!
  • uberfan waite lov who ?
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  • Yo Yep
  • kimeve Doesnt' even look like him
  • ibelieve9 Was this picture taken at a wedding? He has that look, that you get at weddings


  • Yo Nice pic ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  • davidwest2345 KID ROCK 4 President n 2016
  • ibelieve9 A new kind of President, for the 21st century!

Kid Rock on The Project,,,,,,,,bringing it back,,,,,CATER

  • uberfan yep
  • uberfan I made the sweater vest comment but I meant he Rocked that sweater vest,!
  • ibelieve9 Interesting and funny too, especially the part about the sweater vest. The first time seen it I had to take a double look.

Apology to KR

Sorry Buddy. I was not at the shows on 8/14 and 8/15 when you discussed your strategy for the well-polished show you and TBT put I apologize for my post discussing setlist changes. Love ya mucho. So sorry.



  • krsval My friend Larry just filled me in.
  • uberfan Well because Rock came from were you and I come from he knows about the Low end and he knows about the High end.Thats what makes Kid Rock a Real Person.He see's when thing's are Bad were a snob rich person would turn there nose up and walk away.And he can Roll with the big wigs but with a better attitude.So ya see he's all that and a bag of Money,,,,,,,
  • ibelieve9 Well said, uberfan.


  • ibelieve9 Photo looks like it was taken at Graceland. I been there, it was exciting!

Say what? A new addition to this show compared to the last tour was a running dialogue of sharing about himself and his journey.

  • lisaanderson25 I was there!
  • krsval Like this shot..he's got the socks on.. and yes, I like the dialogue, too
  • uberfan krsval,,,,Thank You for your after show commentaries.You took me there :)


  • staciec Have fun!! Bring your catcher's mit.....just in case :)
  • krsval Uber, you gotta go and report back for us :)
  • uberfan Ok my Kid Rock Friends I first of all want to THANK YOU! I have been kind of bummed out lately and each one of you have in one way or the other lifted me.I have been more excited then ever when I would hear each one talk about there show they went to that night.Because of u you took me there.I want more then anything in the world to do just one Kid show.So Friday is the show I will let you all know if I go how it is.......Gary :)