Member photo of the Week, User: MargoC

  • DianaR YAY Margo! Nice pic!
  • shellieparr Great pic. Kid!!!! I really need you to at least listen to a demo my nephew made. He plays guitar by ear, sings, free style raps and its good!!!! Would you just listen if I send ya one? PLZ!!!!! <3 ya
  • cupcakesugarpie XXXOOOXXX

New Community Contest: Record Store Day

  • beckxy The Royal Blackbirds, "Shot Down" Jessie Wagner and Envy, "Army of the Underdog" Ty Stone, "The Boulevard" due out May 10th. I was able to hear it before the release date.. awesome sauce!!
  • beckxy ... but Mr. Kid Rock and his band the TBTs still wins the coveted spot that rocks my ride to and from work/school everyday.
  • red48039 POLYFUZE all the way! Can't believe I still have it and it IS in working condition! Listening to My Oedipus Complex right now - that song is a classic :)

New Community Contest - Leave your Mark in March

  • sherralldavidson Kid Rock .i lost my husband n may 2011 .. hardest event in my life .. i was looking in is eyes as he slipped away .. your cd.. Born Free was all i had to keep me going .. you are the reason we married back in the 80"s .u r my salvation.....
  • olderthantherest Is this contest for March 2014??? March is National Social Workers Month- every year, so, maybe next year.... you can consider making a fuss about them. Social Workers are dedicated to "leaving" a mark by advocating for social justice!!
  • beckyhammer Thank you for acknowledging my care for others! Very humbled to be the award winner for this category! I LOVE helping others! My dream job would be working with The Kid Rock Foundation making opportunities to care! Inspired & grateful!

Hey Cruisers! Join our official digital pre-party and post your pics before we sail away to Redneck Paradise. See all the pics at, and post your own by using hashtag #KidRockCruise

  • juliewalker707 How do I buy tickets????
  • stonehunter117 I would love to be there, I bet your all having a blast. Every pic I took last year or this year even if it's the bqd ones none, none of them get printed. Could you please put us in some we always look pretty good. Especially if it has Kid
  • stonehunter117 Anthing with the Kid looks awsome!!!!
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OK, since no big Summer Tour has been announced by the Kid Rock camp, what other artists/groups are you seeing live this summer to help satisfy the 'concert bug'?

  • bart I know - I saw that - seems a little pricey, but I think EVERY show is going to be expensive. We are just too spoiled with Kid's prices. I'm thankful we saw Kracker here in GR last month for $25/each. Great show.
  • bart I wouldn't mind seeing him that week at the Cherry festival in TC, but I think it's on a Thursday.
  • MargoC Yeah the fukin Ticketmaster fees for Kracker are over $15 per tix, that is ridiculous!

Check out this link to listen to & buy Ty Stone's new CD!

  • MargoC Dude...I frickin love it, I seriously think it's his best CD lie I been listening to it everyday for the past 2 wks!
  • bart I completely forgot to help him fund it - I saw his request, watched his dancing video, then didn't go back to donate and get one of the packages. Glad he made it and it's out. We'll be buying the CD. It is really good.
  • MargoC Oh yeah the dancing video lol. Yeah he surpassed his funding raising goal of $10,000 with over $32,000 raised.

Nothing says motivation like a lil Kid Rock and Bob Seger

  • MargoC Too funny... I gotta hula hoop 'round here somewhere lol. Never heard this song before, nice one!
  • beckxy haha Val.. I have that one on a greatest hits cd here somewhere.. think it is the same one with 'Shame on the moon" which I just love. Hell yea.. Margo, this song don't get played enough.. love the harmony between the two.
  • beckxy Good song to have in the car too.. "Well I don't think I was speeding, officer"

Sooooo cute! this just posted on his facebook page thought i would share it.

  • DianaR Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks? Oh, yeah, the bunny too! LOL
  • cupcakesugarpie XXXOOOXXX