Kid Rock is coming to Durant, OK 9.26.15. THE FAN CLUB PRE-SALE IS FRIDAY JULY 24th at 2PM CST. Emails just went out for the codes. If you did not get yours, please email me at and I will verify you are a paying member and send the code. This show has a unique code, which means your Ticketmaster code in your account will not work, only the unique code from the email will.

  • gearnhart Please send me the code to Thank you!!!
  • nursejduke I received a new code, and I am going to see Kid Rock in September. I just saw him in Dallas and he was excellent, always a great show.
  • daraleeschindler Praying for a speedy recovery. I will see you in August in Mountain view, California it will be my 4th concert of yours. I have always worn a tank top with the as American flag which says girls with guns. I would absolutely love it if I could get you to sign my kid Rock shirt., cause I only wear it to your concerts. What do you think? It would make my year! As soon as I save enough money I will be on you cruise. Your such a awesome person who has been a great influence on a lot of people. Your songs can change my whole day around and make it better! Thank you Kid for all you do!!!!!!

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  • Ajay I wanna get ONE of those type of signs then have it say the tour name, date, and venue and MEET KID and get it signed. AND YES Kid i want it in a picture. AND BTW i want the whole backdrop of the flyer deal to be the rebel CONFEDERATE FLAG!!!! SEE YOU in ST. LOUIS/Maryland Heights!. I WILL be the crazy b**ch wearing probably a gray tank top with a KID ROCK 40 jersey and more then likely my AMERICAN BADASS hat!!! WILL take pics and FBOOK them with my FRIENDS tailgating & hope like hell MARYLAND HEIGHTS po po don't monitor a crazy b**ches FBOOK!!! LOL!!!! AND Mary Kay Powell and few others i wanna meet you at that SHOW!!!
  • beckxy lol thanks yall! Ajay have a great time at the upcoming show! In light of the crazy news, I'll be sporting my black rebel cowgirl hat this weekend at my "I guess I'm Fucking Forty" birthday party lol Cheers mf'rs!
  • mckinneytim Kid Rock is a true American. I support you all the way Kid. Stand up to these people who hate America.

Kid Rock is back on the road and we want to see your pics! Post photos of you and your crew getting ready for the show for a chance to win some 2015 tour swag. See you out there!

  • cindee57 Congrats on becoming a grampa !!! Grand kids ROCK. Been a fan for years going to my first concert in Atlanta on the 19th !!
  • uberfan My wife reminded me of a story that had to do with my son and a mouse.We had a mouse in our house and my son said not to hurt it.So I got a trap that would catch it but wouldn't harm it.We caught the mouse but my son insisted we let it go so I said we can take it to the park and let it go.So we took the box out and let the mouse go in a field.I said it is free now and just then a Hawk flew down and grabbed the mouse and flew away.We just stood there looking. It happened in a Second.I didn't know what to say my son looked Puzzled,So i said Wow the circle of life.I don't think he wanted to hear anything because of what he saw so i just said,How about some Ice cream want a ice cream cone.He said ya dad lets get some ice cream.There was nothing more said there was just Ice cream.Another Crisis Diverted :)
  • sorrynofilter01 Awesome time in VA Beach, VA. The only concert I have ever splurged on for 2nd row seats.

Troop Care Package Update: Troops pose with their packages.

  • Otis310 Thank you for sharing your story about your son uberfan And thank your son for doing this is so awesome ! God BlessAmerica
  • uberfan I was watching the news the other night and my 7 year old said God Bless AMERICA dad.My son belongs to a group of boys called CUB SCOUTS.It is a younger part of the BOY SCOUTS of AMERICA.They went to one of the biggest cemetery's in town on Memorial day and put small FLAGS on all the soldiers graves.So all you could see was a mile of Cub Scouts putting a Mile of FLAGS on the graves.When they were done i stood in awe at the miles of flags.They were told to line the FLAGS up with the cross's on the stone so they all would line up perfect.Then they were to salute it and say "Thank you for your service" and move to the next one.Watching it brought tears to my eyes..So that lesson i did not have to give.My son felt the words he said to me and I just looked back at him and said Ya son "GOD BLESS AMERICA".
  • Otis310 God Bless our USA
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  • tanaray no need to apologize uberfan, the past is something i do not spend anytime worrying about. gratefull for my time with no regerets!
  • uberfan you are a sweetheart,,,Thank you. You have Class
  • tanaray thanks hon, right back at ya:)


  • MsBehavin This is a total gem in the rough--I was laughing so hard I was crying.
  • uberfan now this is funny
  • uberfan :)


  • MsBehavin I want my wings to work in the am :-)
  • kelleycoxx Oh Good God is right ...๐Ÿ˜
  • uberfan AHHH I aint MsBehavin,,.,.,.,.

Ma. Good morning. Lol dang it's 2 am on this hot Azz Tuesday Probably sleeping Just saying hello.

  • kelleycoxx No in fact I'm sitting here with Satan and we were discussing to go swimming or not now. Lol... It's hot as He** still ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘Ž.
  • MsBehavin Just as friggin hot over here in Atlanta. I thought you were supposed to be able to sweat fat off? Wtf happened? lol The concert here was great last Sunday-I'd never experienced the lawn before--it was totally cool. GREAT Friends made. One even told me how I was in for a truly GREAT Show--lol :-) I didn't tell them I already knew :-) And then I told someone I was TRULY from the D and he said "Bullshit!" LMAO
  • kelleycoxx Wow ms . Behavin ... I'm sorry I got caught off guard with that wonderful Red sparkly dress of yours. Very pretty ๐Ÿ˜Š. I thought I was talking to MA for sec. Oh yes Thursday in Dallas I definitely melted off some fat ๐Ÿ‘

I bought into the fan club and was under the impression there was something that was to be sent to me? I havent gotten anything like a card or whatever is suppose to come with the membership

  • fiercelooks ditto
  • MsBehavin This is TOTALLY NO Disrespect meant--but I remember the KRAA card days. We all got this laminated card (I still have mine) and people thought they were setting backstage with it. Your post about the "club card" sparked that memory and I am still smiling. Thank You Sweetheart :-)