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You asked, and we delivered! We want to give you guys a chance to ask Kid Rock the questions you’ve been dying to ask. He will be answering a few of your questions from time to time, so check out the community discussion page for updates and answers. Check out the "Ask Kid Rock Button" or go to

  • csdnldmcd33 Lets get married?? You and my daughter share the same b-day. need a bartender/personal smoothie maker??:)
  • csdnldmcd33 Are gonna give out tickets for the cruise, the empty single rooms, can I rent one of the maid closets..?? Love me some Kid....:)
  • csdnldmcd33 for single disabled vets. need Oxygen room/ for real, no joke, damn cigs..) because you literaly take my breath away. YOU THE MAN, KID :) :) ;)
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Alex's Kid Rock Wish from make a wish...from 2-3 years ago.

  • ibelieve9 Kid, you don't look at people the way that most people do.You don"t see a person and think they are nice looking or just okay or ugly.You listen to their heart and you look at their eyes and see what they are passionate about.God bless
  • bluesuedeshoe LOL, Bob is passionate about bandanas. Very sweet, and he's done it for many many kids fighting for their lives.
  • conniedoan This is exactly one of the reasons we love you like we do. Keep ROCKIN'!! \m/

Greetings fellow soldiers, long time no talk! 151 days til Chillin the Most, and 4 days til I see Kid in Louisville!! How's that for a Hump Day ;)

  • MargoC Hey Jaime, 151 days Fuck yeah! I started packing the other week, no lie lol. Suitcase is on the floor in my closet, my husband asked why? I told him how many days till the cruise, he said you do know that's almost six months away lol.
  • MargoC At least you have a show to tide you over till the cruise, have fun in KY!

From FB!!!!


Anybody going?

Bob Seger
‪#‎NEWYORK‬!!!! Bob Seger with very special guest The J. Geils Band are coming to Madison Square Garden on Dec 19th! Tickets go ON-SALE Oct 4th & PRE-SALE Oct 1st. for more info. Are you ready! Ticket Link:

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  • Jobabs_69 Got mine for St Louis! Took 10 minutes of searching before tix finally showed up on the screen. Lower bowl, but not close. That's OK, it'll be a great evening!
  • krsval I struck out for Saginaw-actually I think I got froze out from TM for throwing too many tix back-I'll try the Gen. Sale on Sat...I'll be there..not sure if I will do GR, Bart..maybe!
  • bart I hope so - I think you owe me a drink! Maybe I owe you a drink? Either way - we'll have a drink in GR - if you get your tix. Good luck with Saginaw.

hey smoore, to be able to add a picture along with a comment on a post would be a great feature. just thought I'd put that out there, have a great weekend, and as the Moonshine Bandits say Cups Up!!

  • rocksavedmysoul to admit it or not.
  • rox All the red needs to go,Its horrible.thats one of the things that kept me away.
  • bluesuedeshoe Welp you can avoid the red if you stick to paging through the Community, but once you go to status level, yeowww. Migraine.

When does the new membership begin?

  • bluesuedeshoe Think the fan club reconfigures when the new CD is released for promotion...