ATTENTION - if you are having trouble with tickets - keep trying. Some seats are temporarily held in users carts as they look for tickets and become available again.

  • red48039 Yeah, I don't understand it either. Seeing my "receipt" from DTE/Pine Knob is saying that I have to swipe my credit card that I used to purchase the tickets...HOW are they being sold elsewhere?
  • tblehm3831 I don't understand why ticket buying is so hard - I have tried to enter my pre-sale code several times. Still no luck no tickets. The fan club pre-sale is a joke. Just another way for the artist to get additional money. Can reach anyone in the fan club to trouble shoot why my code won't work. Ticketmaster won't answer the phone. What a bunch of bullshit for tickets. When you can;t even buy a ticket without becoming a fan club member. I have tried for every show in Michigan and still have not seen him. Just crossing off my list of artist to see in person.
  • rockingpandpa7 Love the new album artwork but should't it have been a cigar instead of a cigarette? Unless it's not a cigarette. See ya again in Chitown ( well,close enough!) play it loud.Sing it proud,Bobby Rock!!! ;)

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  • britz4739 If you do some research, you will see that Kid has stated they will be scalping his own tickets. If he buys up the tix that scalpers usually do, then he can charge 20.00 for other seats. He also keeps so many seats avail up close, to be able to pull fans whose seats are less than stellar up front. I could be wrong but I think this is how it is being done.
  • cmccarde Where is the code we need to use to buy tickets/
  • iitone Happy to say Ticket Master DTE Kid Rock lawn tickets exactly as promised $20.00 and $9.00 fees Plus a Deluxe Fan Membership. See ya in DETROIT flying in from FL ready to Rock n Roll.

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  • atrammell68 Everyone is complaining about the tickets, I have a bigger concern. Jesus and Bocephus? Drinking Beer with Dad? There's not a solid Kid Rock song on the album. Who cut your nuts off man? Read the liner notes and Stefanie Eulinberg is not on drums?
  • auntshishi Sorry so many people are having trouble but must say my purchase for Virginia Beach went like a charm. Bought the fan club membership, 4 $20 tickets for decent seats and was done within 10 minutes.
  • mich213 I am a fan club member, never got notice of the tickets going on sale! Went to buy tickets only to find I can't get up close because none of those tickets are the $20 tickets, all hundreds of dollars AND because I didn't get in on presale, I am way in the back! Disappointed. Glad to be going after having to miss the last 2 years, but not happy with this $20 ticket deal. Seems as though he is making up for the loss by not allowing the first 2 sections (which I have always been able to get into) to go at the $20 range!
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Hello from Miami. May I ask if anyone who has purchased tickets presale or otherwise, to any of the upcoming shows, knows if all tickets are all going to be 'paperless'? Thanks!

  • Jobabs_69 I think iT depends on the type of ticket you bought (lawn, pavilion, or the higher priced Platinum tickets) and possibly the venue. I bought 4 tickets for the show in St Louis: 2 were the $20 tickets in the pavilion and are ticketless, where we will have to show the credit card and photo ID when we enter the venue. The other 2 I bought were higher priced Platinum tickets, closer to the stage, and those were 'print at home' tickets. I was surprised the Platinum tickets were not ticketless also.
  • mrjay I opted out for them to be mailed to me, and paid extra to do so!

When will the codes be emailed out. I haven't received mine yet

  • cyngag I didn't get my code either
  • Jobabs_69 If you bought a Fan Club membership, that code was not emailed, it is in your profile here on the website. You need to be signed in and click on where it says "Hi,xxxxx" at the top of the page. Thepresale code is located there. If you pre-ordered the CD, that Presale code was emailed by Warner Brothers Music. Check your email and your spam folder. Now, you didn't say when you made your purchase. I do not know if there was a cut-off date on purchasing the CD or membership in regards to being able to get a pre-sale code.

I paid to join the club and never got my pre-sale code for today's ticket sale. Took time off work to buy tickets today. I know I'm not the only one who didn't get their pre-sale code. I've been posting about not getting my pre-sale code since Wednesday and my posts keep getting deleted. I want a refund for joining the club since I did NOT get my pre-sale code!

  • bossmustang Seeing all of the people having trouble finding the codes...I thought I would try to help. After you login at, you will see "HI (your screen name)" at the top upper right margin of your screen, click on it. At the bottom of the screen that appears, you will see "VIEW TICKET/DOWNLOAD CODES". Click on that and a small white screen with facebook, twitter and gmail logos will appear. Simply hit your escape key to make it disappear and your code will likely be on a small white display behind it. Why they did it that way I don't know. But that's where I found mine. It never appeared in an email.