Email Change Alert - You can now reach SMoore at Should be easier to remember. Y'all are the SHIT. Talk soon! -S

  • rocksavedmysoul thanks :)
  • rocksavedmysoul it's working now-merci!
  • travis1 I'm so curious if the song All Summer Long Is about Elberta Beach up in Frankfort Mi, Cuz that song reminds me of the good times we use to have there 25yrs ago?

Fan Photo of the Week: Left to right Pfc Simmons, Pfc Scheib and Sgt Kidwell. celebrating the 4th at FOB Shank.

  • mommamissy35 My son is home he got in on the 23rd, had 2 days with him, feeding and hugging him. All his brothers from 3rd platoon are also home. 3rd platoon will not be going back. YAY. Thanks for all your prayers, you all helped this momma make
  • mommamissy35 Through another deployment, supposed to be last keep fingers crossed. Mr. Richie thanks for your music and all your fans they truly are the best. Looking forward to the cruise.
  • cupcakesugarpie XXXOOOXXX

New Community Contest - Summer Playlist

  • Ajay I am bad about it....i am self professed music junkie who dabbles in drinking at times that is where Slow My Roll comes from and some of the ppl i have known/know that are pushing it too hard! I love a good party but there is a difference!
  • almira_gulch 1. Midnight train to memphis 2. all summer long 3. never met a mother fucker quite like me 4. Cowboy 5. Mirror

Member Photo of the Week - God Bless Kid Rock

  • TammyRenee Nice the photo bomb!
  • Brent I took this pic in Memphis after the show last month! Thats my wife on the left. This is her pic. :)
  • Beth Thank you so much for recognizing your fans and especially for us during the Memphis show. I am sure you probably don't remember, but we will never forget. Rock on! Hope to see you on CTM6.
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Oh I'm back back.....on the boat for round two, bitches!!!! I'm in the engine room, but that's alright, the humming sound will lull me to sleep haha! Deck 4 :) This is likely our last cruise, so we're gonna go out with a bang!!!

  • MargoC Thanks TammyRay, sure we're up for family meeting again!
  • mommamissy35 Won't be in the cabin anyway engine room perfect, sound proof. Congrats Margo. One more day
  • MargoC Hey Mommamissy there was quite a lot of deck 9 left when I booked at 12:30 today, the site won't let me go back in & see what's left, 4 & 5 are sold out though. I think you should be good for tomorrow, good luck!

Just for giggles :)

  • Jobabs_69 Well-played! (I was going to post this, you best me to it!)
  • DianaR All while wearing my high honors graduation cord with the second college degree! LOL Remember when we were called "typical Kid Rock fans" by the wench on the old site?! Too funny!
  • MargoC I thought ya'll would enjoy :)

I'm on the boat mfers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Booked today!!! Ahhhhhh!

  • Jobabs_69 Yay! Have fun! We're going to pass (hubby not all that excited about going) and instead take a week this winter/next Spring and hit 3-5 shows when the new tour starts, and spend our hard-earned $$ in the towns we visit.
  • MargoC Yea!!!! See ya on the boat :)
  • bart Have fun Jaime. Your patience finally paid off. Now start saving!

This is just a funny story about DTE. I noticed my Visa bill statement had a charge for DTE. I was thinking to myself, which concert tickets was that for? I totally forgot DTE was my energy supplier and it was for my electric bill rather than tickets to a show. I told my husband the story and he told me he had done the same thing, wondering which tickets I had bought before realizing the same. LOL I love summer concert season!!!

  • krsval I smiled as I left the Paramore concert there because I went out the back way, on Pine Knob Rd. It'll always be Pine Knob :)
  • rocksavedmysoul Val: I would have had more respect for DTE if they had incorporated Pine Knob in the name when they purchased it.
  • DianaR Remember when places used to have "real names" - Tiger Stadium, Silver Dome,Skelton Stadium (Toledo Mudhens home), Pine Knob. Now places are named after who has the money - DTE, Comerica Park, Ford Field, 5/3 Field. Kind of sad.