Email Change Alert - You can now reach SMoore at Should be easier to remember. Y'all are the SHIT. Talk soon! -S

  • rocksavedmysoul thanks :)
  • rocksavedmysoul it's working now-merci!
  • travis1 I'm so curious if the song All Summer Long Is about Elberta Beach up in Frankfort Mi, Cuz that song reminds me of the good times we use to have there 25yrs ago?

Fan Photo of the Week: Left to right Pfc Simmons, Pfc Scheib and Sgt Kidwell. celebrating the 4th at FOB Shank.

  • mommamissy35 My son is home he got in on the 23rd, had 2 days with him, feeding and hugging him. All his brothers from 3rd platoon are also home. 3rd platoon will not be going back. YAY. Thanks for all your prayers, you all helped this momma make
  • mommamissy35 Through another deployment, supposed to be last keep fingers crossed. Mr. Richie thanks for your music and all your fans they truly are the best. Looking forward to the cruise.
  • cupcakesugarpie XXXOOOXXX

New Community Contest - Summer Playlist

  • almira_gulch 1. Midnight train to memphis 2. all summer long 3. never met a mother fucker quite like me 4. Cowboy 5. Mirror
  • girlygirl31 That's for damn sure

Member Photo of the Week - God Bless Kid Rock

  • Brent I took this pic in Memphis after the show last month! Thats my wife on the left. This is her pic. :)
  • Beth Thank you so much for recognizing your fans and especially for us during the Memphis show. I am sure you probably don't remember, but we will never forget. Rock on! Hope to see you on CTM6.
  • girlygirl31 looks like you all had a great time; hope to see him in concerts someday
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  • mommamissy35 Went shopping Sunday at giant, and look what I found Halloween in July and it's on sale. LMFAO
  • rocksavedmysoul Absolutely ridiculous...I don't even want to see school supply stuff yet but it's been out for weeks. Ugh!
  • MargoC you've got to be kidding me! wow....

Anti-bully message: "Don't be a dick"

  • sparks07 Bex and btw, love the Karma part... no income for a year and half and yet, by the Grace of God, kept in same level of living... only God can do that, some call it Karma I call it Jesus, so than you Jesus!
  • sparks07 ps - God don't like mean either, especially when his children do it. He is quicker to correct then I think, I gained 20 pounds since that fall, I's poppin out my clothes, lost 8, but 12 more to go & that just gets me where I was:) Im sorry
  • sparks07 I hurt you... ur beautiful, always were, so keep smiling:)

Just for giggles :)

  • DianaR All while wearing my high honors graduation cord with the second college degree! LOL Remember when we were called "typical Kid Rock fans" by the wench on the old site?! Too funny!
  • MargoC I thought ya'll would enjoy :)
  • rocksavedmysoul hahaha-good one

What's up Kid, it's summer in Detroit and no shows here on your tour page. We want a summer show Kid, how about doing a big one at ford field where the weather can't mess it up? You know where ever you play in the D you'll sell out, come on buddy bring it, Detroit is ready!!!

  • rocksavedmysoul But first, Frampton tomorrow night..."I want youuuuuu, to show me the way...."
  • LarryM What's up Val, how are ya? Now I wish I would have bought tics for Allegan way back when they went on sale but I thought for sure Kid would do Detroit this summer.
  • rocksavedmysoul If I hear of any tix Larry I will give you a shout out.

Oh I'm back back.....on the boat for round two, bitches!!!! I'm in the engine room, but that's alright, the humming sound will lull me to sleep haha! Deck 4 :) This is likely our last cruise, so we're gonna go out with a bang!!!

  • MargoC Yep IBelieve so true, I'm there, that's all that matters...cabins are just for sleeping & showers anyway, plus cheaper room means more money for beer buckets!
  • MargoC lol girlygirly I'll try not to! I'm gonna enjoy every second I'm on the first time I went, everything felt so surreal, this time it'll be a lil bitter sweet...but now I know the ropes...the key is naps lol
  • MargoC And that dark belly of the ship room I got will be perfect for daytime napping!

Uncle Kracker ft kid rock - yeah yeah yeah (unplugged summer sanatarium tour)

  • DianaR Love Kid's white tube socks and black sandles! LOL.
  • Jobabs_69 Such kids they were!
  • girlygirl31 Cool videos and good music....If it's real you will feel it....My nephew reminds me of you and he is a great nephew and is always willing to help his aunt out too....

Loved today's Facebook post and I feel like it should be our community motto: "Don't be a Dick."

  • girlygirl31 I will put that necklace on for you!!!!! That is if you can handle a country girl......
  • girlygirl31 Yea know country girls are hard to trap...You probably don't know how to hunt and trap that too bad....
  • girlygirl31 You probably don't know how to ride a horse either or walk a pig.....Imagine that!!