...And another super fan profiled in the Detroit Free Press- Kid Rock fans are the best fans ever!!! #RebelSoliders

  • katflashfever2000 Never want to be Labeled a Superfan i guess this is second hand infor but someone was mad about the Label but you HAVE to EARn the Title and you can't be pissed if people use it. I know its definition from europe tabloids I guess it has a very negative definition over there. NOT a SUPERFAN..just a once a year concert going Fan . Superfans are a Calculation this is from another Rocker that told me this...when ya purchase a ticket to a concert they keep track of said fans BUYING HABITS for THIER CONCERTS ... I think those labeled SPENT ALOT OF MONEY . Its theres they can do what they want to with thier own money.
  • katflashfever2000 I probally hands down is towards the bottom of that list . that being said I have never earned a dishonest dollar either, never depended on the government to provide me housing, food, assitance so I could AFFORD a Kidrock Cruise I don't manipulate the governments system . And I'm a very not well person but Im also the most bullheaded woman you'll ever meet. and thats how I roll. If I can afford something special I save, do without and thats how I roll. search for deals, revunivante what people call junk and rake in the Dough. its not my fault I do the research and do the ratios of what it costs to reclaim a classic and what the bottom number will be for someone buying what I worked so hard on...Im not a SUPERFAN...this Womans a SUPERGLAM "
  • katflashfever2000 GOOGLE search Restraining order against Superfan...its amasing how many seek protection because fans sometimes cross the line from admiration into entitlement.

Thank you to all the super fans. #rebelsoldiers

  • uberfan MsBehavin-You crack me up,:) you never hold back You say what u want to say.A true Kid Rock fan.
  • katflashfever2000 look up europes definiton of SUPERFAN and please do not call me that...K?
  • uberfan A Kid Rock Fan comes from the Love of music,The way he Plays,Writes,Sings His music.The Compassion He Has For people around him.Its Not how much money you spend.Its How much Time you Spend.The person on the Grass is just as Big of fan as the person who sits in the Platinum Seats.Its the Passion you have when you hear that MY NAME IS KKKKIIIIDDDD;;;,,,WHEW gives me Chills Just Thinking about it!!! Its in your Heart,One name comes to mind when you say Super Fan that Relates to us Super fans everywhere, DAN McGURK. Everybody May have there own views on what a Super Fan is This is mine.And America comes to mind because we were all Born Free. :)=

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Anyone going to Irvine concert? I think all my KR fan club friends are on the other side of the country

  • shawniem @rockinrich had tickets to Wheatland...great venu, but cant make it. Sadly, I cant sell or even give the ticket away. I have to be present with photo ID.
  • shawniem oops tickets!!
  • patriciaclary Yep!! Kid Rock in Irvine Tonight!!

3 year old Picture Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow

  • valvalcastro My 3 year old fell in love with your song every time i sang it. He wanted me to put it on his tablet. He learned it. Had to share with you
  • uberfan yep