New Community Contest: Devil Without a Cause

  • beckxy Like Shirlee mentioned above.. done a lot of badass things (and this one didnt' happen quite yet) but, technically speaking, I'm skipping the first day back for Fall semester at college to go see Kid Rock and TBT on Monday.. cuz there's no
  • beckxy where I'd rather be :)
  • tanaray thanks for your blessings and support:). No need to feel bad for me i am so happy and thankful to still be here and to learn what i have learned from being ill"}

Fan Photo of the Week - User: shawniemc

  • shawniemc HELP! I can't find the 1st edition, any suggestions? It's not in his fan club store.
  • peyton1015 Sold out
  • bethanne066 Hey, we've got a birthday coming for Dan McGurk he has down syndrome and is turning 30. His only wish is to meet kid rock. He lives in Toledo Oh. His story is :// We all over northern ohio r trying to help this young man.

Email Change Alert - You can now reach SMoore at Should be easier to remember. Y'all are the SHIT. Talk soon! -S

  • JanSzalaj Hoping it works when we need it. Missing you~
  • JanSzalaj Worked so far. Thanks Sarah...luv you!
  • kidde3 Greetings ALL!! Looking for information on the NYS Fair show FAN CLUB meet & greet?? Please post soon!!! Thanks!
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Friday Frienday--RS Girls on ctm# 5

  • MargoC Hey I know those people!
  • krsval Me too!
  • BEWARE !!! These ladies are on the Norwegian cruise line TOP TEN MOST WANTED list for allegedly running the ship out of alcohol. They are armed with 6 packs and koozies and not afraid to use them.

Dan's 30th: Kid Rock - You're Invited!

  • beckxy too cool Margo! This put a smile on my face. Notice how he got a Kid Rock poster right above an Elvis poster. This kid got good tastes. Hope his dream comes true :)
  • MargoC I know me too...I hope he gets to celebrate his 30th with Kid Rock :)
  • msmary_mac @beckxy @MargoC - Rock on!! #BawitaBirthday :)

Dan's 30th: Kid Rock - You're Invited! We're Sharing, Liking, Tweeting and Fave-ing like crazy!! Ple

  • bethanne066 I'm trying my part Dan. This is Beth from Sandusky. I'm praying it happens. Luck buddy. Come on Kid Rock.
  • bethanne066 We r Facebook in Sandusky.
  • msmary_mac @bethanne066 - thank you so much for your support!! #BawitaBirthday ;)

Dan's 30th: Kid Rock - You're Invited!

Thanks for Sharing! [Dan's 30th - Kid Rock: You're Invited!] Please get this to @KidRock!

  • conniedoan Hey, Dan. I hope you have an awesome birthday for your 30th. Keep Rockin' and "show me some metal"!! \m/
  • msmary_mac @MargoC @beckxy @conniedoan - Thank you guys so much for your support!! Rock on :)
  • msmary_mac #BawitaBirthday ;)

Friendays Friday! One of the rare times we were all together at the same time & including some of the husbands! Summer 2012 at the Union

  • krsval Really nice! That was fun. And they had Hacker Pschorr Hefe Weizen on tap-my favorite beer
  • MargoC Bud Light please....haha...if I can't pronounce it, I ain't drinking it! It was fun & really cool of the Union to open up the basement for us when the Woodshop was outta power that day.
  • ken This was a great picture. I use it as my screensaver

Opening up for Kid Rock and TBT this coming Monday at the New York State Fair Big Smo - Workin' feat

  • MargoC Never heard of him, cool sound!
  • ken I watch his show on t.v. every week. I made a suggestion to sixthman about a month ago to have them on the cruise. They said they would pass it on to KR's crew That's cool to find out he is now opening for Kid Rock.

I know it's not torso Tuesday but Fuck it....this a new one & can't wait till next week!

  • shawniemc I second that @ tanaray Wish he would have taken his shirt off at the concert I was at
  • shawniemc Thank you Margo
  • MargoC haha Connie..why wait then? I should say that this is not my pic, a Pinterest find :)