Kid Rock is back on the road and we want to see your pics! Post photos of you and your crew getting ready for the show for a chance to win some 2015 tour swag. See you out there!

  • tracyhurst me parapalegic at your 6.27 show saw nothing!! thanks for selling wheelchair seats! 500 yr old cried allnight stepped over pushed arouund fuckiingg sad! spent$$$$ for my friends
  • sumrbrz03 The Foreigner/Kid Rock Concert at Montage Mountain was fantastic. I totally enjoyed myself (except for that wet windy weather). I would brave any weather to see Kid Rock in person because it is so worth it!!
  • perryanderson Had a great night at the concert in Boston!! Always a great show.

Troop Care Package Update: Troops pose with their packages.

  • angelsflyn2close2theground Thank you all for given us our FREEDOM . you are the ones that rock ... the world ... But Kidrock does 2 . but i must say I have to say u are #1 for now .. rock on troops
  • crazyassmoma you alright MR KR!
  • uberfan I was watching the news the other night and my 7 year old said God Bless AMERICA dad.My son belongs to a group of boys called CUB SCOUTS.It is a younger part of the BOY SCOUTS of AMERICA.They went to one of the biggest cemetery's in town on Memorial day and put small FLAGS on all the soldiers graves.So all you could see was a mile of Cub Scouts putting a Mile of FLAGS on the graves.When they were done i stood in awe at the miles of flags.They were told to line the FLAGS up with the cross's on the stone so they all would line up perfect.Then they were to salute it and say "Thank you for your service" and move to the next one.Watching it brought tears to my eyes..So that lesson i did not have to give.My son felt the words he said to me and i just looked back at him and sayed Ya son "GOD BLESS AMERICA".

Trucker Vision Ep. 3 - 2015 Summer Tour Rehearsals

  • katflashfever2000 it makes the PAM AM ring look like it should go to the BACk of the line , BAck of the line.... ;)
  • crazyassmoma we need more :) MR KR junkies :).

Thanks Chillers Finally got around to going through the gifts from Chillin’ the most 6!! Whew!! Thanks again to all who came aboard and thank you for the gifts! Y’all are bananas!!

  • katflashfever2000 i guess some reporter is bashing BOB and this picture calling us thrillers and not chillers a few of us called him a sappy reporter...he called bob out trying to press his arm using his sponsors ...thats the new game played as of late...
  • uberfan really,,,trip
  • 1BBShirleeOctpus405 shed a tear and cry the thoughts and voices of others are the rules of my mind The 1's who's bread and butter I must churn and Bake The 1's who have the final say Humble as I must B 2 sacrifice my life 4 thee & thee in order for me to be free... NOT,...Born Free
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John Denver - "Country Roads"

  • rocksavedmysoul kelley-smoore runs the site. I was commenting on your John Denver post and then asking smoore if the powers that be can change the website a bit.
  • uberfan rocksavedmysoul is good peeps :)
  • kelleycoxx Right! Thanks for clarifying I was trying to think ? Then what the hell who? Lol.... I got it.

Born Free!🇺🇸 Scranton,Pa

  • uberfan "O HELL YA"
  • kelleycoxx Damn beat me too it. O Hell yes!!!!!!
  • kelleycoxx Omg. Got goosebumps just looking at this pic!!!!!! Your damn right!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Benny Jets, Tino Gross & my KR fanclub friends, Mrs. Cedar, MsB, Chopshop & Bart at TyFest.

  • bart My gal-pal Val!
  • krsval I'm flattered.. as I sit at my laptop in da UP in my block 'S' shirt and pants (51 degrees here)..staring at my dark green car with the SPTYRKS plate lol (PS dog dish has Spartans on it also, but I digress)
  • krsval My son will be a senior next year and he is applying to MSU (computer engineering)..and he will be trying out for the Spartan Marching Band!!! (trombone). I'm just a *little* excited...

Kid performing Bawitdaba in Scranton, PA. Zero fucks given!

  • uberfan Thank you Kboo7 for showing ...
  • uberfan knee hi's
  • krsval Did he wear sandals with those socks (tee hee!!!)


Hi everybody its uber.Bob is in full swing now so i want to remind people to Stay Safe on the road.Everyone is in KID ROCK mode and are on cloud nine.So remember to breath and take every memory in but don't drive if you are buzzed.Grab a Hotel and chill then get on the road....Have a BLAST all my KID ROCK buddys and dont forget,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, WELCOME TO THE PARTY....!

  • uberfan We just got UBER here in portland DianaR.And what a catchy name if i do say so myself.And thank you for being a Advocate for buzzed driving.I am sorry to be a Drag but ive lost people.
  • DianaR One DUI in 1994 was all it took Uber. Drinking and driving in Michigan ain't nothing to F_CK with! Lesson learned. Drinking is fun, but responsibly. And, don't want to forget the show! That's why I am there. Don't want to see picks the next day and think "I don't remember that"
  • krsval I just don't want to get up during the Kid Rock Show and have to go to the pottie ;)

Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro - Stumblin' In

  • MargoC Is that the chick from Happy Days, Leather or something like that?
  • DianaR Ugh, I am about to date myself (but then again, you are only as old as you feel! right? LOL) Yes, Suze Quatro played Leather Tuscadero (sp?) the rock singer sister of Pinky Tuscadero, Fonzi's girlfriend. I actually had this haircut in 7th grade! What WAS I thinking???
  • krsval lol Diana, I sported this hairstyle all thru college! Suzie Quattro (sp?) kick a$$ bass player from Detroit MI