This Month's Contest: Hat Month

You asked, and we delivered! We want to give you guys a chance to ask Kid Rock the questions you’ve been dying to ask. He will be answering a few of your questions from time to time, so check out the community discussion page for updates and answers. Check out the "Ask Kid Rock Button" or go to

  • bluesuedeshoe This would be hilarious. Does anyone mind releasing the questions anonymously? Just the questions.... My company released a December newsletters with actual quotes from car accident reports. It utterly amazed us each year with the
  • bluesuedeshoe number of folks who started the report with "the pole suddenly jumped out in front of me...."
  • bluesuedeshoe Also, partygoers take heed in CT, MA and NY. They got Fed $ to set up next to the venue discharge. If they don't like your smile, they wave you to a detention area, and usually it will amount to hundreds or thousands (CT) in fines to go.

Fan Photo of the Week - User: MargoC

  • beckxy wtg Margo!
  • bluesuedeshoe Think they are just removing dups and spam. From experience, once you post, immediately refresh. If you don't see your post, then repost. You can delete your posts, go to the little grey wheel on the left side, if yours, and it will give
  • bluesuedeshoe you the delete option.

New Album - Kid Rock House of Blues Sunset Strip. Huge thanks to photographer Jamie Stafford.

  • SMoore6 PHOTO album. Haha. Should have been more specific!
  • tanaray and how do we get to see or own this photo album?
  • colestephrocks Great show.
Latest From Fans

Kid Rock, Marion, Illinois 9/20/14. Devil Without a Cause

  • MargoC I love it, I think he looked great with his long hair swingin'...he should keep doin' that! Great video, Jo!
  • DianaR Long hair swingin, middle finger in the air! Oh yeah! And, I saw some pretty good peek a boo belly shots there too! Too bad the video is a little fuzzy!
  • Jobabs_69 Fuzzy? Diana, Have you been drinking again? Lol! I shot it on a Sony Cybershot point and shoot model. It's looking pretty good on my laptop and my iPad...what are you watching it with?

I was just wondering if anyone has been receiving pre sale information or updates like we use to? I have not received any information except of course about the cruise, which I am going, but it seemed to me like we used to get information on things. Thanks for any responses that I get. Tami

  • SMoore6 Hey all, we recently switched our email system to help with issues people are having with their emails going to spam. If I get an email from you I have been adding your emails manually to my list to send to be 100% you get the emails.
  • SMoore6 We haven't had a pre-sale email in a while, but if you've emailed me I will be sure to get you on the list, and I will also post pre-sale announcements in the club always so if you have any issues you can email me direct.
  • bart Thanks for the update - don't worry - we know how to get your attention around here. We just start yelling "SMOOOOOOOOORE!" Poof! Why the 6 on the end anyway? Did it take 5 other versions to become the awesome person you are today?

"MAN"day Monday

KR Marion 017

  • cathyradlein My other fave. And no hat!
  • DianaR Loving the hair!!! It's looking pretty long

My Madame Badass persona Saturday night in Marion, IL. There's good people watching at a Kid Rock show!

  • krsval You rock!!
  • Jobabs_69 Thanks! It was a great conversation starter . If I made one person smile or laugh, then my goal was met.
  • Jobabs_69 A few of us tailgated by where a helicopter was set up where people could pay and go for rides. I went and talked to the badass pilot cuz he had that thing going sideways about 100 ft off the ground. He said he got a good laugh from it!


SMoore, can you PLEASE do something about the dozens of posts by Ming that have NOTHING to do with KR or TBT. Nothing about fans, concerts, pictures, CTM cruise, etc. Just crap about cheap jerseys. UGH

  • SMoore6 I have removed anything that is straight up spam. If someone continues to spam the boards I will remove them.
  • DianaR SMoore...........we've said it before and it remains true........YOU ROCK!!!!
  • Jobabs_69 SMoore, you rock! Bob needs to give you a raise!