• Kid Rock Surprises Troops with Free Show



    Kid Rock Surprised South Florida service members at US Southern Command.

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    • That was no April fool joke! What an awesome surprise for the troops! MargoC
    • Thank you, Mr. Ritchie, for your always stellar support of our troops! :D God Bless and Smile On! :D montanaanna
    • So sweet. Bet they were all surprised! rocksavedmysoul
    • it seems as though im averaging two words a minute 9 hours later and all my outstanding punctioation this is why im trying to get my secritarial game on it sux i hope to hear from this soon but if not i love the new material keep on doing what you do aww crap the five year old is up got to go leter matt695
    • ok crazyassmoma
    • Ohhh, that was so fun to see! Wowza what a week!?! :P Congratulations, Mr. Ritchie, on a wonderful First Kiss release! :D I pray all good things for you and yours :) God Bless :) montanaanna
    • DUDE WOOOOOOW, Put down the RoBo and go to SLLLEEEEEPPPPP uberfan
    • uberfan
  • CTM6

    Thanks to the entire dysfunctional family for another epic Chillin' the Most Cruise!


    Photo Credit: Will Byington Photography

    • Others also asking this question....help a girl out and others with where to go look? shawnaprater6
    • http://www.willbyington.com/chillinthemost2015 shawnaprater6
    • This was great Bobby! Just great. And thanks! angels4bobseger
    • CTM6 was amazing!!! Had the time of my life looking forward to concert in Atlanta!! baileychiro1
    • BOB,,,, I have been your fan for years.THANK YOU for growing and bringing music to new heights. uberfan
    • This was a wonderful Cruise Bobby. They get better every year. angels4bobseger
    • I was walking down the street during Bike week 2015 in Daytona Beach. This song about blue jeans & rosary beads was playing. I thought the singer was some guy local guy singing. Found out it was the Kid. Went to see him the next night after checking out several YouTube videos. During the show it seemed like he was looking right at me, and then blurted out "What are you staring at?" I was trying to get through my confusion, because the video Picture, and the Roll On, and the interview from one of his homes seemed like an entirely different singer. I felt like the poor guy was either dying on stage from exhaustion, or something else. His performance here in Daytona was free, and he played several nights. I did not return. lizzyprincell
    • Good lilrock
    • wow i was in Daytona in 2013 Ive been going to bike week my whole life when I can. You blew my mind with this story. I was introduced to David Bowies friend then that worked on his movie about the man who fell to earth. And saw a person I knew growing up but connected with the first time. But guess this- I thought Kid Rock was performing for free in a bar out there then. I had saw him several times that year and always scored first front rows. But he didnt in 2013. Then I read this and I didnt make it to Bike week this year. Spent my time in Oatman Route 66 shooting guns and 4 wheeling. It was one of the best vacations ever. lol http://www.theroadwanderer.net/RT66oatman.htm chicagoblues
    • That was NOT Kid Rock in Daytona at Bike Week, it is a (in my opinion) very bad tribute band called Cowboy. Kid Rock was way too busy that week to just stroll in and sing with some house band. Sorry you felt you didn't get your money's worth (bad tribute band playing free), in the future if you can score tickets to the real thing you'd know how professional he and TBT band really are. You got played. susie6