• Get Ready for Lucky #7


    We’ve had six wild rides together, get ready for lucky #7 motherf*@$&ers. We’re sailing to Jamaica! Get the lowdown and join the pre-sale for Kid Rock’s 7th Annual Chillin’ the Most Cruise here: www.kidrockcruise.com

    • Feel better gramps! Hoping to see you on August 4th. Sort of missed you when I went to see you at Montage in Scranton, PA. Got legionnaires disease and was f* ed up for awhile. These things happen to us grandparents ;) chrissyday
    • hook me up, bump me up, beam me up... I'm scared that there will not be any rooms left..........OMG ;) crazyassmoma
    • Got my booking time email today, I have a bit of FOMO happening sigh...but we're not gonna be able to go on the next cruise or the next..... :( MargoC
    • I would think its a dream to do something like that.I lov the stories that my kid rock friends tell me.And I mean the stories my real kid rock friends tell me.!I just hope that by the time I am able to go they haven't stopped doing it..I dont drink or smoke so maybe they just want people who will buy there alcoho.I dont know but what a dream. uberfan
    • YA MON,,,,,,,AHHHHHHH AHHHHHH uberfan
  • St Louis and Chicago Cancelled - Info for Rescheduled dates below

    Sorry St Louis and Chicago - Grandpa strained his.....VOCAL CHORDS!!

    Sitting here typing this beyond pissed off and disappointed. I have NEVER had to cancel shows. This absolutely sucks. I know people have made plans, took time off, got babysitters, took road trips and planned events around these shows. My voice is simply gone right now. I should not have pushed myself to get through the Dallas show because all I did was more damage - But there was no way I could stand on stage, feeling great - just not having a voice - and tell 20,000 people the show was not gonna happen. We made some last minute adjustments, my band stepped up and we got through it, but I am paying the price now. The steroids are gonna take a few days to really work and the only real cure for a strained voice is rest. I am not one to apologize too often, but this is one time that is beyond deserving of one - So to the people who were planning to attend the shows in St. Louis and Chicago, I am sorry I can not entertain you this weekend to my full potential. We WILL reschedule these shows and I promise if you can make it back, I will go above and beyond to make it EXTRA special.

    Sincerely Sorry

    - Kid Rock.

    PS - St Louis, you were the fastest show to sell out on this tour and I want to thank you for that! Chicago, you have been one of my earliest supporters outside of Detroit and biggest markets since day one, and I will never forget that. I hope everyone who was planning to go still has a great weekend and can make the best of a fucked up situation. Rock on St Louis , Rock on Chicago….Cleveland, I am planning on my voice being in tip top shape by Thursday, so I will see you fuckers then! :)

    Dates have been rescheduled as follows:
    Maryland Heights, MO - September 11th
    Tinley Park, IL - September 12th

    • Feel better gramps! Get your rest! Saw part of your show at Montage in Scranton but was delusional as I somehow got legionnaires disease. Looking forward to seeing you at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center on August 4th! chrissyday
    • Hey Kid, How are you doing? Hopefully you’re feeling a little better? I just wanted to say that though my plans don’t include any of your shows this week (and even if they did), I think I speak for the majority of your fans and friends when I say this, though we would all be happy to see you, and we would all love to rock out with you guys for the night. We would be much happier in knowing that you’re truly ok, and that you’re taking care of yourself. We don’t want you to keep hurting yourself more, by trying to please all of us and to make us happy. We just want you to be back to yourself… (100%) So quit worrying about all of us, and quit worrying about the venues and everything else… the whole S h _ t Show (Can I buy a vowel Vanna, an ‘I’ please) for a bit, and just take the extra time needed to take care of you! :) IBelieve
    • AMEN, I Believe!!! :D montanaanna
    • Was checking in to see what latest news was and couldn't believe actually read that you said you've NEVER cancelled shows! I bought tickets for me and wife on the Rebel Soul tour to your Knoxville, TN show the day they went on sale and much to our dismay you developed the flu and did indeed CANCEL that show the day of with no make up or honoring tickets somewhere else. Needless to say we were both extremely disappointed as this was to be our first ever KR concert. We were able to finally see you this time though in Raleigh and my wife had the absolute time of her life, just wished the first show would've been rescheduled as it was an arena and we had really good tix so she could get up close and personal look at her favorite all time performer instead of sitting in the lawn at an amphitheater. Anyway, maybe we could catch a break with some sort of discount for the cruise or better seats at future show? Get well and come back to East TN soon Fan for life Big Kev volsnc98
    • Get Better Soon Bobby from Denise in Wisconsin! See you in the "D" 8/8 tikiwillow
    • I loved your show in Houston. Feel better soon. God love you. Come back to Texas soon. sheryltigger123
    • Sorry you had to cancel the shows! But we understand shXt happens! See on Sept. 11! unit824
    • I hope that you feel better soon. I am sad that the show had to be rescheduled but happy that it got rescheduled for my birthday! Yes I am a 9/11 baby so you should totally sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me at the St. Louis show!! hellohellohellohowru
    • get well soon buski68
    • Awesome concert as always! sandy29
    • ~SIMPLY THE BEST~ Peace, Luv & Rock n' Roll SherZ sherylzoufaly
    • KILLER VIDEO ROCK,,! Hang in there the payday is in sight.My dude just needs a good night sleep and he will get through.Rocks got a tough voice,Just needs to rest after the shows and it will come back..... uberfan
    • Hey there, Take care of those vocal chords & we LOVE YOU & SEE YOU ON SEPT. 11!!! YOU ROCK & St. Louis LOVES YOU!!! pwheetley
    • Just love these cats! Great video! beckxy
    • Came back on to show my ol' man... and I just realized we made the video at the end.. 2nd row left center - Scranton, PA.. whoop! D.A.R.E SPOKESPERSON #2 :p beckxy