• Trucker Vision~ Kudos. Thanks for bringing a little bit of your Life into ours. :) shawnaprater6
    • Love the Big Black Jacked Up Truck!!! crazyassmoma
  • Kid Rock ends record-setting DTE run on a high note


    About halfway through his record-setting show Saturday night, Aug. 22, at the DTE Energy Music Theatre, Kid Rock told the packed house that, “When I was younger I thought maybe I could play here, sell it out. Maybe.

    “But 10 shows? Man, are you kidding?!”

    Saturday was, in fact, the finale of Rock and his Twisted Brown Trucker band’s 10-night stand at the amphitheater that his ex-wife Pamela Anderson once dubbed “Pine Bob” because of his many guest appearances there. It set new records for both the most shows by one act during one summer (breaking good buddy Bob Seger’s eight nights, which Rock tied in 2013) and for playing to the most fans in a single season (an estimated 145,000).

    Read the full review at The Oakland Press.

    • Happy 71st BIRTHDAY to my mom "Grama Rock" who will be celebrating in Irvine tonight with you. She is your #1 Fan and you would love her as much as she loves you! Thanks for making her smile again we love you Kid Rock ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ kesslyn
    • Phoenix concert was awesome last night! Thanks for rockin Phoenix again! New and the old stuff never get tired of hearing ROCK, rock! cyndiisme2002
    • Bob! Will you PLEASE wear your pink outfit to Chicago?? Please? I saw two shows in the D and you chose to wear something else both nights. Still cool no matter what the ensemble ...I would just feel lucky to see you wear all PINK! Iowafun
    • He's a Rock Em Sock Em Robot!! He just keeps coming!!! Undeniable drive!!! TY!!! You are loved!!! Detroit Rock City!!! uhhhh!!! Kidaholic
    • I was upgraded to front row seating. I wore a red bandana and had the best night of my life. Thank you Kid Rock! You made my husband, father, and I this best night of our lives (on a budget)..thank you! nelsonjacquelin
  • CTM 7: Join the Waitlist


    Chillin' The Most 7 is officially SOLD OUT. If you're still hoping to hit the high seas and sail to Jamaica with us, make sure to sign up for the waiting list here.

    • I took my mom to her first Kid Rock concert she had a blast! I was so tired I had to be up at 5:30 am the next morning for work but it was worth it. August 18th show was great! It was nice to spend time with my mom . I'm guessing the next time your having a concert at home mom will be by my side.Safe travels! ckoppitch
    • I'm taking my mom to her 2nd Kid Rock concert today in Irvine ca. ITS HER 71st Birthday wish! We took her in 2013 for The Best Night Ever Tour, was first time she smiled since my dad passed away over 2 yrs before. You brought my mom through those hard days and when you announced your $20 tour I had to get her there somehow. You make her happy with your music and she loves everything about you.. Thank you for being You and for making "Grama Rock" smile again. See you tonight! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 kesslyn
    • Bobby it is you and me baby. Please pick me to go on this cruise. I went to see you in Great Woods, but I need a close up. Can't wait to see you Laurie lclark2
    • It Figures,Everyone who has been going on the Cruise's locked it up so now nobody who is New can Go !YEP Secret club nobody can say anything or they will be cut off.What ever... uberfan
    • My husband & I tried to get on the cruise last year early on when it was first posted and we were put on a waiting list and figured it was a lost cause and 4 months later we received an email from sixthman that they had a stateroom for us probably because of a cancellation,we were stoked and went and we are hooked up for the 2016 cruise.Bottom line alot of the people on his cruise have been on it since the very beginning and that is just the way it is.Once you get in on the first cruise your on the list for his future cruises.He has a huge following of great people as we can attest to as first timers last year,so yes it sells out quick but get on the waiting list and if your lucky there will be an opening. dwoacigp
    • Soul inspirational and amazing, Mr. Ritchie!!! 😄😝😍😃😊☺️ Thanks to you, TBT, and your crew for giving all us villagers the time of our lives! 😄😊☺️ Praying and smiling for you! 😊 Fun good times and continued safe travels 😊😉☺️ montanaanna
    • Why don't the KID just run for PRESIDENT of the good ole U.S.A!!! maclesha
    • KIDDD for President! myers882
    • nice best7packersmovers
    • ROCK would be a great President But I dont think he could handle the cut in Pay ! uberfan