• Get Ready for Lucky #7


    We’ve had six wild rides together, get ready for lucky #7 motherf*@$&ers. We’re sailing to Jamaica! Get the lowdown and join the pre-sale for Kid Rock’s 7th Annual Chillin’ the Most Cruise here: www.kidrockcruise.com

    • Feel better gramps! Hoping to see you on August 4th. Sort of missed you when I went to see you at Montage in Scranton, PA. Got legionnaires disease and was f* ed up for awhile. These things happen to us grandparents ;) chrissyday
  • St Louis and Chicago Cancelled - Info for Rescheduled dates below

    Sorry St Louis and Chicago - Grandpa strained his.....VOCAL CHORDS!!

    Sitting here typing this beyond pissed off and disappointed. I have NEVER had to cancel shows. This absolutely sucks. I know people have made plans, took time off, got babysitters, took road trips and planned events around these shows. My voice is simply gone right now. I should not have pushed myself to get through the Dallas show because all I did was more damage - But there was no way I could stand on stage, feeling great - just not having a voice - and tell 20,000 people the show was not gonna happen. We made some last minute adjustments, my band stepped up and we got through it, but I am paying the price now. The steroids are gonna take a few days to really work and the only real cure for a strained voice is rest. I am not one to apologize too often, but this is one time that is beyond deserving of one - So to the people who were planning to attend the shows in St. Louis and Chicago, I am sorry I can not entertain you this weekend to my full potential. We WILL reschedule these shows and I promise if you can make it back, I will go above and beyond to make it EXTRA special.

    Sincerely Sorry

    - Kid Rock.

    PS - St Louis, you were the fastest show to sell out on this tour and I want to thank you for that! Chicago, you have been one of my earliest supporters outside of Detroit and biggest markets since day one, and I will never forget that. I hope everyone who was planning to go still has a great weekend and can make the best of a fucked up situation. Rock on St Louis , Rock on Chicago….Cleveland, I am planning on my voice being in tip top shape by Thursday, so I will see you fuckers then! :)

    Dates have been rescheduled as follows:
    Maryland Heights, MO - September 11th
    Tinley Park, IL - September 12th

    • we are from marion Illinois seen him twice,was looking to see him again but can wait til sept. he puts on one hell of a show I bet this one will even be bettrt primetimema8
    • I am not good at this. But wanted you to know Mr Kid Rock you have just saved a soul truely a life my life. I had my gun and thoughts were running deep in disparity. Then a glorious thing happened I found your music videos. They brought me to tears and joy you gave me the strength and knowledge that I can go on. And go on with my heart and held high. For this I'm forever grateful. You truely have a higher power. Thank you for saving a life. And for any of your hatters. Frecky friday off to them . Sincerely with much respect!!!!Cyndi God Bless You Stand Strong cyndipeanut
    • I been through thick and ive been through thin but momma never told me witch ones a sin.---I once was young and now im old but daddy never told me not to sell my soul,--CATER uberfan
    • Hope your feeling better! raquel2
    • Feel better gramps! Get your rest! Saw part of your show at Montage in Scranton but was delusional as I somehow got legionnaires disease. Looking forward to seeing you at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center on August 4th! chrissyday
    • I loved your show in Houston. Feel better soon. God love you. Come back to Texas soon. sheryltigger123
    • Sorry you had to cancel the shows! But we understand shXt happens! See on Sept. 11! unit824
    • I hope that you feel better soon. I am sad that the show had to be rescheduled but happy that it got rescheduled for my birthday! Yes I am a 9/11 baby so you should totally sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me at the St. Louis show!! hellohellohellohowru
    • get well soon buski68
    • Awesome concert as always! sandy29
    • ~SIMPLY THE BEST~ Peace, Luv & Rock n' Roll SherZ sherylzoufaly
    • KILLER VIDEO ROCK,,! Hang in there the payday is in sight.My dude just needs a good night sleep and he will get through.Rocks got a tough voice,Just needs to rest after the shows and it will come back..... uberfan
    • Hey there, Take care of those vocal chords & we LOVE YOU & SEE YOU ON SEPT. 11!!! YOU ROCK & St. Louis LOVES YOU!!! pwheetley
    • Just love these cats! Great video! beckxy
    • Came back on to show my ol' man... and I just realized we made the video at the end.. 2nd row left center - Scranton, PA.. whoop! D.A.R.E SPOKESPERSON #2 :p beckxy