• Kid Rock's 1st Annual Fish Fry @ Fontanel


    Kid Rock LIVE October 9th & 10th

    Carl Black Chevy Woods Amphitheater in Nashville, TN

    VIP ticket packages on sale Wednesday, July 15th

    Tickets on sale Friday, July 17th at 10am

    Buy Tickets.

    • I still have presale code from earlier this year I did not use. Will I be able to use tha and where do we go to buy the vip cre723
  • Rolling Stone: Kid Rock Brings Good Times, Wears Many Hats at Raucous Jersey Show


    Two years ago, Kid Rock changed the way he approached touring. Rather than charge a week's pay for tickets, he cut the price of most seats to 20 dollars and recouped via sponsorship and beer sales. The crowd had no doubt contributed generously to the latter, but that alone could not explain the enthusiasm last night at New Jersey's PNC Bank Arts Center; audience members were so worked up that even the late-set commercial break earned a standing ovation...

    Read full article here.

    • Thank you Kid for giving us the opportunity to see you in concert, we had an awesome time at SPAC!!! tess68
    • When someone shows me a picture of Bob "still draped in a Confederate Flag", then I will address that picture, so until you show me that I'm just silently shaking my head... susie6
    • You get better every time I see you. Thanks for rocking SPAC last night. Love your shows. vlietchick
    • Took my daughter to pnc, took my girl and oldest to bethel. Just bought 5 more tickets to Susquehanna show. Been going to concerts since 1983. Kid rock is a great performer, great show and great music. Why else would I go see 3 shows. after Tuesday's show I will have driven over 15 hours for the 3 shows. Well worth it You rock, God bless you, the band and USA. See you Tuesday michaelpurpura
    • you're* crazyassmoma
  • It's On!


    Kicked off the tour this week in Hartford and Boston. Who's ready for the weekend?

    • THE BOMB-DIGGITY!!! Robert (Kid Rock) is the ONLY man I would ever consider marrying!!! His music touches my soul like no other, always has, always will. I was invited backstage at a concert once and was not able to go do to an emergency and I'd have to say IS THE BIGGEST REGRET OF MY LIFE!!! If I'd have went he would be mine!!! LOL rondasworld
    • And it's Rondasworld not Ronasworld wth? rondasworld
    • After a break up last week and losing my job today, I'm hoping the moon and the stars align for me at Bethel. Bobby you never disappoint. I've got a $20 miracle ticket, a case of beer, a tent, a half a tank of gas to get there and I'm looking forward to a great show and escaping for a night into bliss. I'm sure eviction is next.. I appreciate the ticket price and as I begin my exodus to the show I'm hoping I find the answers I need as a I ground myself in your music. Thank you for providing me with opportunity to be able to afford the ticket. Your shows are great and you do inspirationally good work- thanks for giving back. Can't wait to see my 7th show and throw some ice cold ones back and get my balls back. jj28
    • Awesome kick'off in Hartford, CT. Bethel Woods, NY for July 4th weekend, priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U da'man. :) sherylzoufaly
    • http://www.recordonline.com/photogallery/TH/20150703/PHOTOGALLERY/703009999/PH/1 sherylzoufaly


    The cheap dates start tomorrow in Hartford. See you out there!

    • PINK PICKS,,,,,I am still trying to get over walking into the local biker bar wearing a PINK LIPS SHIRT,,,,But wear it i did !!!! uberfan
    • I so not know where to start! First of all, my mom's 69th birthday is next March and all she wants is to meet Kid Rock! Next, we are coming to Pittsburgh for the show this Sunday and would love to hear "One More Song!" Next, we have been to every drivable concert and can not wait for the next one!! zarefoss6604
    • ROCK puts the BEST SHOW on then anyone,,,He works HARD to make a great show ! uberfan
    • Hey, I have some good Detroit friends that make picks you should check them out www.pickguy.com or @pickguyguitarpicks michelleplunkett
    • Indeed! sherylzoufaly