• Tune In Alert

    Kid Rock is coming to a channel near you...

    Sun 2/22 at 12PM EST - Kid Rock performs live at the Daytona 500 on FOX

    Mon 2/23 at 11:30PM EST - Kid Rock performs on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on NBC

    Tues 2/24 starting at 8AM - Kid Rock takes over 3 hours of The Today Show on NBC with performance and interview

    Wed 2/25 at 8AM EST - Kid Rock visits his old friend Howard Stern on Sirius and holds nothin' back

    • HI madmike
    • I would love to hear him in person, like a phone call while he is looking at my pick from facebook,(Benita L Paxton - Mzzb) or Gmail (BenitaLolita@gmail.com)... I so would like to talk to him... benitalolita
    • Mzzb, here oh I almost forgot... #361 688 8060 benitalolita
    • AWE..SOME!!! benitalolita
    • I am sooooooo bummed! I've been on the LiveNation website for an hour. Not a single ticket available! And I hit the search button as soon as my computer clock read 10:00 am EST. Of course StubHub and the like have ALL the tickets! At $60+ per for lawn seats. I had such an awesome time when this concert was here in Detroit last time - but I had somebody who had some sort of 'in'. Unfortunately he's not with us anymore. Uber disappointed! rachaelhughes44
  • I Am The Bullgod Uncensored

    We were cleaning out the closets this weekend and found this gem and think it’s about time it saw the light of day. This is the second video we ever made in it’s original form. The version we released back in the day was censored by MTV… this one isn’t. Enjoy!

    • I having the same issue! Had my order in before 10 am and it denied me... umpanator
    • Fukin love this guy... Capricorns Rulez... Tripping.... <3 U, Kid Rock... Mzzb, BenitaLolita benitalolita
    • I always thought the lyrics were "I'M THE FALL GUY... Then I see BullGod, SMH... Geewiz... Now I can get it RIGHT! <3 U, Mr Rock & Roll... Mzzb/BenitaLolita benitalolita
    • WoW, I get to be the 1000th comment ...>>> benitalolita
    • C U N TEXAS, KID ROCK!!! RULEZ <3 Mzzb/BenitaLolita benitalolita

    Pre-sales in Mountain View, CA and Marysville (Wheatland), CA will start at 10AM PST tomorrow. Everywhere else pre-sales start at 12PM local time. Roll on.

    • And, my damn code worked...but I can't go hours out of my way...why dissing San Diego? hollygolightly
    • How come i can't get the tix code? patriciafilios
    • I signed up for the fan cub today and I didnt get the pre sale code mcnallyc2145
    • Me too and can't get my code either. I emailed support and I'm awaiting a reply misterbreadman
    • The code I was given doesn't work. mrjnm9871
  • Tune In Alert: Twitter Chat


    Don't forget to tune-in to Rock's @iTunesMusic Twitter chat at 5PM EST. As usual, he's not holding anything back: https://twitter.com/itunesmusic

    • code worked but $64.00 for stupid lawn seats. I was hoping for the option of better seats but that didn't happen. Live and learn. mechelle38
    • Please tell me there's a chance to actually get tickets for this opportunity to see kid rock this time! I am sooooooooo anxious to see him again,even if it is just in the crowd. When they went on sale last time, they were sold out asap. I love that man! Sweetnessbaby18
    • Did the presale, got the code only to get thrown in the lawn section? Presale for this??? A little upset to say the least. vs69gto
    • I signed up, and got my pre-sale code. If you follow directions, you will find it with ease. Just wish I would of done it sooner and got real nice seats. But I am happy with the seats I was able to get. twista78
    • I can't believe I missed this... *.* : (( benitalolita