• On The Road


    Had a good time in Virginia Beach and Raleigh last weekend. Who's coming out this week?

    • I just saw you in Atlanta and loved it!!! Great show! Loved it!!! tamsie
    • I just saw you for the first time this weekend, what can I say....awesome is a mild word to try and say how great it was!! I know I'm a fan for life now..... sd7
    • Was a group of 8 coming to St. Louis from central IL this weekend but lost a family member last saturday & won't make the show due to funeral. Keep on Rocking Kid!! jsaint1
    • Fantastic Atlanta show!!!! I've seen you about 11 times in the past 14 years & you always go over & above!!!! Thank you Bobby, you are the best!!!! danicat384
    • Saw u for my first time in Raleigh with my great girlfriend, was totally awesome, impossible to beat! my hometown Kid rocks!! coyoteshag
  • Cheap Dates

    Thanks to all who have joined us out on the road so far. Next up... Southeast!


    Photo: Jilluann Martin Valliere

    • It will be a big mistake if GM gives in to Sharpton and his looney toon left wingnuts....And I hope Kid doesnt either sallyelving
    • Is there going to be any of the road crew out and about upgrading peoples tickets? I saw a video earlier this year that they did it last year. kcfanatic
    • I would love to sing "Picture" with you tomorrow night at Cruzan Amp. I have been singing that song karaoke since it came out and I always get great responses. Please! Please! Please! I fell in love with you and your music back in 2000 when you opened up for Aerosmith. I bought ok seats through the fan club presale and also won lawn seats so my 21 year old son Austin could see you with me. He used to wear out "Rock and Roll Jesus CD" and always plays songs we both love on the juke box where he works, Jacks Grumpy Grouper. If it's a possibility, please call me @ 561-305-9601. Whenever I hear Gretchen or Martina sing that song with you, I always wished I could. I'm not a psycho, just would love to sing with you. Or just have a beer & hang out. kcfanatic
    • Last night was the greatest of my life. Ive waited 18 years to see you in concert. Your music reached me when nothing else could. Allowed my inner badass to come out and taught me to be strong but to carry heart and passion. You got me through a rough childhood. Thank you for being you, and for putting yourself out there for the public. You are a true preformer. LOVE YOU. pjintegra
    • Was a group of 8 coming to St. Louis from central IL this weekend for the show but lost a family member last saturday & won't make the show due to funeral. Keep on Rocking & being you Kid!! 1000 1 week jsaint1
  • Kid Rock's 1st Annual Fish Fry @ Fontanel


    Kid Rock Invites Friends and Neighbors in Nashville To His First Annual Fish Fry @ Fontanel on October 9th and 10th

    Event To Include Full Kid Rock Shows, Special Guests, Activities, Local Specialty Food, Beer and More

    Kid Rock will be throwing a backyard party in Nashville this October 9th and 10th, at what he’s calling his first annual Fish Fry. Each day will bring a cornicopia of activities including a full show by Kid Rock and sets by special guests, a ferris wheel, fish fry, corn hole, fireworks, picnic tables, local food and drink, and good times and cheap wine to round out the day. Doors will open at 4 pm, with music starting around6 pm. Ticket prices will be $95 / $75 for reserved seats and $35 for advance lawn tickets $40 day of show. VIP packages will go on sale July 15th, with general admission tickets going on sale July 17th at 10 am.

    Buy Tickets.

    • The stars need to point up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bobwittig
    • This aint gonna be no HoJo's fish fry... Cant wait!! jj28
    • Dang that would be the beez neez to go to that.. uberfan
    • Was at Dallas show 7/23. Mann Kidd even sounds good with a bad throat. Hope he gets to rest his voice I'm seeing the show again in Rogers AR starrbeverly
    • Yea that burtz bees neez is good sh*t uber- good call... October is going to be a great time to head south for an awesome party! Booking my time off right now! jj28
  • Rolling Stone: Kid Rock Brings Good Times, Wears Many Hats at Raucous Jersey Show


    Two years ago, Kid Rock changed the way he approached touring. Rather than charge a week's pay for tickets, he cut the price of most seats to 20 dollars and recouped via sponsorship and beer sales. The crowd had no doubt contributed generously to the latter, but that alone could not explain the enthusiasm last night at New Jersey's PNC Bank Arts Center; audience members were so worked up that even the late-set commercial break earned a standing ovation...

    Read full article here.

    • As always he knocks them out in his concerts. I wish I could see him in concert Good luck on this new tour Bobby! Just wish I could be there for some of your new shows this year. God bless you. Love ya! angels4bobseger
    • Went to the Raleigh show last night ( my 15th ) and it was amazing . Bobby & the TBTB never ever fail to disappoint. Thank you Bobby & tons of love to you & TBTB for sharing the love & appreciation to your fans. donnak13
    • I got your back brotha!!!! Fly that flag till the cows come home!!!!! joeyb
    • Please hold your ground. We're there for you. The flag DIDN'T do anything!! kathyraymond