• Hey there, Take care of those vocal chords & we LOVE YOU & SEE YOU ON SEPT. 11!!! YOU ROCK & St. Louis LOVES YOU!!! pwheetley
    • Just love these cats! Great video! beckxy
    • Came back on to show my ol' man... and I just realized we made the video at the end.. 2nd row left center - Scranton, PA.. whoop! D.A.R.E SPOKESPERSON #2 :p beckxy
    • Welcome to Cleveland - Worlds youngest 71 year old will be there celebrating his birthday - Doug Hair!!! fastedwin60
    • Made a shirt for concert in NOBLESVILLE INDIANA..how can I send pic ?..it would sell out ..everyone loves it it's awesome tinaragan123
  • Cheap Dates


    The fans were HOT in Tampa and Atlanta this weekend... now on to the Lone Star State. Pucker up!!

    • Darien Lake cant come too soon!! Looking forward to another great show!!! I'm stealin my way there in my hot wired toyota... they make too much money anyways so they wont miss it....see ya there!!! jj28
    • Loved concert BUT when they refused to honor his $20 t-shirts I was pissed. Their response we don't care what he offers we do not have to honor it and will not. Now which 1 would you like they start out at $45? I was so upset cause my Veteran son (severe PTSD) could mot make it(and was supposed to go we had his ticket and all) so wanted a Fucks Diven 00 for him and the same 1 for me.Not to mention I WAS going to buy an additionial 8 even if I had to pay no more than $35.00 each for rest of family members just different 1's But after what all they said to me I left VERY DISAPPOINTED OF COURSE!!! davidson3883
    • Love the Concert In Tampa, FL You rocked it hard Kid <3 pepper12
    • I drove down to Tampa from Tallahassee to see your show and you did NOT disappoint! What a great show! Kid Rock, you are a stand up kind of guy. Thank you for making it all worth the trip. I hope you visit my neck of the woods one day! Best concert! <3 elizabethqt
    • Kid thanks for giving all you had in Dallas. Shit Happens! We drove 7 hours from Arkansas to see you. Waiting to see you @ the AMP in Sept. Hope you get well Soon!! Your are awesome!! bacamzb
  • First Annual Fish Fry @ Fontanel on Oct. 9&10 - VIP PACKAGES ON SALE NOW


    Get high falutin at Kid Rock's 1st Annual Fish Fry @ Fontanel in Nashville by going VIP. Three different experiences are available, with chances to enter the fry first, eat free food, get custom merchandise, and even join the pajama party hosted by the man himself. See all the packages and get your VIP tickets here: bit.ly/1HfY21t

    • Bucket list....please, please, please! Since I had to purchase handicapped seats (stage 4 cancer) I was unable to add the pj party!! Please help me!!! Detroit Aug.7th will be my 100th show! I am a Die-hard fan!! It would mean so much to me!!! ♡♡♡ andreamcaninch
    • We got the BASS here in Oregon uberfan
    • where ya at rock where ya at uberfan
    • Volunteers needed? I'm available mcorchado104
    • I tried to add the PJ party too and it didn't show up. I called Ticketmaster and they said they had no idea what I was talking about....WTF? I bought the Born Free VIP tics. That really blows. rachelcole39750
  • On The Road


    Had a good time in Virginia Beach and Raleigh last weekend. Who's coming out this week?

    • I just saw you in Atlanta and loved it!!! Great show! Loved it!!! tamsie
    • I just saw you for the first time this weekend, what can I say....awesome is a mild word to try and say how great it was!! I know I'm a fan for life now..... sd7
    • Was a group of 8 coming to St. Louis from central IL this weekend but lost a family member last saturday & won't make the show due to funeral. Keep on Rocking Kid!! jsaint1
    • Fantastic Atlanta show!!!! I've seen you about 11 times in the past 14 years & you always go over & above!!!! Thank you Bobby, you are the best!!!! danicat384
    • Saw u for my first time in Raleigh with my great girlfriend, was totally awesome, impossible to beat! my hometown Kid rocks!! coyoteshag