• I wanna send my thoughts and prayers

    I wanna send my thoughts and prayers to the whole Peterman family. I am sorry I can not be with you today to grieve and celebrate. I am gonna miss you Mr. Fred but will always smile when I think of the good times we had together. Rock on, go be at peace with Jesus now. Love ya, your friend - Bobby.


    • Thanks Bobby, Dad always loved telling stories of the visits he had with you and your family. Donna donnabsl
    • Thanks Bobby, Dad always loved telling stories of the visits he had with you and your family. Donna donnabsl
    • I knew Mr. Fred a long time and I never knew that he knew you. I've been a fan of your work for some time & I appreciate it when a famous person takes the time out of their busy schedule to do what you did here. I'm sure his family appreciates it as well. Thanks, man. Keep up the good work. chuckmauffray
    • I did not know Mr. Fred had passed away. I am so sorry and a dear friend you lost Bobby. These days I mostly think about my husband who died recently and two dear friends. One a retired Marine Msgt. Bobby, you will be in my prayers and will pray for Mr. Fred's family also. angels4bobseger
    • im sorry for your loss bperry
  • Rolling Stone: The Killer Inside Kid Rock


    Ten miles outside town on a two-lane county road, just past the trailer park and across the street from Hank Williams Jr.'s place, there's a driveway with a poster that says "Re-Elect Sheriff Russell Thomas." Beyond a gate, a dirt road winds around a small lake, past a "Don't Feed the Hippies" sign, leading to a brown double-wide trailer (WiFi password: Troublewide). Kid Rock stands outside puffing a cigar, his ponytail spilling out of an orange hunter's hat. "Welcome to L.A.!" he says, meaning Lower Alabama. "I thought you were coming yesterday. We got our days screwed up. We cooked fuckin' chitlins!"


    • Rock, Don't know if you remember me But I'm the person that played the National Anthem for John McCain at The Buffalo Chip when he was running for President in 2008, You were the headliner that night. Anyway do you have a open spot for a opener for your tour this year? I also have a new cd that's doing very well and we would be a great match musically!! Hope your well my Brother. Thanks so much Dan Lawson www.danlawson.com dan797
    • They just announced anoher for DTE, Aug 20. Is this true???? oming from the WRIF 1;01 fm everestmagic
    • Aug 20 has been added to DTE. Tickets on sale Sale at 10:00 am. NO PRE-SALES. All seats are $20.00. Thank You Kid Rock!!!! You Rock!!!!! everestmagic
    • I think the person that scored lawn tickets in Atlanta would be pissed to if they couldn't get no tickets..my wife and I were on 3 different devices and still couldn't get one ticket for either show..oh well,looks like we will be paying scalpers prices and still having the best night of our lives..it's not kid rocks fault no one could buy tickets mikeg87
    • Pretty sure the Atl lawn tix person was me lol--Mike, I meant no disrespest to the people who couldn't get tickets at all--my rant was aimed towards the idiots who have been in the 1st 10 rows for the last 2 tours and now bitching they can't get good tix. Boo-hoo. I was pretty much resigned that I wasn't going to get to go at all this year--but when I tried one last time-hours later--the lawn tix popped up. I'm just glad I will be there in the venue.I TRULY HOPE that You and Yours get tix for a fair price. I have always been ~Lady Luck's porcelian throne. So I rejoice for the Lucky Souls :-) Living vicariously you know :-) MsBehavin
  • "Eat Cock Soup"


    Listen to a clip of Rock on Howard Stern: http://bit.ly/1DcgnKh

    • I waited inline at a tickemaster in a walmart store this morning and just before 10 am a transformer blew outside the store and took the power and the ticketmaster kiosk down. No chance at a ticket today. kimberley_22
    • Where do they serve that? Lol MsBehavin
    • Another show has been added to DTE. Aug 20. everestmagic
    • When does this show go on sale? rkwiz
    • Is the 20th show confirmed I have not seen ant official announcement smurden1218
  • Two Detroit Dates Added

    As you may have heard, we've added two more DTE dates on August 18th and 19th. Tickets go on sale to the general public this Saturday, February 28th at 10AM. Tickets will once again be available at The Palace of Auburn Hills Box Office and at participating Walmarts with no fees, as well as at Ticketmaster with applicable fees: http://bit.ly/1AKvfkx

    For those of you that tried to use a pre-sale code before and weren't able to get tickets, you will have another chance. If you haven't already purchased your maximum number of tickets, you can use your code to access the pre-sale on Friday, February 27th 10AM - 10PM.

    If you already bought your maximum number of tickets (Fan Club Members = 4 and Album Pre-Order = 2), your code will not work, so just jump in for the public on-sale.

    See you on the road!

    • I can't find my code, HELP!! Paid $15 to get code for presale! dzemer65
    • I got my code but it won't take me to the site to purchase tickets...very frustrated vjv058
    • paid for membership and no fucking code 1mrswew
    • I tried on the 24th.was in the site and hour before tickets went on sale. Was not able to purchase any. How does that happen and how is it that Stub Hub has so may tickets. I refuse to buy tickets from them and let them make money. If it was Kid rock making the money it would be different. We have never been to see his concert and again have not been able to get tickets. How does the normal fan purchase tickets. slylo41
    • When are you coming to Iowa/Nebraska area again? mjschau