• It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)


    Kid Rock will be joining The Rolling Stones in Columbus, OH Saturday May 30th.

    • AWESOME !!!!!!!!! LOVE IT !!!!!!!! WHOOOO HOOOO !!!!!!! sassy
    • It was a great show ! We drove from Michigan in the rain ,worried the show would be rained out but mother nature came through awsome time Mick really moves around that stage I was shocked really at how good they still sound so glad I went ! One more off the bucket list :) cinbob00
    • GOD BLESS YOU ljklovesmastiffs
    • LOV 2 HEAR ALL THE FUN--- lov the racing stripe on the toung,,,,, uberfan
    • I'm flying in to FL for the concert. The reviews of venue are pretty bad.... I hope your sound people are able to work with the logistics - the comments are pretty bad. https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=midflorida+credit+union+amphitheatre+parking&lrd=0x88c2cf33b37124d9:0x5899aab9c5289b5d,1 wendislou
  • It’s nearly impossible to sell records anymore...


    It’s nearly impossible to sell records anymore, so instead…. we’re just gonna break em! Thank you fans!

    • Several months ago when you announced your shows in Detroit, I received a phone call from my 77 yr old mom asking me if I'd take her to your concert. I didn't think she was serious at first, but she was! I bought your First Kiss CD to get presale tickets as I didn't want her to have to sit in the lawn at 77 yrs old. I was logged in exactly when they went on presale & there were already no pavilion seats available. I looked & looked & ended up having to get lawn seats for the Aug 14th concert. My main concern is weather. She will insist on still going even if it's raining. Sure would feel bad if she was to get sick from being in the rain. Any way I can buy pavilion seats? I did everything humanly possible. I can't figure out how there were no pavilion seats available with presale. Thanks in advance....Sandy playpool2
    • Kid thanks for the amazing private concert last night for Chevrolet! We love Kid!! napacargal
    • Hey Kid, I'm going to be @ SPAC 7/2. Make my day & ask Jo McD to come back stage & meet you. This is what I put on FB this AM: OK, shower brain fart: I've shook hands w/Willie Nelson, have had my pic taken w/his main man, Paul, have met & have a pic w/Gotye, and spoke w/Mellencamp's lead guitarist, Mike, x 20 minutes. Sue we ARE going to meet Kid Rock 7/2. I'll show him my tan line - lol - up close n' personal lol mcpeas3
    • I have decided that because i didnt get the Washington tickets im from Portland I will drive up and listen to Rock in my car in the parking lot,,,,,Watch me........ uberfan
    • Would have loved to make this my husbands FIRST concert, but went to buy ticket and all sold out!!! Turns out that the local casino bought a shitload of tickets for their reward member to buy at almost 100x the original price. So if we want tickets we have to pay a minimum $175 for seats! Wish there was a better way to do this! jennugrl
    • Incredible performance, Bobby. They should all feel just as privileged. <3 jonimurano
    • Friggin AWESOME!!!! Can't wait yo see you in July/Florida and August at the DTE!!!!! laurieblasch
    • I'm going backwards learning MR KR'S music. Keep discovering new old stuff. Barbara Bush, straight up Pimp of the Nation. lmfao. this is the week after I first saw you in Jackson, MS.. Wax was hilarious but now I hope its not a true story... crazyassmoma
    • That's awesome. Every time I see it I can't believe it.That's 4 Presidents and 1 Kid Rock.BORN FREE he did us Proud.... uberfan
    • You know they are saying '''His parents are probably beatnix ,,Born free my azz why aint he fighting he is to busy taking the Pot,ya he's stoned on the pot.. uhhh hummm'' jimmy--why are we here? uberfan
  • Pre-sale Information for DTE 8/21 and 8/22 Shows


    For those of you that tried to use a pre-sale code before and weren't able to get tickets, you will have another chance for the 8/21 and 8/22 dates. If you haven't already purchased your maximum number of tickets, you can use your code to access the pre-sale on Friday, May 1st 10AM - 10PM. Tickets go on sale to the general public this Saturday, May 2nd at 10AM.

    If you already bought your maximum number of tickets (Fan Club Members = 4 and Album Pre-Order = 2), your code will not work, so just jump in for the public on-sale.

    See you on the road!

    • I thought all tickets were $20? I was just on ticketmaster and the only seats left are selling for $350!! cshoo
    • I always buy the tickets to the closest to the front, and yes they are a little pricey, but don't forget, you can get tickets except for the first 100 seats for $20. But think about this... Wanna see lessor entertainers where seats start at $500 and the cheapest are $75 to $100. Really, The best deal ever... And for far better music than Beeber (LMFAO) or any of those people out there that only play (Think molded music dictated by record companies) what appears and sounds like the same crap every song. I've seen him twice and I'm planning to go again... Best deal for the best music from the hardest working entertainer in music... milesatwood1
    • Oops, I mean't 1000 not 100 tickets... milesatwood1
    • Can't wait to rock the DTE with Kid Mother F'n Rock!!!!!!!! laurieblasch
    • ya i didnt get it at first but the way ROCK does it works for everyone!!!! uberfan