• Soul inspirational and amazing, Mr. Ritchie!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈ Thanks to you, TBT, and your crew for giving all us villagers the time of our lives! πŸ˜„πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈ Praying and smiling for you! 😊 Fun good times and continued safe travels πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ montanaanna
    • Why don't the KID just run for PRESIDENT of the good ole U.S.A!!! maclesha
    • KIDDD for President! myers882
    • nice best7packersmovers
    • ROCK would be a great President But I dont think he could handle the cut in Pay ! uberfan
  • DTE #3 & #4...

    Who's coming out this weekend?


    Photos by Marc Nader and Christopher Schwegler

    • DONE That's Right, Count e'm 10 Show's uberfan
    • Kid Rock is the real deal.First one in a long time that hasn't sold out.Flew from NY to Phoenix last night to catch his show tonight.8/26/15 If you haven't seen him you missing out. mikheat6565
    • Really really really want one of the 10 shows old out posters that were for sale at the Pine Knob concerts! Kicking myself that I didn't purchase one when I was there. Anyone know where I can get one? Kid Rock is the best!!! I'm so greatful that I was able to be there to see him perform during this historic event in a town I've called home my whole life! Clarkston love baby! joebobjen
    • Thank you Kid for an AWESOME show! It was my first time seeing you in concert . Wednesday night and your final show Saturday at DTE. I love your First Kiss , Johnny Cash and FOAD songs. And many, many more!! Keep Rocking Kid can't wait for you to come home again for another concert. I enjoyed both shows and with Foreigner too that was cool and Ted Nugent was a bonus the Motor City Mad Man came out witj Cat Scratch Fever omg...Drinking Awesomeness! Please Kid Rock keep your tickets low I wanna keep coming back. Peace and love Kid 😘 mgreatlakes
    • Its been so fun watching TBT raise hell,,,wish I could be there.Kick some azz for me uberfan
  • 2 shows down

    2 shows down - whew!!! Was not 100 percent the first night but we muscled through it! Felt really good about show 2 and am feeling 99% back to normal after going through an awful respiratory infection and vocal thing. Big thanks to Uncle Ted for rocking out with us on both nights!! Motor city rock n roll is alive and well and it couldn’t be more special than to share and receive the love with all my hometown people and those who have traveled to be here. Thank you to all who have attended and will be!! I feel very blessed to be so fortunate and do not take any of it for granted!! #michiganlove

    • Great KR & TBTB show last night (again) at DTE. Up front tickets for my son & I. Spent a thousand $s (tickets, tailgate, T-shirts & of course BadAss Beer) but the God Time Looking For Me was worth a million. Thanks for the great show KR. Looking forward to the next time already. PS....Motor City Rock N Roll is alive & well! jdmicefishingfool
    • Looking forward to Fri, 8/21. I bought 4 tickets and decided to bring 3 people that have neve been to a Kid Rock concert. (Really? How can you live in Michigan and never seen the Kid?). One is my 28 yr old who is a teacher. We're all getting pumped up for Friday! Not all ticket holders have seen multiple shows, for some it's their first time! cindy109
    • I'm a huge Kid Rock fan and have seen him every time he comes to Michigan, I was at the first show on August 7th and had a great time, I was real surprise that Ted Nugent was their, I wish I was going again, The best concert ever. Sweetie4343
    • MCMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #AMERICANBADASS X 2. KillemandGrillem baby... crazyassmoma
    • Me and my husband are traveling in a few hours from tenn to Detroit to our home town to see kid rock on the 19th. No matter Ace to see him but in Detroit drorange409
  • Soundcheck


    Kicking off 10 sold out shows in Detroit tonight!

    • The crowd lovs it when you do something with them,,,So why don't you bring me on stage and we goof it up a bit..Y ou could give me a signed CD or something,,,,LOL AHHHH HAAA O IM So funny. uberfan
    • It has been almost a month since I was supposed to see you on a July Saturday night in Tampa Fl. Unfortunately, I wound up in the ICU early that Saturday morning. I am still super pissed that I missed your show! I tried to get the freaking nurses to put on a concert but they said they could not cuss in the hospital...lol! One of my favorite songs is "Black Chick, White Guy" so that might have ruffled some feathers with the staff! Nobody does it like you, Kid, so maybe it was for the best! By the way, I am happy that you are feeling better! Rock on! tagter
    • I know all I need to know about Kid Rock from seeing the video of him going to a young boys birthday party. That kid will remember that for the rest of his life. Good for you Kid. pan50
    • You know what you would do if you became someone big and famous.You would say that it wouldnt corrupt you,,Well ROCK is that guy!!!! uberfan
    • I can NOT wait for this show tonight. I have tried to get tickets for FIVE years and every year missed out. I heard Kid was adding #9 & #10 so I sat in front of my computer with 2 laptops ready and FINALLY got tickets to tonight's show #10. I was jumping up and down I was so happy! I would have loved to get pavilion seats but only managed to get lawn. But that's ok. We are going to have a blast. See you tonight!!!! onlygirloffive