• Thanks Chillers

    Finally got around to going through the gifts from Chillin’ the most 6!! Whew!! Thanks again to all who came aboard and thank you for the gifts! Y’all are bananas!! Rehearsals are in full swing for this summers Cheap Date tour and our upcoming gig with The Rolling Stones in Columbus, Ohio. See ya this summer - Rock On. - Bobby

    PS - We should all tip our hats to Chevrolet for sponsoring this summers run and helping me to keep the 20$ ticket alive for y’all !! Baseball, Apple Pie and Chevrolet!! God Bless America! #Bornfree


    • How about a few fan club meet & greets at the shows this summer?? LBFink
    • this pic is freakin hilarious! just downloaded Grits album and he might wanna kill Oprah twice, and be cocky SOB, but has a great sense of humor lol lol lol crazyassmoma
    • We are big fans and love your music! Thanks for all you do in your home town, for people throughout our country and those serving in the military! You are a patriot! Would love to surprise my husband, Ken in Atlanta this July 19th with back stage passes if possible? Ken was born & raised in Detroit. His birthday is July 10th, what a great gift it would be! God Bless & Thank you KID ROCK for the Cheap Date tour! See you in Atlanta & Rock on! splatt
    • Rock has everything,If he cant get it he dont need it.Whats he going to do with a bunch of fan crap lol, uberfan
    • just in case the stones dont know who they are playing with,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,MY NAME IS KID uberfan
  • It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)


    Kid Rock will be joining The Rolling Stones in Columbus, OH Saturday May 30th.

    • that's my Birthday :)!! I will be MR KR'S elder on this day! Y'all have fun :) you can find me hauling as* on my pink jet ski. crazyassmoma
    • NO WAY,,I still am freak'n out.ITS THE STONES MAN...LOOK AT THEM LIPS,,,,OUR BOY IS PLAYING WITH THE FRICK'N ROLLING STONES...WOOOO..Anyone who is going take some pictures and Post them on the FAN SITE.For .UBERFAN ,,,,Thank You uberfan
    • START ME UP u gota start me up we never stop-Because Were KID ROCK and you start him up he never stops.... uberfan
    • Anyone know what time KR will go on stage before the Stones? So stoked to see him twice this summer, this was a great surprise added bonus! karenbailey
    • Is Rock going to come out and do a number with the Stones? OMG Rocks show will blow the boys from England back across the pond!!!!!!! uberfan
  • It’s nearly impossible to sell records anymore...


    It’s nearly impossible to sell records anymore, so instead…. we’re just gonna break em! Thank you fans!

    • but ya never know it might be a good excuse travel with my sister i will have to see... katflashfever2000
    • What a artist!Nobody can do 10 shows or nobody would do 10 shows.But ROCK WOULD !That's got to be a hard thing to do.And you know each show will be better then before .What a BAD ASS ! uberfan
    • too bad I have to be a grown up. crazyassmoma
    • come pick us up KID.. Just do it! crazyassmoma
    • Me to im 51 in JUNE--You guys better be happy He plays So many shows on the East Coast and in my land we have to road trip it to the next state,O well as i get old i cant afford a show every week. I just end up sitting in my car an Cranking it up to Bob and TBT....Then i get out and cant hear my wife yell........ uberfan
    • Incredible performance, Bobby. They should all feel just as privileged. <3 jonimurano
    • Friggin AWESOME!!!! Can't wait yo see you in July/Florida and August at the DTE!!!!! laurieblasch
    • I'm going backwards learning MR KR'S music. Keep discovering new old stuff. Barbara Bush, straight up Pimp of the Nation. lmfao. this is the week after I first saw you in Jackson, MS.. Wax was hilarious but now I hope its not a true story... crazyassmoma
    • That's awesome. Every time I see it I can't believe it.That's 4 Presidents and 1 Kid Rock.BORN FREE he did us Proud.... uberfan
    • You know they are saying '''His parents are probably beatnix ,,Born free my azz why aint he fighting he is to busy taking the Pot,ya he's stoned on the pot.. uhhh hummm'' jimmy--why are we here? uberfan